What Is Walmart Automation Dropshipping?

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For years, Walmart has been a favorite one-stop shopping destination for most people. It has now expanded further and developed its own marketplace, where you can sign up as a seller and post your listings.

If you look forward to trying dropshipping on Walmart Marketplace, did you know you can also automate this process with the help of Walmart automation dropshipping?

Let’s see how it works.


The Walmart Marketplace is a great spot to sell your products. Many sellers on this marketplace have set up automated dropshipping where they don’t have to invest anything.

In Walmart automation dropshipping, you connect an automation tool with your seller account. It grabs a listing from a third party and sells it to the buyer on your seller account at a slightly higher price to earn profit.

Read on to understand how dropshipping and automated dropshipping work on the Walmart Marketplace.

Understanding Dropshipping

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Let us first talk about how a regular store or any selling business operates. These stores purchase items in bulk at wholesale prices and sell them at a slightly higher price to earn a profit. They have to keep the lot in the warehouse until everything sells out.

This kind of business requires an upfront investment in inventory.

Now you must be thinking, what if things don’t sell out and inventory does not clear? It’s a loss. Yes, that’s correct; there’s always a risk that lingers around any kind of business; nothing comes easy.

Dropshipping is the opposite. It’s an innovative approach where you don’t have to risk investing a huge amount in inventory, but you act as a man in the middle between a buyer and a seller.

Still confused? Don’t worry; read ahead for a clear explanation.

Dropshipping Explained

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Let’s consider a simpler example. Suppose you have a friend who wants to sell his phone for $500 but does not have time to put effort into it. On the contrary, you know that you could easily sell this phone and have a potential buyer who’d pay more.

At this point, you dive in and ask your friend to let you help him sell the phone. You take the phone and sell it for $700; it’s pretty smart, right? Hand over that $500 to your friend, and the remaining $200 is your profit.

In the example above, we saw that you did not have to invest anything apart from your innovative thinking, nor did you have to purchase the phone from your friend. You just took it from him and sold it to the interested party.

That’s exactly how dropshipping works; you don’t invest anything, just grab the product from a third party and sell it to the buyer at a slightly higher price.

Walmart Automation Dropshipping

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In addition to the ordinary supermarkets and online stores, Walmart now has its own marketplace where you can sign up and post a listing to sell your products.

To start selling at Walmart Marketplace, you first need to sign up at its seller portal and wait for your account to get approved because Walmart is picky about the sellers on its marketplace. As soon as it’s approved, you can start selling your items.

This begs the question: Can you try dropshipping with your Walmart seller account? Yes, you can; it’s also possible to automate it, which makes it even better.

Automation Dropshipping

Automation Dropshipping is a method where you use automation tools to take care of your dropshipping tasks. It can help you automate the following tasks:

  • Listing products for sale.
  • Tracking inventory.
  • Analyzing requirements.
  • Fulfilling orders.
  • Communicating with suppliers.

In short, it does everything!

In other words, you don’t have to go through the hassle of managing listings on your Walmart Marketplace for drop shipping, and automation tools will handle all these troubles.

There are various Walmart automation dropshipping tools on the market; some popular ones are the following:

You can check out the prices and reviews of each automation tool and decide on one that suits your needs.

Once you set up your marketplace profile with a dropshipping automation tool, it’s time to sit back and watch the tool sell the items for you. It will automatically update the inventory based on the items from third-party and sell them to the buyers on Walmart Marketplace at a slightly higher price. Pretty smooth, right?

Final Word

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Starting a business may seem challenging initially, but if you work smart and employ innovations, you can make it work like a charm.

In the age of self-driving cars, you can take advantage of technology and give an immediate boost to your business. Walmart automation dropshipping is a game changer for many.

You don’t have to invest in inventory upfront; just set up an automation tool that will grab the products from a third party and sell them to the buyers on Walmart Marketplace at a slightly higher price.

There are plenty of automation tools on the market, and you can check out the reviews and pricing plans to select one for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dropshipping Allowed at Walmart Marketplace?

Yes! Walmart allows dropshipping on its marketplace, but you need to declare it. It also has a Drop Ship Vendor Program for all those sellers who tend to run their businesses through dropshipping.

Are Automated Dropshipping Tools Effective?

It depends on what you consider effective; if you prefer easy operation and less hassle, then yes, it is effective. But traditional dropshipping is more beneficial if you look forward to better profit margins or more control over each product.

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