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Why Is Uber Eats Asking for a PIN?

An Uber Eats Driver Is Seen At The Ginza Shopping District

As a regular customer of Uber Eats, you must be wondering why the driver delivering your food asks for a PIN before handing you over the order.


Uber Eats asks for a PIN to ensure the food is delivered to the correct person and address and prevent fraud.

The driver can only complete the delivery when you tell them the correct 4-digit PIN generated when you ordered the food.

Today, we’ll discuss why Uber Eats is asking for a PIN and its role in strengthening security regarding food order deliveries.

Uber Eats Pin Requirement

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Uber Eats is a popular food delivery service in over 6000 cities, connecting customers with local restaurants.

In recent years, the platform has continued to grow, and as a result, it has introduced new features and security measures to improve the customer experience.

One such feature is the newly launched PIN system. This system requires drivers to ask customers for a 4-digit PIN code to complete the delivery.

With this, Uber Eats prioritizes safety by minimizing fraud and other discrepancies during delivery.


Not every order from Uber Eats requires a PIN, as the feature is only enabled for specific deliveries.

Reasons Behind Uber Eats Pin Requirement

The PIN requirement for Uber Eats deliveries is implemented to enhance customers’ and drivers’ safety and security.

Additionally, there are several reasons why this new protocol is introduced, which are discussed below:

1. Preventing Fraud

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The PIN requirement for Uber Eats deliveries is an essential security measure that helps to prevent fraudulent activity. Sometimes, customers falsely claim they haven’t received their delivery to get free food.

On the other hand, drivers themselves enjoy food and mark it delivered.

Therefore, a PIN ensures that customers and drivers are protected by adding an extra layer of security.


Uber Eats uses algorithms and data analysis to determine when a PIN is required based on customer behavior and order history.

2. Reducing Incorrect Deliveries

Uber Eats Delivery Person Carrying Food To People Who Order By Online App

In busy areas or apartment buildings with multiple units, it can be challenging for drivers to locate the correct delivery address.

The PIN system gives the customer a unique code that a driver must enter to confirm that the actual person has received the food.


When ordering from a new address from Uber Eats, you usually get a “PIN Required” order to confirm the identity of the real recipient.

Furthermore, the PIN system helps drivers to avoid confusion and saves them time as they try to find the correct unit or apartment.

This is especially helpful for drivers who have a high volume of orders or are working in busy areas.


As an Uber Eats driver, if you’ve forgotten to ask for a PIN from the customer and left their premises, you can always contact customer care for help.

3. Improving Customer Experience

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Uber Eats implements the PIN system to improve the overall customer experience by reducing the possibility of any delivery mishaps.

Customers can have more control over who receives their order by providing the PIN to only the intended recipient.

This way, you can even head out, do your chores, and ask someone to accept the delivery by just providing the PIN.


As an Uber Eats driver, if you’ve forgotten to ask for a PIN from the customer and left their premises, you can always contact customer care for help.

If you complain a lot about missing items in your deliveries, you usually get a “PIN Required” order to ensure everything is in check.


This article discusses why Uber Eats asks for a PIN when the driver stands outside your door with your order in hand. We’ve also explored the main reasons for implementing this new system.

This information helps you understand the importance of the PIN system for Uber Eats deliveries and its benefits for customers and drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if I Forget or Misplace My Delivery Pin?

You can’t possibly misplace the delivery PIN as it’s always available right on the Uber Eats app. So, if you want to retrieve it, open the app and navigate to the delivery details to find the PIN.

How Does the Pin System Work on “Leave at the Door” Uber Eats Deliveries?

When a customer selects the “leave at the door” delivery option on Uber Eats, they must send the PIN using the in-app messenger.

Once the driver arrives at the designated location, they will enter the given PIN and leave your order there.

Can I Request My Driver Not Request a Pin When Delivering My Food?

No, requesting that your driver not ask for a PIN when delivering your food is impossible.

The PIN is a mandatory security feature implemented by Uber Eats to protect drivers and customers from fraudulent activity and ensure correct deliveries.

What Happens if the Customer Refuses To Provide the Pin?

If a customer refuses to provide the delivery PIN, the Uber Eats driver cannot complete the delivery.

The driver can address the customer to try and resolve the issue, but ultimately, they cannot hand over the food without the PIN.

So, in this case, the driver will return the food to the restaurant, and they will not be penalized for undelivered orders during such a scenario.

Will the Pin Requirement on Uber Eats Increase the Delivery Time for My Order?

The PIN requirement is a quick process integrated into the delivery flow, so it should not significantly increase the delivery time for your order.

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