Why Does My Target App Keep Crashing?

Target App

The Target app makes it easy for you to shop from any online store, but you can easily get frustrated when it stops working and crashes on your Android or iOS device.


There could be various reasons why your Target app keeps crashing, such as:

  • Outdated device software
  • Outdated app
  • Insufficient device specifications
  • Bug in the app
  • Low device storage space

To help you, we have created this guide about why your Target app keeps crashing and how to prevent or fix this problem.

7 Reasons Why Target App Keeps Crashing

Multiple factors can cause your Target app to crash, including user-side and developer’s end problems.

Let’s see some of the primary reasons behind the Target app suddenly stopped working:

1. Target Servers Are Down

Target Servers

The Target servers may be down due to technical issues or scheduled maintenance.

To rule out this possibility, visit any third-party website to check the Target app server status. If so, wait patiently until the app developers fix the backend issues.

2. Target App May Be Outdated

Target App Outdated

Using an outdated version of the Target app can cause it to stop working or crash recurringly because its developers keep changing the app’s functionalities to retain accessibility.

Since Target is a general merchandise retailer, they usually send updates in the older installed version to cover bugs and price changes or add new stores, items, or categories.

To prevent the Target app from crashing, check its latest version available. To do that, go to the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android), search for the Target app, and tap “Update” (if shown).


It is best to set applications in your smartphone to auto-update.

3. Your Device May Not Meet Target’s Minimum System Requirements

Target System Requirement

Every application needs specific device requirements to operate. Similarly, the Target app needs considerably good hardware and software to provide a smooth user experience.

So make sure you use a device with enough RAM and a processor to run the Target app smoothie; otherwise, you may experience frequent crashes.

4. There May Be a Bug in Target App From the Developer’s End

Bug In Target App

A bug in the target app can cause it to crash occasionally. A quick way to fix this is to uninstall the app from your Android or iOS device and reinstall it from Play Store or App Store.

This way, the latest version of the Target app will be installed on your device, which may contain a patch to prevent any bug causing the app to crash. 


Unfortunately, you cannot resolve any bug in the Target app. The only way to address this problem is to report the issue to the app’s developing team.

5. Your Smartphone May Be Running Low on Storage

Smartphone Low Storage

Target app requires a considerable amount of device storage for installation and operation.

  • For Android: 28 Megabytes.
  • For iOS: 236 Megabytes.

So if you use the Target app on a device running low on free space, it will likely crash quite often.


The Target app acquires more space when signed in after installation. 

To fix the low storage issue in your smartphone, minimize the number of apps by uninstalling the unnecessary ones, clear the cache, delete old pictures/videos or move them to some removable storage media.

6. Your Device’s Operating System May Need an Update

Operating System

An outdated operating system can also be a reason for the Target app to crash frequently. The app needs Android version 7 or above or iOS 14.5 or later to work flawlessly.

To update the Android software, open “Settings,” find and tap the “About Phone” option, tap “Software Update,” and tap “Download Updates” if available.

On an iOS device, open “Settings,” tap “General,” head to the “Software Update” option, and tap “Update” in case of pending updates.

7. Poor Internet Speed or Unstable Wi-Fi Signals

Poor Internet Speed

The Target app only works while connected to the internet because it is hosted on cloud servers and requires constant communication with the database.

So, if your network connection is experiencing poor speeds or the Wi-Fi signals are unstable, Target may keep crashing.

Run a network speed test from a third-party website to troubleshoot the problem.

If the results are unsatisfactory, reboot your router, contact the internet service provider to resolve the backend issues, or move the device running the Target app closer to the router. 


Upgrading the bandwidth plan can also help resolve most internet-related issues.


This guide explains why your Target app keeps crashing on your Android or iOS device and how you can fix the issue quickly with a few methods.

We hope you can use the Target app and resume your online shopping experience without hiccups.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know if the Target App Has Crashed?

The Target app will stop working and starts to glitch when it crashes. Moreover, it may also cause your phone to heat up or restart abnormally.

Is the Target App Crash Frequently?

No, the Target app doesn’t crash very often; there might be a problem behind this abnormality, such as low phone storage, outdated software, or a bug in the system.

Can a Virus Cause the Target App To Crash?

Yes, malware can also cause the Target app to crash, but it rarely happens. Moreover, viruses can also become reasons for device heat-up and data breaches.

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