What Towers Does Walmart Family Mobile Use?

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Walmart Family Mobile, a renowned mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), has been providing cost-effective and reliable cell phone services to customers across the United States. But what powers this affordability and reliability?


Walmart Family Mobile uses the network towers of Verizon Wireless. This switch from the initial T-Mobile network happened when Verizon Wireless acquired the service in November 2021. As a result, Walmart Family Mobile customers now enjoy extensive network coverage with access to Verizon’s 5G and 4G/LTE networks.

Network Towers: The Backbone of Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart Family Mobile operates on the Verizon network. Initially powered by T-Mobile, the service was acquired by Verizon Wireless in November 2021. This significant change has led to Walmart Family Mobile now using the Verizon network for coverage.

Benefits of Verizon Network Towers

The switch to Verizon Wireless’ network has brought several benefits to Walmart Family Mobile customers. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Access to Verizon Wireless’ 5G and 4G/LTE networks: Verizon Wireless has an extensive network coverage, ensuring reliable service and fast data speeds in areas where Verizon has a strong presence.
  2. Affordable plans: Walmart Family Mobile offers a range of no-contract plans with unlimited talk and text, starting as low as $25 per month. These plans cater to various data needs, making them suitable for different types of users.
  3. Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) option: Users can bring their own unlocked T-Mobile or GSM-compatible phones to Walmart Family Mobile, allowing them to keep their existing devices while enjoying the benefits of the service.
  4. Mobile hotspot feature: Walmart Family Mobile plans include mobile hotspot capabilities, a rare offering among MVNOs.
  5. Simple plan structure: Walmart Family Mobile offers four plans to choose from, all of which come with unlimited talk, text, and unlimited data at 2G speeds.

Network Coverage: A Comparative Analysis

When compared to other mobile service providers, Walmart Family Mobile’s network coverage is quite competitive. For instance, T-Mobile’s 4G coverage covers 62% of the US, which is less than Verizon and AT&T. Since Walmart Family Mobile uses Verizon’s network, its coverage is more extensive than T-Mobile’s.

Technology Support

The towers Walmart Family Mobile uses support both 4G and 5G technologies, providing users with high-speed internet connectivity.

Geographical Limitations

While Walmart Family Mobile offers coverage in many areas, there might be some geographical limitations or restrictions depending on your location. It’s important to note that coverage can vary depending on factors such as terrain, distance from cell towers, and the presence of physical obstructions like buildings or trees.

Network Stability and Reliability

Walmart Family Mobile ensures network stability and reliability by leveraging Verizon Wireless’ extensive network coverage. However, the quality of service may vary depending on factors such as location, network congestion, and the distance from cell towers.

Coverage Map

To get a better understanding of the coverage offered by Walmart Family Mobile in your specific area, it’s recommended to check their coverage map or contact their customer support for more information.

In conclusion, the choice of network towers significantly affects the service quality of Walmart Family Mobile. The switch to Verizon’s network has provided Walmart Family Mobile customers with a more reliable and extensive network coverage, making it a competitive choice in the MVNO market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing Verizon phone with Walmart Family Mobile?

Yes, you can use your existing Verizon phone with Walmart Family Mobile, as long as it is unlocked.

Does Walmart Family Mobile offer international calling and texting?

Yes, Walmart Family Mobile offers international calling and texting. However, additional charges may apply.

How can I check if my area has good Walmart Family Mobile coverage?

You can check the coverage in your area by visiting Walmart Family Mobile’s coverage map or by contacting their customer service.

Does Walmart Family Mobile offer customer support?

Yes, Walmart Family Mobile offers customer support. You can contact them for any service-related queries or issues.

Can I switch my current number to Walmart Family Mobile?

Yes, Walmart Family Mobile allows you to port your current number, allowing you to keep your existing number when you switch to their service.

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