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What Oil Does Burger King Use?

Burger King

Being health conscious is a good habit to develop in the new year.

After all, health is wealth, and avoiding diseases that result from poor nutrition saves you a lot of money, time, energy, and unfortunate consequences.

However, fast food is undeniably a go-to for quick yet delicious meals. For instance, burger king brings you combo meals that are filling and tasty, perfect for eating when you’re in a rush.

Still, knowing the ingredients of your food can help keep track of your diet. To start, let’s see what oil burger king uses!


Burger king uses canola oil, corn oil, soy oil, and cottonseed oil.

In this article, we discuss the oils that burger king uses for its meals. Furthermore, we’ll list which food products are fried with their oil, so keep reading!

About the Oil Types

Learn more about the oils that Burger King uses for their meals below.

Corn Oil

Corn Oil

This oil comes from the kernels or seeds of corn. The grains give this type of oil its pale yellow hue and bland taste.

Oil is split from kernels through the process of milling. After which, the corn germ is kiln-dried. Extraction continues through a hydraulic process or a screw press.

Corn oil is used for frying or salad sauces due to its lower cholesterol content. It is further developed into margarine through the process of hydrogenation.

Soy Oil

Soybean Oil

Soy Oil is extracted from soybean plants.

It is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fats. This oil has a high smoking point which makes it ideal for roasting, baking, and frying.

While omega-3 and omega-6 fats are essential for a healthy heart, soy oil has a high omega-6 content compared to omega-3 fats.

Much of the food we consume contains a high amount of omega-6 fats, and adding soybean oil to our diet may cause excessive consumption, leading to inflammation.

Canola Oil

Rapeseed Oil

Canola oil is an abbreviation for Canadian Oil, Low Acid. This oil comes from rapeseed, which belongs to the mustard family.

Rapeseed is high in erucic acid, which makes it dangerous.

Canadian scientists found a way to lower its acid, making it safe for consumption.

Like soy oil, it has a high smoking point which makes it ideal for sauteing. Its neutral taste makes it suitable as a cooking oil.

Cottonseed Oil

Cottonseed Oil

Cottonseed oil is extracted from cotton plant seeds. However, its unaltered version contains the toxin gossypol. This toxin is sometimes used for pesticides.

To remove this toxin, cottonseed oil goes through a refining procedure.

Cottonseed contains 7 grams of polyunsaturated fat and 3.5 grams of saturated fat, which the American Heart Association deems allowable.

Polyunsaturated fat helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol.

Saturated fat, however, if excessively consumed, is linked to heart disease.

Burger King Fried Food

Burger King

Burger King fries sides, sausages, chicken meals, and fish in these vegetable oils. On the other hand, burgers are heated on grills.


Burger King uses canola oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, and soy oil. These oils are used for frying sides, chicken meals, fish meals, and breakfast sausage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Burger King’s Oil Contain Peanut?

No, Burger King’s oil does not contain peanuts.

What Ketchup Does McDonald’s Use?

McDonald’s manufactures their ketchup.

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