Who Is IKEA’s Target Market?


IKEA is a well-known Swedish brand that designs and manufactures ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, decoration, and home accessories.

Its mission is to create a better life for many people, which it does through its 400 + stores in 50 countries.

Its focus is on creating and delivering products and solutions that meet all six dimensions, i.e., design, form, function, low price, sustainability, and quality.

To understand and deliver the latest market furniture trends, its design unit also works on creating the latest modern and sustainable designs.

However, given the wide range of products that IKEA offers for both genders and people of all ages or businesses, some customers may ask themselves a key question about IKEA and its business.

Who Is IKEA’s, Target Market?


IKEA has not restricted itself to just a few product lines or furniture categories.

To achieve its goals of creating designs and products that everyone can use, IKEA visits thousands of homes every year to learn about people’s needs. Also, help how their living conditions can be made easier and better through its products.

IKEA’s Target market could be defined as people looking for well-designed, low-cost furniture with high utility value. It works with direct consumers and businesses such as hotels, restaurants, etc.

As people become more environmentally conscious and move towards sustainable living options, IKEA seems apt due to its innovative ready-to-assemble approach.

This helps save substantially on packaging and transport costs and emissions.

In this article, we take a look at the Swedish Furniture Giant IKEA’s target market and why they opt for IKEA furniture.

IKEA Furniture

Ikea Furniture

People do not buy furniture from IKEA just for utility and to furnish their houses but more as a style statement to show that they have a modern, stylish, and practical approach when it comes to buying furniture.

IKEA understands this factor pretty well, which is why it works with many international designers and product specialists to create furniture that is not just well-designed but also offers value in terms of money, quality, and utility.

Its biggest advantage, however, is that rather than selling its furniture pre-assembled, IKEA offers a major part of its collection as a pre-packaged kit that needs to be assembled by the customer.

This helps it save quite a bit of packaging and transportation costs, the benefit of which it passes on to its customers.

IKEA Target Market

Ikea Target Market

Its target market is anyone looking for low-cost, high-quality furniture that can be used for a long time.

If one wants a more detailed analysis of IKEA’s Target Market, then it could be defined as:

  • People who are looking for long-term value from their furniture.
  • Young Urbanites in the age group: 25 to 35.
  • Education: High School or Graduates.
  • People who are single or just getting married.
  • People who are cost conscious and do not want to splurge on furniture.

In short, IKEA’s target market could be defined as people with a modern, minimalist outlook toward life and no longer mind spending more on furniture that offers them long-term value.


IKEA takes immense pride in its customer-centric approach and ensures that all its designs and products satisfy its customers’ personal and business needs.

All its efforts aim to ensure that its target market of urban professionals can purchase the furniture they need or want from its store or website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ikea Offer Only Ready-To-Assemble Furniture?

No. While ready-to-assemble furniture is a major product, it offers ready-to-use furniture in some markets.

Is Ikea a Premium, Costly Brand?

No. If one compares its furniture’s quality, design, and high utility with other brands, one will find that IKEA offers better value for money than them.

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