Which Is Cheaper Walmart or Publix?

Walmart Or Publix

Walmart and Publix are great one-stop shops for various items, but you might be wondering which offers the lowest prices on their products with better quality.


Compared to Publix, Walmart offers lower prices and has a wider variety of products at its stores. On the other hand, Publix provides better product quality and a satisfying shopping experience.

If you are wondering which store is cheaper, Walmart or Publix? We took time researching and writing a guide to help you figure this out quickly.

Which Is Cheaper, Walmart or Publix?

When shopping, the two most significant factors that buyers search for are price and quality. Especially with the daily-use goods like eggs, milk, vegetables, etc., people don’t want to spend a huge chunk of money if they can get it for a little less.

Most supermarket customers are familiar with Publix and Walmart, but finding the cheaper alternative alone can take a lot of work. Along with the prices, there are many other differentiating factors between the two brands.

1. Product Pricing

Product Pricing

Walmart offers comparatively better prices than Publix in 8 major shopping categories, including beverages, canned goods, dairy, baking goods, frozen foods, etc.

However, the items in the cleaning category are relatively cheaper at Publix stores.

You can also find better sales deals at Publix than at Walmart, as they put up different “buy 1, get 1” campaigns several times throughout the year.

You might wonder why there is a considerable difference between the prices at Walmart and Publix when they are both selling similar items. Well, there are multiple reasons why Publix charges more for its products.

Some of the reasons are:

High-Quality Foods

In the cooked food category, you’ll notice that Walmart merely heats frozen food, whereas Publix provides freshly prepared meals.

Especially in the baked goods section, Publix is known to make everything fresh from scratch, whether it’s bread or buttercream for icing cakes.

This process takes a long time and a lot more resources than using pre-made food items, which is why you find higher-priced food at Publix.

Better Employee Wages

Another reason Publix might be a little more expensive than Walmart is that they pay their employees higher wages. As a result, the employees work better and pay more attention to customer service.

Better Customer Service

As the workers are better compensated for their efforts at Publix, they work harder to maintain the standard and quality of the store. They go above and beyond to help customers with everything they need while remaining respectful and compassionate.

On the flip side, there have been multiple incidents where people have spoken up about their bad experiences at Walmart.

In addition, there have been frequent complaints of the rude behavior of Walmart employees. As they are paid minimum wages, the staff at Walmart are not motivated enough to work harder and help the customers out by going out of their way.

This is why Walmart’s customer service has downgraded compared to Publix within the last few years.

Number of Stores

Walmart has around 4700 stores across the entire United States and is the most popular food retailer in the world. On the other hand, Publix has about 1300 stores in the US, most of which are situated inside the United States.

Due to this huge difference, Walmart can reach 3.6 times more customers than Publix, giving them the leverage to offer lower prices.

Since Publix is more targeted towards the southern states, they need to set higher prices to maintain quality and pay better wages to their staff.

So, for everyone who prioritizes lower prices above all, Walmart is where you should be shopping. But if better sales are your thing, you are more suited for Publix.


Walmart offers lower prices than most other grocery stores because they take advantage of their economies of scale.

In simpler words, Walmart gets goods from suppliers for a relatively lower price than others because they buy in larger quantities.

2. Product Variety

Product Variety

While shopping, you don’t want to take multiple rounds to different stores to tick off all the items from your list. For this reason, many people prefer a single location that offers a wide range of goods.

Compared to Publix, Walmart provides a better product variety in its stores. As it is a hypermarket, you will likely find everything you need in your house, from furniture to meat, to makeup and medicines.

3. Product Quality

Product Quality

When you are spending a lot of money on a product, the one thing that you need to ensure is that it has good quality. Keeping the FDA standards in mind, Publix has been found to have better quality products than Walmart.

The fresh product at Publix is also better than many other stores, as they provide ripe and not spoiled foods. Although the fresh produce at Walmart is relatively cheaper, you will likely find some items that have turned bad.

So, if you never compromise on quality, you can shop at Publix for a little higher cost than Walmart.


According to the FDA website, there have been about 27 instances of product recalls at Walmart, whereas there have been only about 15 recalls at Publix.


To summarize, we discussed which store is cheaper: Walmart or Publix. We’ve also discussed other differentiating factors of both stores and which offers an overall better shopping experience.

Hopefully, you found what you were looking for in this article, and you now know which store to visit to save some cash and where to look for better product quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the #1 Selling Item at Walmart?

Banana comes at the top of the list of the most-selling items at Walmart, with over 1.5 billion pounds being sold yearly. Toilet paper comes next on the list, with 330 million rolls sold each week.

What Is Publix Best Known For?

Publix is known for being the biggest employee-owned business in the United States. This means that the stores’ shares are divided between the employees, the board members, and the founding family.

Are Walmart Products Original?

Even though Walmart has vowed to combat the massive influx of fake products, some are still being sold. So inspect your product thoroughly to ensure you are getting an original item and not being ripped off with a dupe.

Who Is Publix’s Biggest Competitor?

Whole Foods Market, Target, Walmart, Harris Teeter, and Kroger are some of the biggest competitors of Publix Super Markets. However, Publix stands out from the others based on its core values of customer service.

Why Is Walmart So Successful?

The key factor in Walmart’s success is having its supply chain streamline fulfillment and save costs, giving them more control over the logistical network.

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