Who Makes Aldi Candles?


The home is where the heart is. This is more apparent when we see beautiful interiors in magazine spreads evoking pleasant emotions.

Homey interiors make you feel cozy and safe, free to relax, and sink into fluffy pillows and sheets after long and tiresome work hours.

One of the best ways to improve the ambiance of your home and achieve those magazine-worthy interiors is through candles.

Lighting up the wicks on a cold autumn day and experiencing the aroma completes the experience of the space.

However, infamous candles may be too expensive. Fortunately, Aldi Candles provides quality scents that get the job done.

But who makes Aldi Candles?


Aldi Candles or better-known as Huntington Home Candles, is made by Aldi Group, which is part of Aldi International. Huntington Home is a trademark of Aldi Inc.

In this article, we discuss the benefits of using Aldi Candles and scents to provide a relaxing ambiance to your home. Keep on reading!

Benefits of Using Aldi Candles

Huntington Home Candles by Aldi Inc. is the perfect candle to get your home in theme for different seasons. Not only do they provide alluring fragrances to your home, but they also come at more affordable prices.

Relaxing Aroma


Pair the visuals of your cozy home with the relaxing and rejuvenating scents that Aldi Candles provide. These candles upgrade the ambiance of your home through pleasant and captivating candles.

Moreover, you can quickly cover up odor by lighting these three-wick candles. Maintain a pleasant and wonderful scent that immediately reflects a high-quality home.

Experience an alluring feeling with their bouquets, from cozy vanilla aromas to lovely floral fragrances.

Aesthetic Decors


Besides improving the ambiance of your home through scents, Aldi Candles makes awe-inspiring decors through their candles.

From aesthetic prints to classy glass jars, you hit two birds with one stone with a product that serves you with style and scents.

Display these candles on a tray and over a coffee table. Quickly dismiss the smell of food after cooking in the kitchen.

These candles can serve as countertop or island decors, perfect for themed parties or simple family gatherings.

Non-Toxic Wax


Aldi Candles are made with soy blend wax, a perfect alternative to the common paraffin candle wax. You can experience a long-lasting and relaxing aroma that does not damage your health with toxic fumes.

Affordable Pricing


We’ve discussed how candles can be quite pricy. Fortunately, Huntington Home candles provide affordable ones that last just as long and offer premium quality.

Achieve your home goals for lower prices! Save up more while enjoying the same experiences brought by captivating fragrances and ambiance.

Aldi Candle Scents To Try

Candle Scents

Try a Huntington Home Vanilla Scented Candle for a soothing aroma, perfect for healing and rejuvenating after an exhausting week.

You can opt for aromatherapy scents to help you rest and relax if you have trouble doing so.


Huntington Home is a trademark of Aldi Inc., which makes Aldi candles. Aldi candles are affordable yet well-made, making them a practical addition to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Oldest Active Candle Brand?

Cire Trudon is infamous for being the oldest active candle brand.

What Makes a Candle Luxurious?

Soy wax, beeswax, and other paraffin alternatives make a candle more high-end.

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