What if I Lost My Kroger Plus Card?

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If you regularly visit a Kroger store and avail discounts using your Kroger Plus card, you might wonder what to do next if you have lost it.


If you’ve lost your Kroger Plus card, you can still shop by entering the associated phone number on the credit card keypad.

You can easily apply for card replacement through the Kroger website, call the company’s customer support number, or visit the nearest store and ask the helpdesk person.

Your rewards and fuel points will not be lost and automatically be transferred to the new card.

We’ve written a guide below on what to do if you’ve lost your Kroger Plus card and how to get a replacement without losing your earned rewards and points.

What To Do if You Lost Your Kroger Plus Card?

Kroger Plus Card

Kroger is a supermarket chain based in the United States and ranks as one of the world’s largest retailers. The store offers a free Kroger Plus Card, and while using it for shopping, you can avail personalized & exclusive savings, simplify your experience and get fuel discounts.

However, you might be wondering what would happen if you lost your Kroger Plus card, especially at the store with no cash or a credit or debit card.

Don’t worry; you can still buy the items at Kroger and get discounts on food and merchandise by entering the phone number associated with the Plus card on the credit card keypad at the cash counter.

The good news is that you can ask for a replacement Kroger Plus card through various methods that are discussed below:


Your fuel points and rewards earned on the lost Kroger Plus card will not be lost and will be transferred to the new one.

Applying for a Replacement Kroger Plus Card

If you have lost your Kroger Plus card and don’t know how to apply for a replacement, here are the three easy methods to do so quickly.

1. Apply on Kroger’s Website

Kroger Website

To get a new Kroger Plus Card, open a browser on your PC and head to the website. Next, sign up or log in to your account and click the “Your Card” icon at the upper right corner of the page.

Find the ‘Request a New Card by Mail’ link at the bottom-right of your card information and fill in your mailing information.

Finally, verify your address is correct, and click the ‘Send A New Card’ button to submit the replacement request.


You can also temporarily use a virtual Kroger Plus card through Kroger’s website to earn rewards and fuel points for every dollar you spend on various items until you get ahold of the physical replacement card.

2. Call Kroger Customer Support

Kroger Store

You can get a replacement for your lost Kroger Plus Card by dialing Kroger’s customer service number at 1-800-KRO-GERS.

Navigate through the phone menu to get hold of a live operator and tell them about your lost card situation.

The operator will then look up your information, do some formalities, and ask about your mailing address.

Provide them with all information accurately so that they issue a new card, mail it to your address, and link the rewards and fuel points on the previous card to the new one.


The process can take one or two days to complete, so be patient.

3. Visiting Local Kroger Store

Kroger Store

Another quick and easy way to get a replacement Kroger Plus card is to visit the nearest store and ask the customer service representative about your lost card.

The rep will then hand over an application form to you, fill it out correctly, and walk away with a new physical card.


In this article, we discussed what to do if you have lost your Kroger Plus Card. We’ve also discussed how you can order a replacement card.

Hopefully, you now know what to do in this situation and can use a virtual card or your associated phone number to continue enjoying earning points and rewards until you get the physical one in hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Annual Fee for Kroger Plus Card?

No, there is no annual fee for your Kroger Plus card. You can shop easily and securely every day at the Kroger store and earn rewards and points free of cost.

No, each Kroger Plus Card can only be linked to one account. But the store does offer household Shopper’s card account linking where you can merge your rewards and fuel points with your family members living in the same household.

Can I Use My Kroger Plus Card at Other Stores?

No, the Kroger Plus Card is particularly used only in Kroger stores. It’s not like a bank debit or credit card.

Does Kroger Plus Card Expire?

Yes, the Kroger Plus card does expire, and the store requires you to renew it each year on May 1st.

How Do I Update My Kroger Plus Card?

To update your Kroger Plus card, open the website, sign into your account, and click the “My Account” option. Next, click on “Edit Kroger Community Rewards” and type in your Kroger Plus card number. Finally, update the information and confirm it afterward.

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