Which Is Cheaper H-E-B or Walmart?

Heb Or Walmart

H-E-B and Walmart are well-known competitors in the shopping world, but you might be curious about the most affordable.


Walmart offers much lower product prices than H-E-B, which can be considered more of a high-end supermarket. However, you will find better quality products at H-E-B.

If you don’t know which store is cheaper, H-E-B or Walmart, we have researched and put a lot of information together as a guide.

Which Is Cheaper, H-E-B or Walmart?

H-E-B Or Walmart

In recent times, there has been a rapid increase in the number of supermarkets and retail stores in the US and all around the world, and this has brought about a significant change in the buying patterns of consumers.

As the competition between alternatives is increasing, buyers have started to consider many factors when making the purchase decision, and the one that tops the list is the price.

Walmart and H-E-B differ on many levels, so it is often hard to choose which offers the best quality products at the lowest prices.

Below is the list of areas that differentiate H-E-B and Walmart from each other:

1. Product Pricing

Product Price

For multiple reasons, H-E-B is arguably one of the most popular Texas stores. However, Walmart takes the crown when it comes to offering lower prices to customers.

Being a brand that dominates the shopping business in the United States, Walmart takes advantage of its position by getting goods from suppliers at a comparatively lower rate than other businesses.

As a result, Walmart can offer you more affordable prices without lowering its profit margin, making it the largest retail business with more than 10,500 stores operating globally.

Contrastingly, H-E-B is a private-owned supermarket chain operating exclusively in Texas and Mexico. As a result, their prices for store-brand goods and name-brand items are much higher than Walmart’s.


H-E-B has more than 420 stores, most of which operate in Texas, whereas Walmart has over 4700 stores throughout the United States.

2. Product Quality

Product Quality

Another essential factor that cannot be overlooked when shopping is the quality of the goods. You need to check out H-E-B if you prefer to buy better quality products at a little higher cost.

One of the major reasons why H-E-B is more expensive than Walmart is because they focus on providing you with the best service and products. They have set out a complete list of requirements and a code of conduct that their suppliers have to comply with if they want to sell to the brand.

Moreover, they carry out all their operations, including the manufacturing, distribution, and logistics, by themselves, which allows them to control their business at their terms, but at an additional cost.

They also have much more strict standards established and better monitoring procedures inside the stores, which helps them maintain their quality for their faithful customers.

According to the FDA website, H-E-B has 22 product recalls in their food and beverage category, whereas Walmart has had 29 total product recalls.


Product recall is when a product is requested by the manufacturer to be returned after discovering defects and safety issues.

Especially in the meat category, customers had frequent complaints about being provided with sub-par quality meat at Walmart. Multiple surveys have pointed the fingers at the popular for compromising their consumers’ health with low-quality food.

Walmart has also been found as the number one store with the most customer complaints in a survey conducted on over 50,000 customers.

3. Product Variety

Product Variety

Nowadays, no one has the time to visit multiple stores to get everything they need on their shopping list. For this reason, everyone prefers a store with a broader range of products.

Being a hypermarket, you will find that Walmart has a wider variety of goods than H-E-B, including fresh produce, pharmaceutical products, consumables, electronics, furniture, and much more.

In comparison, the product range at H-E-B is pretty short, limited to only produce and consumables.


To conclude, we discussed which is cheaper, H-E-B or Walmart, by analyzing product price, quality, and variety to find the best option for you.

Hopefully, this article has given you the answer you were looking for and helped you to choose a store that is either more pocket-friendly or focused on quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Day Does Walmart Lower Prices?

Most of Walmart’s markdowns on clearance items take place in the first five days of the month. Hence, this is the best time to visit if you want to be the first to take advantage of discount offers.

Why Is Walmart Cheaper Online?

You would often find better discounts and lower prices on the Walmart app or website because they offer more location-based deals that you might not find inside the store.

What Does H-E-B Stand For?

As opposed to the popular misconception, H-E-B stands for “Howard E. Butt,” the name of the founder’s son, and not “Here Everything’s Better.”

How Much Money Does H-E-B Make a Year?

With over 100,000 employees, H-E-B generates more than $21.0 billion annually.

Does Walmart Charge a Delivery Fee?

Yes, Walmart charges delivery fees of $7.95 to $9.95 for all customers who aren’t Walmart plus members. For the members, the delivery is $5.99 for all orders below $35. If you go above, Walmart will not charge you any delivery fees.

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