What Is Safeway Tracking?


You are ready for the party and are only waiting for the Safeway delivery to arrive before you can set off. It should arrive any minute now except that it isn’t.

Where is it stuck? When will it arrive? Use Safeway tracking to know. But what is Safeway tracking?


Safeway tracking allows its customers to track the location of their groceries using a tracking link. In addition, once you check out and opt for a home delivery service, you’ll get a link to track your delivery.

Note that this tracking link doesn’t work on the Safeway app; you must try it through a web browser.

Here is more information about Safeway tracking and a guide to how you can be sure of the punctuality of your Safeway grocery delivery.

Safeway Tracking

Safeway Tracking

In 2019, Albertsons — the parent company that manages Safeway — introduced Glympse. It was a tracking solution meant to address customer complaints about late deliveries or a lack of transparency in the order processing protocol.

This technology allowed customers to view the status of their orders through text or email updates.

Now, you can receive these updates on every step, from order confirmation to pickup by the driver. Once the driver has picked up your delivery, you will receive a live link to track the location.

Note that the company doesn’t offer a tracking feature on its app. Instead, you get a tracking ID to track your order status via a real-time map.

This tracking feature applies to all retail and grocery brands affiliated with Albertsons. These include Albertsons, Safeway, Pavilions, Jewel-Osco, and Randalls.

Order Processing at Safeway


Safeway offers convenient grocery delivery services, saving you time. Simply create a Safeway account and provide your delivery address to get started.

If you’re running late and can’t reach home before the delivery, don’t worry — the delivery driver will leave your groceries at your door, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Easy? Here is how you place an order on the Safeway app:

  1. First, log into your account on the Safeway app.
  2. Then, access your most frequently purchased items from the given option if you are a Safeway Loyalty Card member.
  3. Browse the list to find the needed products at a market-competitive or discounted price. In addition, loyalty card members can use specialized deals tailored to suit their needs.
  4. Fill out your virtual cart and check out. You will be asked about the best delivery time for your grocery.
  5. Sit back and wait for your delivery, or if you aren’t home, you can ask the driver to leave the groceries at your door for you to pick up later.
  6. You can also use Safeway Drive up and Go curbside pickup service to grab your groceries from the nearest store and can save on delivery fees with pickup for orders over $30
Delivery Charges

If you order groceries to be delivered to your home, you will be charged a delivery fee of between $7 and $17 per order after your first order.

Estimated Delivery Time of Your Order

Delivery Time

Note that the app delivers your order within one hour of your recommended time, but sometimes every minute counts. If you are getting late from your office, lecture, or meet-up with friends, use Safeway’s order tracking system to track your order.

Once the delivery time has arrived, you can log in to the app and see if your driver is on his way to drop off your items.

If he has picked up the order, the map will show your order’s location, allowing you to estimate the arrival time.

This estimated delivery time is crucial when you opt for Safeway Drive up and Go Service. You will have to arrive at the store promptly to pick up your groceries.

Closing Word

Safeway is affiliated with Albertsons Companies. In 2019, the company announced its order tracking technology — Glympse. This introduction lets customers track orders in real-time after the driver picks them up.

Using this technology, the app sends you a tracking link that you can insert in your browser’s search bar to navigate to a live map displaying the location of your order. You can also deduce an estimated delivery time for your groceries from this location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Tip the Safeway Delivery Driver?

Safeway delivery drivers earn an average hourly wage of $17.66. According to Indeed, this is slightly higher than the national average wage.

Note that this rate has tips included in the calculations. This earning will fall considerably below the national average without tips.

Considering Safeway delivery drivers’ dependence on tips, you should be generous when dealing with them.

How Do I Edit a Safeway Order?

You can change your Safeway order on the day you place it and before it’s dispatched. Start by logging in and clicking the ‘Order’ option in the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

On the order page, you can edit the items you have ordered or cancel the order.

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