How Much Cash Back Can You Get at Safeway?

Safeway Cash Back

Safeway’s cashback rewards program makes shopping a rewarding experience, making it the perfect way to savor every grocery trip and feel like a winner.


You can make any purchase at Safeway and receive up to $200 in cashback when you pay with your debit or credit card.

Also, whether you’re using your loyalty card, taking advantage of promotions, or utilizing special offers, there are hidden rewards for you every time.

Discovering the incredible cashback opportunities at Safeway will make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. Read ahead to find out how much your wallet can benefit from shopping there.

How Much Cash Back Can You Get at Safeway?

Cash Back At Safeway

Safeway offers cashback at all its locations, and the best part is that there are no hidden charges, making things more uncomplicated than ever.


If you want to get the maximum Safeway cashback option of your choice, plan the visit when the customer desk is open; otherwise, your options for customer service might change.

Explore the following Safeway cash back options listed below to receive the best refund percentages on your purchases:

1. Safeway Cashback With Debit Card or Credit Card

Debit Card Or Credit Card

Debit and Credit cards are two reliable options for cashback at Safeway. You can get up to $200 in cashback when you pay with them without any minimum purchase limit.

However, the most economical choice for cash back at Safeway is your debit card. Credit cards can be the second best option, although the interest rates are much higher and could cost you more in the long run.

2. Cashback With Safeway Club Card

Safeway Club Card

The Safeway Club Card offers up to 20% savings on groceries and other eligible items purchased at the grocery store. In addition, you only need to link your bank account to your Safeway Club Card to reap cashback benefits.


The Safeway Club Card does not allow new transactions once you’ve hit the daily upper limit and will be compelled to wait for the next day.

The limits are lower than other options, but if you need up to $100 cashback, Safeway Club Card can meet your needs at a cheaper cost.

Every time Safeway Club Card members swipe their club card for payment, they earn points on the card, which show up on their Safeway Club Card Account and are redeemed for cashback.

Safeway has fixed worth of each point as follows:

  • One point for each dollar used to purchase eligible items.
  • Two points for each dollar spent on gift cards.
  • One point for each dollar spent on pharmaceuticals.

There is no limit to earning these points, but points expire if they fall below 100 at the end of the month.

3. Safeway Fast Forward Program

Safeway Fast Forward Program

With the Fast Forward program, you can experience a new way to get cashback when shopping at Safeway. Link your Safeway Club Card to your checking account and use it as a debit card.

With the Fast Forward program, you can get up to $100 cashback in one transaction and up to $300 in three days – all of which goes toward your Purchase Amount Limit.

4. Safeway for U™ Program

Safeway Membership Program

The Safeway for U™ program is an exclusive membership that rewards customers with various cashback incentives. Once enrolled in the program, members receive exclusive discounts on over 6,000 items, including grocery staples and home products.


New members also receive welcome bonuses and access to early sales events where they can save even more money.

Additionally, Safeway for U™ members can take advantage of weekly special offers and additional savings on select brands from participating stores in their area.

5. Cash Back at Safeway Gas Stations

Safeway Gas Station

Throughout 2023, you can score cash back when you fuel up at one of 288 select Safeway gas stations across the United States.

Fill up your vehicle tank and then swing into the convenience store next door for a bite or something else – it’s that simple to get the cash back at Safeway.


To summarize the article, we’ve covered all the ways to know how much cash back you can get at Safeway utilizing various payment options and reward programs.

Hopefully, with a few simple steps, you can get the most out of your money by getting the best refund purchases while shopping at Safeway delivery and online store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get Cash Back at Safeway With a Cheque?

Safeway has said farewell to cashing checks – a practice discontinued as far back as 2013.

Can You Get Cash Back at Safeway on Digital Transactions?

No matter how much you shop or what you purchase, you won’t see any cashback regarding digital transactions at Safeway.

Can You Get Safeway Cash Back With Gift Cards?

There’s no cash redemption from Safeway gift cards if used for a purchase transaction.

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