Who Makes Publix Brand Coffee?

Isolated Container Of Publix Brand Coffee

As you enter a Publix supermarket, you will see a whole aisle just for coffee. For coffee enthusiasts, this is a coffee haven.

Stroll more along the aisles, and you’ll see different brands featuring various coffee blends, roasts, and flavors. You may find that some of the products on the shelves are Publix Brand Coffee.

But who exactly makes their products?


Publix Brand Coffee is a private label, which means that top national brands manufacture their products. For brand identity, manufacturers slightly change up ingredients and flavors.

In this article, we discuss who produces Publix Brand goods, which Publix Brand Coffee to try, and more. Read on!

Who Produces the Publix Brand Coffee?

As a private label, Publix does not manufacture its products. Instead, infamous national brands produce the goods for Publix.

National brands that manufacture products like Publix Brand Coffee would alter ingredients and recipes for brand integrity.

The three Publix manufacturing facilities produce goods like deli, bakery, and dairy. For other products, you won’t typically know which competing company manufactures Publix brand items.

What Is Publix?

George W. Jenkins founded Publix in 1930. This supermarket chain in the southeastern United States is the largest employee-owned company in the States.

By employee-owned, the company employees take up a large percentage of Publix shares.

Publix has 1,305 stores across the country, with Florida having a high number of Publix locations. The employees (around 230,000 people in total) own approximately 80% of the shares.

Coffee Products To Try With Publix Brands

Coffee And Tea Aisle At Publix Brand Grocery

Publix Premium Coffee, Ground, Dark Roast

This dark roast Publix brand coffee is a suitable option for a coffee brew at home. The dark roast has just the right amount of a classic bold taste to kickstart your day.

Enjoy this coffee blend with chocolatey and cocoa flavors.

Publix Premium Coffee, Arabica Ground, French Roast

For a french roast coffee, the beans are roasted longer than the roasting period for a dark roast. Experience a sweet taste that lingers on your palette.

With cocoa, chocolate, and fruity flavors, this arabica-ground, french roast coffee is a Publix brand staple you do not want to miss!

Publix Premium Coffee, Arabica Single-Serve, Light Roast – French Vanilla

Looking for a quick morning caffeine drink? Try a single-serve french vanilla coffee that is smooth and creamy to the taste. This Publix brand arabica light roast brings the custard and sweet vanilla bean flavors leaving you refreshed and ready to face the day.


Publix is the largest employee-owned supermarket company majorly found in the southeastern USA.

While Publix displays many competing coffee brands in its supermarkets, its own Publix Brand coffee is a private label manufactured by other leading national brands. Publix coffee products have altered ingredients for brand distinction and integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Coffee Grounds Stay Fresh?

Coffee grounds can stay fresh for as long as five months if it remains sealed and 1-2 months less if it has been opened.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Ground Coffee Than Beans?

Ground coffee is cheaper than beans.

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