When Does Costco Hire Seasonal Employees?

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As the holiday’s approach and demand picks up, most retail stores hire seasonal employees to help out. Costco is no different.

They are a huge retail chain with hundreds of locations. And as traffic increases, so does their need for seasonal employees, especially for their warehouse.


As a giant retail store, Costco always needs seasonal employees during the holidays. They start advertising these positions ahead of November, in time for the Thanksgiving rush. Those who are interested in applying can do so through the Costco careers website or in person by talking to a store manager.

Seasonal employees are usually employed to work the morning or afternoon shifts and generally work lesser hours than regular employees.

This article discusses Costco’s seasonal employee hiring procedure by discussing various factors.

You might wonder if Costco needs seasonal employees, and if so, what’s the process like? Here’s what we found out!

Seasonal Employees At Costco

The first question is easy. Does Costco usually hire seasonal employees around the holidays? The answer, of course, is yes! Costco is no different than any other huge retail chain.

They face a sudden influx of shoppers around a certain time each year and hire enough employees to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Costco’s Time Frame for Seasonal Employees

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This question seems easy enough, but it’s a bit tricky. The exact time duration varies depending on the store in particular. When they need seasonal employees and also how many they need depends on the location of the store and the nature of the work itself.

However, you can be sure that they start hiring around the Thanksgiving season. i.e., November all the way to January. No matter where the store is located, these few months are always busy. Hence the requirement for seasonal employees soars.

Keep an eye on the Costco Careers website around this time and apply as soon as the jobs are advertised. Keep in mind most of the jobs become available ahead of the holiday rush.

Along with this, you can also reach out to the store managers of your nearest Costco outlet about any seasonal positions that might be available. They will be able to guide you in detail about the particular location they manage.

Hours Worked by Seasonal Employees

As we know, there is a time limit on how long seasonal employees will remain with the store. However, the hours depend on the job position. Since it’s a seasonal position, employees usually work lesser hours than full-time employees.

Therefore the hours can range from 5 to 30 hours per week depending on several factors such as location, position, general traffic, etc. Most seasonal employees do not have a regular schedule.

Seasonal employees usually work the morning or afternoon shift from around 12 pm to 9 pm.

Getting a Job as a Seasonal Employee At Costco

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You can get a job at Costco for the season by either applying through their Career Page or by reaching out to the store manager of your desired outlet.

However, to be eligible, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma. Along with this, it is also important to pass the standard drug test and background test.

Some seasonal positions also require experience. That is not the case for all positions, as Costco also has many entry-level jobs.


Like most other retail chain stores, Costco has a definite need for seasonal employees as demand rises. They usually start advertising seasonal positions on their Career page ahead of November. You can also reach out to a store manager to see what positions are available and when they start hiring.

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