Who Makes STP Oil for AutoZone?

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STP Oil is a well-known brand in the automotive industry, particularly recognized for its lubricants such as motor oil and motor oil additives. But who manufactures this oil that is sold at AutoZone, one of the largest retailers of automotive parts and accessories in the United States? Let’s delve into this topic.


STP Oil, available at AutoZone, is manufactured by the Clorox Company. This reputable brand has been in existence for over six decades and offers a variety of motor oil products known for their quality and unique features. The partnership between AutoZone and STP Oil has been long-standing, providing consumers with convenient access to these products.

Who Manufactures STP Oil?

STP Oil, sold at AutoZone, is manufactured by none other than the Clorox Company. Based in Oakland, California, Clorox is the current owner of the STP brand, which stands for “Scientifically Treated Petroleum”. This brand has been in existence for over six decades and was founded by three racing enthusiasts: Andy Granatelli, Vince Granatelli, and Edward Winfield.

The History of the Partnership

The partnership between AutoZone and the STP Oil manufacturer dates back several years. Over time, STP has been supplying AutoZone with motor oil and other automobile products like oil filters and additives. Customers shopping at AutoZone can often find special deals on STP full synthetic oil and STP oil filters. These products are known for their quality, providing maximum protection for vehicle engines with their superior synthetic blend media that traps contaminants with 99% efficiency.

Unique Features of STP Oil

STP Oil offers various unique features and selling points, making it a popular choice for consumers. From additive compounds and a variety of oil types to anti-wear agents and detergents, STP Oil has a lot to offer. One of the most notable features of STP Oil is its use of Ceramic SiO2 technology in its oil treatment, which provides an advanced layer of protection by increasing lubrication between metal-to-metal parts and preventing engine deposit formation.

Quality Comparison

While STP Oil may not be as outstanding as other synthetic oils like Mobil 1 or Royal Purple, it has been proven to be good for 5,000-7,000 miles before needing to replace the oil once. It is also more affordable compared to many other premium oil brands without compromising on performance or protection.

Best Suited Vehicles

STP Oil is best suited for four-cycle gasoline engines and diesel engines, depending on the specific product. It offers various products designed to improve engine performance and protect vital components. However, STP products have not been evaluated for performance in two-cycle engines, so they are not recommended for such applications.

Notable Endorsements

STP Oil has received several notable endorsements and testimonials from experts in the auto industry. The brand’s involvement in auto racing has contributed to its reputation as a reliable and high-quality product. Auto experts have stated that using STP oil treatment can help improve the health of older engines.


The pricing of STP Oil at AutoZone is competitive when compared to its competitors. Although specific prices for STP Oil products are not provided, AutoZone does offer oil change specials that include STP Oil, providing a good idea of how STP Oil compares to its competitors in terms of pricing and value for money.

Future Outlook

The future outlook for STP Oil and its presence in AutoZone stores is influenced by several factors, including global oil market trends, consumer demand for motor oil products, and AutoZone’s business strategies. As long as there is a demand for motor oil products and AutoZone continues to stock STP Oil products, it is likely that STP Oil will maintain its presence in AutoZone stores.

In conclusion, STP Oil, manufactured by the Clorox Company, is a reputable brand offering quality motor oil products. Its partnership with AutoZone allows consumers to access these products conveniently, contributing to the continued growth and success of both companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where else can I buy STP Oil products?

Besides AutoZone, STP Oil products can be found at many other major automotive part retailers, both online and in physical stores. These include Walmart, Amazon, and Advance Auto Parts.

Does STP Oil manufacture any other products besides motor oil?

Yes, STP Oil also manufactures a range of other automotive products. These include fuel additives, coolant additives, transmission fluid, and brake fluid, among others.

Is STP Oil suitable for all types of vehicles?

STP Oil is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs, especially those with four-cycle gasoline and diesel engines. However, STP products are not recommended for two-cycle engines.

Can STP Oil be used in high-performance vehicles?

Yes, STP Oil can be used in high-performance vehicles. The brand’s motor oil products are designed to provide maximum protection and performance, making them suitable for high-performance applications.

Is STP Oil environmentally friendly?

While STP Oil is not specifically marketed as an environmentally friendly product, the company strives to meet or exceed all environmental regulations and standards. They also encourage responsible use and disposal of their products to minimize environmental impact.

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