What Shoes Should Starbucks Employees Wear?

Starbucks Employees Wear

We all fall in love with fancy, gleaming shoes at first sight. Don’t we? But are they suitable for a worker at Starbucks? Not really.

Starbucks is a great place to work. From its great work atmosphere to its employee benefits, it is ideal for your career.

However, certain dress and shoe codes must be followed to work at Starbucks for your safety and benefit. For example, wearing slippery sandals or high heels can put you at risk of falling on a wet floor or feeling uneasy on your feet.

This blog is a comprehensive guide to determining the proper type of shoe that Starbucks employees wear. So without further ado, scroll down to explore five helpful tips for selecting the shoes to work at Starbucks.


Working at Starbucks requires a lot of stamina to stand on your feet for long shifts. In this situation, a tight, slippery, or uneasy shoe can be your worst nightmare.

Follow the five tips mentioned below to get yourself the perfect pair of shoes to work at Starbucks:

  • Starbucks has set a color code for dress and shoes for its employees. You can only wear black, brown or accent shoes during work hours.
  • Wear shoes that cover your feet to avoid getting hot water or milk on your skin—for example, boots or vans.
  • It is necessary to focus on the quality of shoes. A comfortable shoe with a soft insole can provide your feet with the comfort and support they need to stand for a long time.
  • Regular wear and tear can make your shoes torn or uneasy about wearing. Consider changing the shoe insoles every month or in a couple of months to keep them comfortable.
  • Don’t forget to buy slip-resistant shoes, especially if you work at Starbucks, to avoid slipping on wet kitchen floors.

5 Tips for Choosing Work Shoes at Starbucks

Finding shoes that provide comfort and support for your feet during long working hours can be difficult. Follow the five must-haves below to pick the right shoes for your work at Starbucks.

1. Follow the Starbucks Shoes Color Code

Black Shoe

The employees must follow the color code at Starbucks. The only permissible colors for shoes are black and shades of brown.

However, you can wear a darker-toned accent color shoe, such as gray or navy. A shoe with a funky color like yellow, red, or orange is not allowed at Starbucks.

2. Covered Shoes

Covered Shoe

This is for the safety concerns of the workers at Starbucks. An open-toed or uncovered shoe can put you at risk of spilling hot milk, water, or coffee on your feet.

Also, your shoes must be paired with hosiery or socks to cover your skin completely.

Select materials such as leather, rubber, or suede to ensure they are waterproof and will not burn your feet in a hot spill.


To avoid slipping, the bottoms you wear at Starbucks should not be so long that they drag on the floor.

3. Focus on the Flexibility and Quality of Shoes

Quality Shoes

We often get tempted by fashionable shoes that are not comfortable to wear. Working at Starbucks requires a lot of stamina and hours spent in the kitchen to serve customers.

In this situation, an uncomfortable shoe is no less than a nightmare.

Instead of opting for heels or open-toe shoes, focus on the flexibility and quality of the shoes. Also, a shoe with a comfortable shoe insole can help your feet relax.

Furthermore, pick shoes at least a half size bigger than your feet. Long periods of standing can cause your feet to swell, and wearing a shoe that is too tight can make them feel even worse.

4. Keep Your Shoes Well Maintained

Shoes Mainenance

No matter how expensive a pair of shoes you buy for a job as a barista, regular use will cause them to tear and become uncomfortable.

Long working hours, foot pressure, and sweat absorption affect the insoles. This not only makes your shoe uneasy but also affects the hygiene and health of your feet.

Old insoles can cause your feet to smell bad and even cause fungus to grow on your skin. Therefore, consider changing your shoe insoles every month. And if your shoes are too old, it’s time to purchase a new one for your work at Starbucks.

5. Select Slip Resistant Shoes


To work as a barista, especially in a busy place like Starbucks, you must wear slip-resistant shoes. It is common to step on water or milk spills on the floor in the kitchen, and a slippery shoe can cause you to fall to the ground.

So, select shoes with rubber or rugged outsoles that provide a firm grip and traction on the floor to avoid slipping or sliding.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a high-quality, comfortable shoe over a trendy one will only benefit you during your long shifts at Starbucks. They will support your body balance, help your feet feel relaxed, and protect you from any spills on your feet.

Also, don’t forget to follow the color code, i.e., black and brown. We hope this blog helped you select the correct type of shoe for your work at Starbucks.

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