How To Order Less Sugar At Starbucks

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Starbucks is a go-to for many coffee enthusiasts or your average joe looking for a drink to kickstart his day. Thinking of those sweet and refreshing beverages can make your mouth water instantly.

Sweet beverages can be tempting. While it’s okay to order them once in a while, how can you order less sugar at Starbucks?


Watching out for the ingredients in your drink enables you to reduce your sugar consumption from beverages. Asking your barista to swap ingredients for alternatives or omitting some sugary elements helps lower your sugar intake.

In this article, we give you barista tips on how to lessen the sugar in your drinks and beverages with low sugar that you can try. Read on!

Tips for Less Sugar Starbucks Beverages

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Have health goals in mind? Depending on your circumstance, there are ways to achieve them without skipping your morning caffeine. We’ve gathered tips from Starbucks baristas for less-sugar options.

Ask for Non-Fat Milk

Craving for your favorite frappuccino? Instead of going for the classic ingredients, swap for non-fat milk instead. You can even ask your barista for a light option that has 33 percent fewer calories.

Skip the classic syrup or take less whipping cream for less sugar intake.

Try Other Milk Alternatives

Fewer calories and sugar do not end with non-fat milk. Milk alternatives like soy milk or almond milk are excellent choices for milk alternatives.

Compared to low-fat milk, which has 100 calories per cup, almond milk has around 40! This vegan and non-dairy option have less sugar, which helps you manage your overall health.

Moreover, this gluten-free milk has vitamins and minerals for wellness.

Skip the Whip!

Yes, it’s up to you if you want whip cream or not (even if you ordered a frappe!). If you want to lower the sugar levels for today’s drink, try skipping the whip.

Opt For Syrup Alternatives (or Try Fewer Pumps)

Request for fewer pumps of the classic sugar or none at all. Alternatively, you can ask your barista for sugar-free options to cut down on sweets.

Barista Suggestions For Fewer Sugar Drinks

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Occasional sweet beverages are okay, especially if taken in moderation. But if you’re trying to achieve your personal health goals, check these drinks out for less-sugar beverages. Read on!

Go For a Skinny Latte

This classic barista tip saves you time browsing through the Starbucks menu, looking for less sugary options. Try a skinny latte.

This drink includes no-sugar syrup and non-fat milk with a creamy foam layer. Customize your beverage with fewer pumps of syrup or adjust the amount of espresso, and you’re good to go!

Try a Classic Americano or Tea

While there are many impressive drinks by Starbucks, the classics can never fail you. Less is more with these beverages. Iced coffee and tea only amount to five calories!

You can enjoy your daily coffee with no worries!

Enjoy a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte

You can enjoy a delicious beverage that is not sugar-packed with this next drink. The cinnamon in this latte provides a remarkable sweetness that is on point.

This well-crafted beverage is topped with a foamy layer for a creamy and buttery taste.


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Be worry-free as you order from Starbucks with these less sugar tips. Milk and syrup alternatives help you lower the sugar levels of your beverages.

If you’re reducing sugar to the maximum, an americano or tea never fails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Starbucks Drinks That Are Not Too Sweet?

Try black tea, iced tea, or a blonde espresso american for less sweet beverages.

What Should I Say To Reduce the Sugar at Starbucks?

Simply tell your barista for no sugar or less sugar. Half sweet or less sweet are other ways of asking them to reduce the sweetness.

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