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What Is Up with the Taco Bell Commercial?

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Taco Bell commercials have long been a staple of the fast-food giant’s marketing strategy, with their quirky, humorous, and sometimes downright bizarre ads capturing the attention of viewers around the globe. But what exactly is up with the latest Taco Bell commercial? Let’s dive deep and find out.


The latest Taco Bell commercials are characterized by a cinematic approach, with high-budget, action-packed mini-movies. They also feature strategic music choices, celebrity endorsements, and a commitment to social awareness and inclusivity. Furthermore, they aim to create a Taco Bell universe, adding a layer of intrigue and continuity. Despite some negative reactions, these commercials have generally resonated well with audiences, shaping Taco Bell’s image and reputation.

A Cinematic Approach to Fast Food

One of the significant shifts in Taco Bell’s advertising strategy is the move towards a more cinematic approach. The brand’s recent commercials have the feel of high-budget, action-packed mini-movies, a far cry from the traditional fast-food ad. For instance, the commercial titled “Fry Again,” directed by indie film director Sean Baker, is a perfect example of this new approach. It’s written and edited to resemble a sci-fi blockbuster, marking a departure from the brand’s previous advertising style.

Soundtrack to a Taco

Music is another aspect that sets Taco Bell’s commercials apart. The latest commercial features the song “Getting In Trouble w/ The Boss” by White Reaper, adding an extra layer of energy and excitement. This is a strategic move, with the choice of music often reflecting the vibe and demographic the brand is targeting.

The Taco Bell Universe

Taco Bell’s commercials are not just about selling food; they are about creating a universe. In one series of commercials, the nacho fries are depicted as a power source in a Taco Bell multiverse, with characters being drawn to Taco Bell upon hearing a gong/bell sound. This narrative approach adds a layer of intrigue and continuity that keeps viewers hooked.

The Celebrity Connection

Celebrity endorsements are a tried-and-true marketing strategy, and Taco Bell is no exception. Comedian Pete Davidson, for example, was featured in a recent ad campaign as the brand’s “Brand Apologist.” However, this move was met with mixed reactions, with some fans expressing their dislike for the commercial on platforms like Reddit.

Social Awareness and Inclusivity

Taco Bell’s commercials reflect the brand’s commitment to social awareness and inclusivity. They target diverse audiences and feature inclusive menu options like vegan and vegetarian meals. This aspect is particularly appealing to the younger demographic that Taco Bell aims to attract.

The Impact of Taco Bell’s Commercials

Taco Bell’s commercials have played a significant role in shaping its image and reputation. They’ve been successful in capturing audiences’ attention, generating buzz, and enhancing the brand’s image. Despite some negative responses, the brand’s innovative and humorous marketing strategies have generally resonated well with audiences.

The brand has positioned itself as a lifestyle brand at the center of culture, engaging with culture through sports, fashion, gaming, music, and more. This has allowed Taco Bell to forge deeper connections with different consumer groups. The brand’s commercials have also helped to drive in-store foot traffic, with mobile advertising campaigns encouraging users to learn more about new products and find a nearby Taco Bell store.


Taco Bell’s commercials are much more than mere advertisements; they’re a key component of the brand’s marketing strategy and public image. With their cinematic approach, engaging narratives, strategic music choices, and celebrity endorsements, these commercials serve to entertain, engage, and ultimately, sell tacos.

Whether you’re a fan of Taco Bell’s commercials or not, there’s no denying their impact and the conversations they spark. As we continue to watch the evolution of Taco Bell’s advertising strategy, one thing is certain: we can expect the unexpected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the indie film director Sean Baker who directed the “Fry Again” commercial?

Sean Baker is an American film director, cinematographer, and screenwriter known for his independent films like “The Florida Project” and “Tangerine.”

What is the role of a “Brand Apologist”?

A “Brand Apologist” is a term used in advertising to refer to a spokesperson who defends or explains the actions of a brand, often in a humorous or exaggerated manner.

Taco Bell has featured a number of celebrities in their commercials, including NBA star LeBron James, model Chrissy Teigen, and actor James Marsden.

How does Taco Bell use music in their commercials?

Taco Bell uses music to create a specific mood or atmosphere in their commercials. The choice of song often reflects the demographic they are targeting, and can help to make the commercial more memorable.

What are some examples of Taco Bell’s social awareness campaigns?

Taco Bell has undertaken several social awareness campaigns, such as their “Feed a Dream” campaign which provided scholarships to students, and their “Live Más Scholarship” which supports young innovators and creators.

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