Why Is McDonald’s Everywhere?

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Rushing to work leaves you no time to prepare meals. Busy streets are filled with neon signs and infamous restaurants, all captivating tired and hungry workers who need an easy, fast, and convenient means to order food.

Among all the restaurants you see, the infamous McDonald’s is a go-to people can’t resist.

The standard menu of McDonald’s is familiar and convenient for many customers. But while ordering at McDonald’s has become a common act, the question remains: Why is McDonald’s everywhere?


McDonald’s has become the go-to fast-food chain of many individuals. Their standard menu is familiar to customers helping them decide what to eat based on their cravings.

The fast-food model McDonald’s created is convenient and reliable, perfect for people on the go.

Through Ray Kroc’s idea of franchising the McDonald’s business and Harry J. Sonneborn’s idea of owning the properties which McDonald’s franchise owners would lease, the business spread across the country and other parts of the world.

In this article, we discuss how McDonald’s began and how its stores are found almost anywhere. Read on!

Why McDonald’s Has Many Branches

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McDonald’s became one of the most sought-after restaurants through the strategies of the brothers, Mac and Dick McDonald. With these effective solutions, the brothers created a model fit for franchising without intending to design it for franchises.

The Beginnings of McDonald’s

Brothers Mac and Dick McDonald started a restaurant business in San Bernardino, California. In its early days, McDonald’s was not doing so well. The brothers shifted their strategies for exceptional efficiency, lower expenses, and less effort.

McDonald’s removed indoor seating, using disposable materials to pack food. Moreover, Mac and Dick decided to keep only the most profitable on the menu. This change brought in several customers daily, making McDonald’s successful.

With this business design and the convenience of fast food, customers found McDonald’s irresistible.

How McDonald’s Spread All Over the Country

Ray Kroc found much potential in McDonald’s. He persistently convinced Dick and Mac to open their business to franchises.

Dick and Mac were against this idea because they wanted to manage and oversee the brand they created. Kroc never gave up persuading them, and eventually, they gave in.

Kroc oversaw the franchising of McDonald’s, and in two years, McDonald’s had 25 franchises locally. However, the increased number of McDonald’s stores compromised quality. The quality of the original branch was unbeatable.

Kroc knew something had to change. Thus, he sought the help of Harry J. Sonneborn, who would eventually be the President and CEO of McDonald’s.

How McDonald’s Upheld Its Many Franchises

A Multinational Corporation Mcdonald's

Sonneborn came up with the idea of purchasing real estate that would hold future franchises of McDonald’s. McDonald’s would own the property and lease it to franchise owners.

Thus, McDonald’s would profit beyond the fast-food business through real estate.

Eventually, Sonneborn formed the Franchise Realty Corporation, a separate company that handles all the real estate of McDonald’s.


You can find McDonald’s almost anywhere because of the successful franchise-worthy model the McDonald’s brothers conceptualized. This includes standard meal options, speedy service, and branding.

When Ray Kroc bought the McDonald’s franchise, he envisioned the restaurant spreading across the country. Harry J. Sonneborn came up with the idea of owning the real estate that McDonald’s franchise owners would lease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is McDonald’s Successful Internationally?

McDonald’s standardized menu made them very successful both within the United States and internationally. Their menu and packed food are easy and convenient for consumers.

What Country Is McDonald’s the Most Famous At?

McDonald’s is most well-known in the United States, where it began.

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