What Is Pro Parking At Lowe’s?

Lowe's Building Storefront With Parking

Finding a parking spot at grocery stores during peak hours can sometimes be a headache as it might be overcrowded, and you can’t park in reserved spots. That said, have you ever come across Pro Parking at Lowe’s and wondered what it means and who is supposed to park there?


Lowe’s has developed a few reserved parking spots like disabled parking, veteran parking, employee parking, and pro parking to accommodate everyone and allow a favorable shopping experience.

Pro parking is reserved for professional workers, which includes:

  • Contractors
  • Repair Remodelers
  • Speciality Tradesmen
  • Property Management Specialists
  • Facility Maintenance Professionals

These professionals can sign up for Lowe’s MVPs program and benefit from pro parking, allowing them to get rid of parking hassle and quickly shop for important supplies.

Read on to get detailed information about how Lowe’s utilizes its strategies to accommodate customers, with an emphasis on Lowe’s MVPs program and their reserved parking spots.

Lowe’s Pro Customers

Lowe's Store And Sign

In our quest to find out about Pro Parking at Lowe’s, we first need to understand that it’s a part of Lowe’s effective shopping strategies. Before getting into its details, let us explore the shopping strategies employed at Lowe’s and how they are helpful.

Lowe’s Strategies

Tools Power Tool Retail Display At Lowe's

Back in 1921, Lowe’s opened as a small-scale hardware store in North Carolina, now one of the biggest home improvement retailers in the world. You’ll find all kinds of customers, from DIY ninjas to professional construction workers, walking into this store daily.

Lowe’s has a few useful strategies to ensure the best shopping experience for everyone; some of those are the following:

  • DIY-U.
  • Collaboration with
  • Lowe’s MVPs (Pro Customers).

The first of these strategies is DIY-U, which aims to provide in-store and online DIY project workshops for kids and adults.

Secondly, Lowe’s has collaborated with to provide home improvement service professionals to its customers and help them out with specialized tasks.

Suppose any customer wants a home improvement professional that Lowe’s does not currently offer. In that case, the customer service representative will head to Lowe’s internal portal to look up desired pros for the job and connect them to the customer.

Finally, coming to the thing of our interest, Lowe’s MVPs (Pro Customers). Let’s see what’s the deal with this one.

Lowe’s MVPs

Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse Exterior

As Lowe’s is a home improvement store, and you’ll often find professionals or construction workers shopping for their tools. For such individuals, time is money, and they already know what they need without wasting time exploring the alternatives.

Lowe’s launched an initiative called Lowe’s for Pro, which ensures a smooth and quick shopping experience for professionals, saving them time and money with the help of a few added features:

  • The Pro Zone: A dedicated area with selected items on the racks for grab-and-go convenience. It includes some frequently bought products and newly released sets that professionals might find useful.
  • Dedicated Checkout Counter: As time plays a huge role in the daily routine of pros, Lowe’s has come up with billing counters only for pros staffed with a team of sales, cashiers, and loading associates, ensuring no time is wasted.
  • Convenience Rack: Specialized racks having some daily use necessities such as personal care items, pain killers or sunblocks, etc.
  • Phone Charging Docks: Charging stations for pros to give their phones a quick charge while they shop.
  • Discounted Deals: Pro customers can also get away with 5% off on some selected items.
  • Dedicated Parking: Parking spots are reserved for pros to avoid the hassle of parking their vehicles during rush hours.
Lowe’s Bonus

If you spend $2,500 in a year as a pro customer, you will be eligible for Lowe’s E-Gift cards and receive free drinks and snacks while shopping.

Lowe’s also offers it’s pro customers the option to rent commercial-grade tools for specialized tasks. To avail yourself of all these services, you must sign up for Lowe’s MVP membership by creating a Pro Business Account.

Lowe’s Pro Parking

Lowe's Store Parking Area

Pro members shop more frequently in contrast to regular DIY customers, and they just want a swift in-and-out momentum without any intention of spending hours wandering in the store because their time is money.

These professionals often drive big vehicles, like trailers, that need a wide space to park and sometimes buy heavy items they can’t carry to their vehicles without an extra hand.

Lowe’s has reserved spots in its parking lots to tackle all these situations and ensure a smooth shopping experience for these professionals.

These parking spots are mostly in open spaces near the store entrance, so they don’t have to deal with any hindrances during their visits and can easily park huge trailers.

The location of pro parking near the entrance allows them to easily drag heavy items to their vehicles and quickly walk in and out of the store.

Free Services

Lowe’s pros can benefit from free air and windshield cleaning services for their vehicles.

While inaugurating Lowe’s MVPs, Fred Stokes, the Senior Vice President of Pro Sales and Services for Lowe’s, shared his remarks:
We want to make sure any time spent away from the job site is efficient and productive for the Pro customer, especially small- to mid-size companies. We’ve enhanced our shopping experience, bringing in new products and services that help add value to each trip Pros take and cut down on the number of stops they make throughout the day.”

This hints at how Lowe’s stays mindful of its pro customers by streamlining their shopping experience according to their needs.


Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse

While you may wander and explore the items at Lowe’s for your DIY projects, home improvement professionals or construction workers don’t have that luxury. They need to wrap up quickly and get back on the road for business, so they have already figured out what to pick up from the store to avoid wasting time.

Lowe’s has started an initiative for its pro customers to shorten their shopping time and add convenience. In addition to some benefits like fast-lane cash counters and convenience racks, these professionals have a dedicated parking spot to park their vehicles.

The pro parking is aimed to be located in open spaces to allow large sized-vehicles and be near the entrance of Lowe’s stores to ensure a quick grab-and-go shopping experience for these professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can You Park Your Vehicle at Lowe’s?

You can park your vehicle in Lowe’s parking lot for as long as you shop. If for some reason, you plan to park your vehicle there overnight, you should get permission from the store’s manager; most RV drivers tend to do the same.

Can Anyone Park Their Car in Lowe’s Pro Parking?

Lowe’s pro parking is dedicated only to Lowe’s MVPs (Pro Customers). These customers have to visit multiple times during the day and need a wide parking spot for their large trailers, so these parking spots are designed especially for them.

What Does Lowe’s Pro Mean?

Lowe’s Pro is the initiative that aims to streamline the shopping experience for professional contractors such as home improvement specialists because these individuals shop more frequently and prefer to grab the items without wasting time exploring.

This strategy makes it easier for them to shop from dedicated racks and check out smoothly without waiting in lines. Lowe’s Pro Parking also saves them from parking headaches during rush hours.

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