What Does “Limited Stock” Mean at Walmart

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You may have heard the “limited stock” word from the Walmart staff or seen this term on their website, but you might be wondering what it means.


“Limited Stock” in Walmart means fewer than two items are available in-store or online. You can find out which product has less stock through the following ways:

  • Check Walmart’s website or app.
  • Call the local store.
  • Check Brickseek website.

The most annoying thing about shopping is you go to the Walmart store to find a product with limited stock. So, this guide will not only tell you about the meaning of this term but also discuss how to tackle this situation.

What Is “Limited Stock” in Walmart?

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Generally, “limited stock” in Walmart means only one product is left in the store. Typically, that item is for display and is not available for sale, especially if it is electronic.

Moreover, if an item is trendy, and the Walmart staff cannot keep it restocked, they will add a “limited stock” label in front of the product on their website.

If the item is on clearance and staff don’t have an accurate count, they declare it limited.

Many confuse the meaning of “limited stock” and “out of stock” The latter means that there is not a single product in the store, and it will take some time to restock.

You may face buying a “limited-stock” product online, and it gets out of stock by the time staff can process your order. In this case, you will get an email about the cancellation of the order.

How To Find Out if a Product Is Limited at Walmart?

Going to the Walmart store and finding that your product has “limited stock” can dull your shopping experience. So, how can you tackle this situation?

There are ways to find out if a product has limited stock at Walmart:

1. Check Walmart’s Inventory Online

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Walmart’s website is the best way to check whether the product is in stock.

To check the availability of an item, go to Walmart’s website. Put the name of your product in the search bar, for example, “Automatic Washing Machine,” and apply the filters such as brand name, size, and price.

The online inventory will tell you if the product is in stock and how many items are available in the nearby Walmart store.

However, clicking the “more delivery and pick up option” will show you more local locations with the product in stock.

You can relax if there are significant items in stock, as the product is far from getting limited.

But when the product has significantly low stock, you should buy it as soon as possible as there are huge chances that it will get limited or out-of-stock soon.

2. Check Walmart’s App

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You can use Walmart’s app, too, to know about the status of your favorite product. This app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Use the “Search My Stor” feature to tell you whether your Walmart’s local store has an in-stock or ” limited stock” of any item. The app also tells you which aisle contains your favorite product.


Walmart’s app and website are not very accurate, so there are chances that the online product’s status is “in-stock,” but in-store, it is “out-of-stock”.

As Walmart is a giant retailer, its staff has little time to update the stats of their product stock online daily. Therefore, you can find an abundance of a product in-store when the website shows it as “limited stock”.

3. Call the Local Walmart Store

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Calling a local Walmart store can help you gain the exact statistics of the product’s stock. But, you should remember that you may face holding times as sales representatives can be busy.

It is better to have additional information, such as the barcode number of your product, so that thatthatWalmart’ss salesperson can track the item easily.

4. Check Brickseek Website

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Brickseek is a third-party website that can help you gain a product’s availability status and price in the Walmart store near you.

To do this, head to the Walmart website, and click the inventory check banner for a drop-down menu to display on the page.

Select Walmart from the menu, and add a stock-keeping unit (SKU) and universal product code (UPC).


SKU and UPC are the product barcodes.

After providing barcodes, enter your ZIP code. You can add the filters such as distance, price, and quantity through the drop-down menu beside the zip code box.

Finally, click the “check inventor” button and get the product information.

The website can provide information about the number of products, price, and store distance.


Brickseek is not always 100 percent accurate as the website can’t keep up with missing items, theft, and other mishaps in Walmart stores.

Though this site can mislead customers sometimes, it is better than Walmart’s app and website.

Find the Restocking Status of Limited-Stock Products

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Walmart can restock limited and out-of-stock products quickly as they have several warehouses.


SKU and UPC are the product’s barcodes.

But, this process can take several days, depending on the product type.

So, it is best to keep checking their website or activate email restock alerts from Walmart’s website. The button will be available in front of the product.


Products stocked at Walmart keep getting limited from time to time. These limited products can quickly go out of stock before you visit the store.

So, checking the item’s status online before shopping at Walmart is usually the best approach.

We hope this guide has answered your question about “limited stock” in Walmart and ways of knowing the product’s availability status.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does Walmart Restock Online Items?

There is no specific time when Walmart restocks, but mostly they do this activity between 10 pm and 7 am daily.

Why Is Everything Out of Stock at Walmart 2022?

The Omicron variant of Covid 19 caused a new wave in America in 2022. So, many Walmart stores were temporarily closed for deep cleaning purposes.

In this situation, many people had fewer stores to shop from, which caused objects to get out of stock quickly.

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