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At times, even the best companies like Home Depot don’t interest you. Are you feeling burnt out, suffocated, and overworked in your current position at Home Depot?

Does your work no longer motivate you and make you think it’s time to quit? Despite many growth and learning opportunities for the employees at Home Depot, people tend to leave without informing or serving a notice.

Is it possible that they are unaware of the rules or don’t know how to quit Home Depot? A two weeks notice and a proper resignation letter must be handed over to the HR department and the manager separately before quitting your job.

Here are the rules and policies that you must follow before quitting the job at Home Depot:


Every workplace has rules and ethics that an employee must follow. Home Depot is not an exception. When you have decided to move on, put down your resignation to the manager and the HR department and serve a two weeks notice period.

Some of the formal quitting procedures that show your professionalism are:

  • Informing HR/Manager Verbally.
  • Formal Document Submission.
  • Notice Period Negotiation.
  • Final Signature.

If you are unaware of the process, learn how to quit Home Depot in this article. Get all the information in this space if you want to give an immediate resignation or need support to prepare your resignation.

Quitting a company is not easy, but if you decide to move on, you must do it professionally. If you have planned to quit Home Depot, follow the procedures and leave on good terms.

What are the procedures? What if you want to leave without notice? What should you mention in your formal resignation letter? Get to know all about how to quit Home Depot in this article.

Steps To Quit Home Depot

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We all know people love to shop for their household needs at Home Depot, but do you know it is also a great place to work? There was a 21.64% increase in employees joining Home Depot in 2021.

Despite several benefits, people decide to quit Home Depot for better options.

If you are decided to quit Home Depot, do it appropriately and professionally. What are the proper steps to quit Home Depot?

1. Inform HR/Manager Verbally

Once you decide to move on from the company, you must be brave enough to inform the person you report.

Whether you are a part-time or full-time employee, a verbal intimation to your manager about your decision to leave the company is mandatory.

Once you have informed the manager, you must take a professional approach by submitting a formal document to support your words.

2. Formal Document Submission

What is a formal document? It is a resignation letter where you mention the date, the reason for leaving the company, the last date when you will complete the notice period, and end it with your signature.

You must also include your gratitude and thank the company for the experience gained within the timeline in the company.

Adding a line of appreciation helps to leave the company positively. It can be a handwritten letter or an email.

Submit the resignation letter to your immediate manager and the HR department for the settlement of outstanding payments. The dues are usually cleared following the company norms and schedule and not as per your resignation date.

3. Notice Period Negotiation

Now that you have submitted a formal resignation letter, you can negotiate the notice period with your manager. Although, the negotiation will depend upon when you are quitting the company.

If it is a busy time with minimal staff, notice period negotiation is not accepted. During the non-peak time of the year when Home Depot stores have sufficient employees, your manager may agree to let you quit with a one-week notice.

If you feel uncomfortable talking to your manager, you may approach the HR department to discuss and convey your message. When serving a notice, the manager declines the paid vacation leaves.

If you have worked in Home Depot for over 90 days, you may claim sick leave if ill or paid bereavement leave if applicable.

4. Final Signature

On the final day at Home Depot, you are expected to sign the final documents of leaving and return the company-owned resources used by you at the workplace.

You must also clear your belongings at the desk and make them available for the new joiner.

Does Home Depot Accept Immediate Resignation?

Employer Get Resignation Letter

There are certain situations when an immediate resignation is accepted at Home Depot. What are they?

  • If you have faced a serious mishap in your life.
  • If you need to take care of a disabled person or someone with other vulnerabilities.
  • If you are diagnosed with some major disease.
  • Bereavement.

In these situations, Home Depot may release you from immediate effect without an official two weeks notice. However, without reason, if you stop going to your workplace, your career may impact negatively.

When you leave on good terms, you can get positive references from your seniors at work if needed in the future.

But, your abrupt decisions will not let your managers recommend or refer you to other companies. You cannot ask for their recommendation when you need them in the future.

Can I Re-Apply at Home Depot?

Reapplying at Home Depot will depend on your quitting terms. If you have served a two weeks notice, you may get rehired after a wait of several months, approximately six months to two years.

In case you were fired by an ex-employee or left abruptly without notice, you are not eligible to reapply at Home Depot. If your previous employer gives a positive reference, then you may get a chance to reapply.


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If you are planning to quit Home Depot, follow their resignation rules and move on a positive note. You need to give a two weeks notice, mail or give a handwritten resignation letter, hand over the company resources, sign the leaving document, and bid goodbye to the company.

Never indulge in any misconduct like theft, abusing employees, or drugs and alcohol. It can lead you to serious charges and termination of your contract.

All the best for your future. Keep shining at your workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Not To Say When You Resign?

It is not advisable to use the words like leaving or quitting while letting your boss know about your resignation. It may offend your boss and make him think you are resigning because of him.

In the same way, never use the phrases “I have outgrown my position” or “I have found a better opportunity.”

How Do You Politely Resign?

Handing over the resignation letter in person with as much notice as possible can be a polite way to resign. You may pick a quiet and calm place and ask your manager’s convenient time to inform him about your move before telling any other colleagues.

Be courteous in explaining why you are resigning in brief, and be professional enough to complete the projects at hand before quitting.

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