How Much To Tip Lowe’s Delivery?

Lowe's Delivery Pickup Truck

Lowe’s provides a wide range of products, from building fixtures to tools and appliances, to make your home desirable and functional. The convenience and service Lowe’s provides are top-notch.

As you get the products delivered to your doorstep or avail for installation and other home services, you can improve your home with less hassle and more ease.

Thanks to the service and hard work of delivery drivers and installers, many families have achieved both their small goals and large home milestones.

But how much do you tip Lowe’s Delivery?


Many people tip Lowe’s delivery persons from 5 to 20 dollars, depending on the size of equipment delivered, distance traveled, and the extra mile the drivers would go to help you out with moving your appliances into your home.

In this article, we tackle the things you can consider when tipping Lowe’s delivery and the policy of Lowe’s regarding the acceptance of tips. Read on!

What To Consider in Tipping

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Tips vary from person to person, but having a general idea of the range can help you decide how much you would tip. Whichever amount you choose, the money goes straight to the driver’s pockets, so surely, you would be helping them a lot by tipping.

1. Size of Equipment

One of the things to consider for tipping is the size of the equipment or appliance you bought. Bulkier and heavier items require much strength to unload from the truck.

Thus, considering the efforts of the delivery person is essential.

2. Travel Distance

Considering how far the driver traveled to deliver the appliance to your home helps you determine how much you would tip. Yes, it’s part of the job, but driving for long hours and large distances is no joke.

Because driving and unloading items back and forth is a taxing job, a tip would mean much to the delivery person.

3. Delivery Person’s Extra Mile

Sometimes, delivery persons help you carry your equipment through a flight of stairs or help you position the appliances within your home.

Some delivery persons do tasks that are not necessarily part of their job description, but with their proactivity and empathy, would not hesitate to lend a hand.

You would appreciate the extra mile someone would give you, so tipping could be a way to show this appreciation, commend their efforts, and give back.

About Lowe’s Tipping Policy

Lowe's Home Improvement Delivery Truck

Lowe’s currently does not allow accepting tips. But if you want to appreciate the efforts of delivery persons, you might want to skip tipping electronically.

This means tipping by cash is an option a customer takes to help and support the delivery persons. Surely the tips go straight to their pocket without being deducted.


Lowe’s employees are not allowed to accept tips, but customers are persistent in giving them out, especially if the efforts of delivery persons are greatly appreciated.

Most people tip between 5 to 20 dollars. So if you wish to tip delivery persons, consider the distance they traveled, the size of equipment they carried, and the extra mile and effort they did to help you out with your appliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Tip Lowe’s Delivery Person?

You do not need to tip, but you may if you appreciate the service.

How Much Should I Tip Appliance Delivery Persons?

For bigger and bulkier appliances, a $10 to $20 tip is recommended. Although you are not obliged to do so, you may appreciate their efforts by tipping.

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