What Is a Combination Driver at UPS?

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If you’re interested in pursuing a career at UPS or are simply curious about the various roles within the company, you may have come across the term “combination driver” and wondered what it entails.


The Combination Driver or 22.4 driver is a smart strategy UPS uses that allows full-time package car drivers to work only on weekdays and prevents them from working overtime during weekends.

Combination drivers have two shift options, Tuesday to Saturday and Wednesday to Sunday. This allows UPS to cover weekend deliveries with the help of these drivers.

Continue reading to learn all you need about the combination driver role at UPS.

Combination Driver at UPS

Combo Driver

United Parcel Service is one of the most famous names in the courier business, with over 481,000 employees worldwide.

It tries to ensure speedy deliveries with the utmost accuracy, and this promising performance requires a greater workforce to keep up with the exceptional service.

UPS associates are highly devoted to their work and put customers before their comfort, which leads to excessive overwork and working on weekends.

This working environment was unfavorable, and RPCDs (Full-Time Package Car Drivers) preferred spending weekends with their families, which led to demand for reforms for relaxed weekends.

To deal with this situation, UPS developed new driver opportunities, namely 22.4 (Article 22, Section 4) or Combination Drivers.

These drivers were offered to work on two kinds of shift schedules:

  1. Tuesday to Saturday
  2. Wednesday to Sunday

How Combination Drivers Help UPS

Combination Drivers

This initiative greatly helps UPS and its full-time package car drivers, along with creating plenty of new full-time job opportunities for part-time drivers.

These combination drivers help protect the weekends of full-time drivers and allow them to spend time with their families.

However, UPS has assigned a set of limitations for 22.4 combination drivers.

  1. These drivers will not exceed 25 percent of total regular package car drivers.
  2. If some weekend overtime opportunity is available, regular package car drivers will be informed first about the opportunity.
  3. In case of a lack of drivers, regular package car drivers will be the last to be forced to work.
  4. Suppose the volume for Saturday and Sunday increases and regular package car drivers are forced to work on these days.
    In that case, UPS may adjust the 25% limit to avoid excessive overwork for regular drivers.
Protection for RPCD

UPS guarantees protection for each regular package car driver and ensures that no combination driver will replace a full-time driver.

Perks of Combination Driver

Combination Driver

The greatest benefit of working as a combination driver at UPS is that you’ll be doing the same work as a part-time associate but with the designation of a full-time employee.

You’ll be guaranteed eight hours of straight time daily with a consecutive schedule of five days a week.

The starting rate for combination drivers will be $20.50 and can go up to the top rate of $34.79, which will increase yearly by the General Wage Increases.

Lastly, you’ll receive a full-time benefit according to Article 34 and be protected by health and pension funds.

Final Word

Combination, or 22.4 drivers, is a smart initiative launched by UPS to provide full-time employment opportunities and ensure a balanced work environment by protecting weekends for full-time package car drivers.

These drivers work on two schedules: Tuesday to Saturday and Wednesday to Sunday.

Working as a combination driver, you’re protected by Article 34 and entitled to the same perks as a full-time employee.

However, the number of these drivers is not supposed to be more than 25 percent of regular drivers at any UPS location.

This percentage can be adjusted if full-time package car drivers are forced to work consecutively on weekends due to high volume.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Combination Driver Become a Regular Package Car Driver?

The promotion of a combination driver to a regular package car driver is subject to performance and the availability of the post. Therefore, it may vary for different locations.

If your UPS location has an opening for a regular package car driver, you can be promoted; it all comes down to your manager’s decision.

Are Combination Drivers Eligible for a Pension?

Yes, combination drivers are considered full-time employees and entitled to perks like insurance and pension plans.

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