What Does “Tendered to Agent” Mean at USPS?

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If you are awaiting a package from the USPS and have encountered the delivery status “Tendered to Agent” on tracking the order, you may need to know what this term means.


The delivery tracking status “Tendered to agent” informs you that their package has been transferred from one logistic company to another. They will now complete the shipping process and deliver the mail to you.

This notification also indicates that you may receive your parcel very soon.

To elaborate in-depth, we will discuss below what “Tendered to Agent” means at USPS and why shipping companies transfer parcels to other logistics service providers.

What Does “Tendered to Agent” Mean at USPS?

Tendered To Agent

Online shopping and home delivery have become commonplace, so to keep consumers updated on the status of their shipments, USPS frequently uses technology like tracking systems and E-mail alerts.

When you order a product online from USPS-partnered stores, it goes through several processes and shipping service providers before reaching you.

While navigating your parcel via the online tracking system, you may see its delivery status “Tendered to Agent” multiple times.

“Tendered to Agent” is one of those delivery tracking notifications which inform you that your parcel has been handed over to another shipping company, and you may expect the final delivery within the next few days.

United States Postal Service (USPS) is the oldest postal service in the U.S. and has always had a burden of work; that’s why they collaborate with several other logistics service providers and certified agents to scatter the workload.


USPS delivers approximately 425 million pieces daily, including letters, flat parcels, large boxes, etc., so to distribute tasks, they partner with multiple other courier companies, such as Sendle, UPS, DHL Express, ShipBob, and FedEx.

Let’s discuss why the “Tendered to Agent” delivery status appears more than once and some possible situations in which it may pop out on the tracking page.

1. Shipping From the Seller to the USPS Facility

Usps Service Provider

The USPS is a delivery service provider with many businesses, so you will be provided with a consignment tracking number whenever you order something from their partner stores.

You can enter that number in the USPS tracking system to locate the package.

At this stage, getting the delivery status “Tendered to Agent” means that your order is handed over to a third-party shipping company, which will deliver the package to the USPS facility.


Being the busiest courier company in the U.S., USPS cannot pick up parcels from each seller individually as it takes a lot of time, so they outsource the collecting of packages to other service providers or certified agents.

When the USPS facility successfully receives your parcel, its shipping status will change to “Arrived at USPS Facility” from “Tendered to Agent.”

2. Transferring From USPS to a Third-Party Shipping Company

Thirdparty Delivery

After a product is sold by the seller to you and reaches the USPS regional facility through a third-party shipping company, it is sorted and arranged according to the drop-off location.

In the next step, the parcel reaches the USPS destination facility, located in almost every state in the U.S., and delivers it directly to the recipient’s address.

USPS doesn’t deliver to every area, especially the rural locations. Therefore, they outsource countryside shipments to other courier service-providing companies and agents.

In this scenario, the third-party shipping company may receive your parcel again, and its delivery status will change to “Tendered to Agent.”


In this short article, we have discussed what “Tendered to Agent” mean at USPS and the possibilities in which you may see this delivery status while tracking your consignment.

We hope you understand that there is nothing to worry about with this notification; instead, it indicates that your parcel is on its way, moving, and you may receive it soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Pay Extra to the USPS Agent?

No, you don’t need to pay anything to the USPS agents or collaborating courier service-providing companies; they get paid by the company for picking up the parcels from the seller.

What if My USPS Delivery Tracking Status Is Stuck on “Tendered to Agent?”

If your USPS parcel’s “Tendered to Agent” delivery status is stuck and not progressing for 48 hours, you should reach out for help on the USPS website’s “Contact Us” section.

Is My USPS Parcel Safe With Third-Party Delivery Companies?

Yes, USPS never hands over your precious parcels to uncertified delivery companies. They always sign contacts with them before assigning the responsibility of picking up orders from the seller and delivering them to your doorsteps.

What Does “Tendered To Return Agent” Mean at USPS?

When you return a parcel that came from USPS, they send it back to the seller, and during this process, the delivery status changes from “Delivered” to “Tendered to Return Agent.”

What Does “Delivered to Agent” Mean at USPS?

When someone else receives a delivery from the USPS on your behalf at the mentioned address, the shipping status of your parcel will change to “Delivered to Agent.”

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