What Is Self-Service Kiosk at USPS?

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The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a vital institution that facilitates mail and package delivery across the country. With its commitment to innovation and customer service, USPS has introduced Self-Service Kiosks, an automated service that simplifies the mailing process. But what exactly is a Self-Service Kiosk at USPS, and how can you utilize it? Let’s dive in.


A Self-Service Kiosk at USPS is an automated machine found at certain USPS locations that offers various postal services like purchasing postage, printing shipping labels, and weighing packages. These kiosks are designed to ease the mailing process, especially for customers who want to avoid queues or need to access postal services outside normal working hours. The kiosks are user-friendly, and there are no extra fees associated with using them.

What is a USPS Self-Service Kiosk?

A USPS Self-Service Kiosk is an automated machine located at certain USPS locations. These kiosks are designed to make mailing packages more convenient, especially for those who want to drop off packages outside normal working hours or skip the queue.

Most kiosks are located in post office lobbies and are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These machines offer various features, such as purchasing postage, printing shipping labels, and weighing letters and parcels up to 70 pounds. There are no extra fees to use the USPS kiosks.

Services Available at a USPS Self-Service Kiosk

At a USPS Self-Service Kiosk, you can avail of a variety of services:

  • Buy stamps
  • Weigh packages
  • Print Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express shipping labels
  • Print Priority Mail Express forms
  • Compare shipping options in terms of price and delivery time

These services are available at more than 2,883 locations nationwide, most of which are accessible 24/7.

How to Use a USPS Self-Service Kiosk

Using a USPS Self-Service Kiosk is simple and user-friendly. Here’s how:

  1. Find your nearest self-service kiosk using the USPS website.
  2. Go to the kiosk and select the service you need from the menu. The kiosk is equipped with a touchscreen for easy navigation.
  3. If you need to weigh your package, place it on the weight scale provided at the kiosk.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your transaction. The kiosk will guide you through the process.
  5. Pay for your services using a credit or debit card.

Benefits of Using a USPS Self-Service Kiosk

There are several advantages to using a USPS Self-Service Kiosk:

  • Time-saving: You can quickly select your desired services without needing to explain your needs to a staff member.
  • Convenience: Kiosks are available after hours and on weekends.
  • Reduced wait times: Self-service kiosks help lower the size of lines in the post office.
  • Cost efficiency: Kiosks can potentially reduce the need for staff.
  • Wide range of services: You can perform various services at the kiosk.
  • No extra charges: There are no additional fees associated with using the kiosk.

Limitations of Using a USPS Self-Service Kiosk

Despite its many advantages, there are some limitations to using a USPS Self-Service Kiosk:

  • Limited options for certain mail types
  • No credit option for payment
  • Package size and weight limitations
  • No cash payments
  • Potential downtime
  • Limited services compared to full postal services
  • Package drop-off disclaimer

Despite these limitations, USPS Self-Service Kiosks remain a convenient option for many users, offering 24/7 access to postal services without the need to wait in line.

In conclusion, USPS Self-Service Kiosks are a powerful tool for customers, offering a wide range of postal services with added convenience and flexibility. Whether you’re sending a letter or mailing a package, these kiosks can simplify the process and save you time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of payment methods are accepted at USPS Self-Service Kiosks?

USPS Self-Service Kiosks accept credit and debit cards. However, they do not accept cash or check payments.

Can I track a package I dropped off at a USPS Self-Service Kiosk?

Yes, you can track your package. The kiosk will print a receipt with a tracking number on it. You can use this tracking number on the USPS website to track the status of your package.

Can I send international mail using a USPS Self-Service Kiosk?

Yes, you can send international mail using the kiosk. You will need to select the international option and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

Can I buy money orders at a USPS Self-Service Kiosk?

No, money orders are not available at USPS Self-Service Kiosks. You will need to visit a USPS counter during regular business hours to purchase a money order.

What should I do if the USPS Self-Service Kiosk is not working?

If the kiosk is not working, please report the issue to USPS staff during regular business hours or contact USPS Customer Service.

Can I buy postage for Media Mail or Parcel Select Ground at a USPS Self-Service Kiosk?

No, as of now, the kiosks do not offer the option to buy postage for Media Mail or Parcel Select Ground. These services require assistance from USPS staff at the counter.

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