What Does It Mean When Amazon Says “On the Way”?


Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce websites worldwide, with thousands of different products listed on its website.

It sets the standards when it comes to customer service and delivery updates. For example, when a customer places an order on Amazon, he is assured of both timely delivery and regular updates on the exact delivery status.

There are different notifications and messages you may get from Amazon; there’s one message that customers would like to know more about regarding their order, i.e., What does it mean when Amazon says “On the way”?


If you have subscribed for order notifications on Amazon, you may get a message and email on the exact status of your order.

Alternatively, you can also check on their app or website to know the status of your delivery.

Some of the messages/notifications that you may see/receive are:

  1. Your order is confirmed.
  2. Preparing for delivery.
  3. On the way.
  4. Your order will be delivered today and others based on the exact status of your order.

Amazon has made placing and receiving orders very easy for customers worldwide. It also sends customers timely notifications on the status of their orders so that they can be there to receive them.

In this blog, we look at their notification “On the way” and explain what it means about your order.

Amazon Order Status

Amazon Order Status

If you are expecting a delivery and are eager to know the status of your delivery, then all you need to do is log in to your Amazon Account and check the status of your order. It’s that simple.

Status: ”On the Way”

Amazon Delivery

Sometimes, you may see this message for a particular delivery when you log in to your orders section on Amazon or via a notification sent by them.

This status indicates that your order has been shipped and is on its way.

However, it does not convey or confirm an exact date and time of delivery since the package is still in transit and has not reached the location closest to you, nor does it mean that the package is out for delivery.

You can consider this message as a confirmation that the product you have ordered is in stock and has been shipped by Amazon to your destination.

Next Notification

Amazon Notification

Once you receive the “On the way” status for your shipment, the next notification you receive will be on the exact status of your delivery and most probably have the date and time you can expect the delivery.


Amazon has set very high standards regarding customer service and on-time delivery of its shipments. So when you order something from Amazon, you can be assured of getting your orders as scheduled by you.

To make it convenient for customers to be there to receive the shipment or make arrangements to receive the same, Amazon also shares periodic notifications via its app and website.

A notification of this kind that you may get is “On the way,” which shows that your shipment is in transit and should reach you as per the delivery schedule specified while placing the order.

Once you receive this notification, you can look forward to getting your order soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does “On the Way” Mean I Will Get the Shipment in the Next Few Hours?

No. It does not imply that you will get your shipment in the next few hours. It’s just an indication that the shipment has been picked up and is in transit, from where it will be delivered to you.

When Can I Expect My Amazon Order?

You can expect your Amazon order based on the delivery timeline specified by you. If there is a delay or cancelation, then the same will be intimated to you via a notification or email.

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