What Does “In Transit” Mean on Amazon?

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Among plenty of delivery statuses you might come across while tracking your Amazon parcel, “In Transit” appears frequently and remains for an extended period, so you may need to know what it means.


The term “In Transit” is a delivery status indicating that your Amazon parcel has left the seller’s location and transferring from one Amazon facility to another on its way to the final destination. It means your package is moving safely, and you may receive it within a few days.

To make things more understandable, we have discussed what “In Transit” means on Amazon in detail and explored different Amazon shipping processes in which you may encounter this delivery status.

“In Transit” Meaning at Amazon

Amazon is the largest e-commerce store in the world, with thousands of employees handling millions of parcels daily. Moreover, the company has an in-house logistics system, so they hardly use external carrier partners to ship and deliver parcels to you.


Amazon has more than 1,500,000 employees handling almost 1.6 million orders worldwide daily by using company-owned delivery systems, including a massive fleet of cargo vans and aircraft.

As discussed above, Amazon rarely collaborate with any private shipper to deliver your parcel to your doorstep; instead, they have a network of warehouses, sorting centers, and distribution facilities in every state to streamline and fasten the shipping process.

So, each time you order a product from Amazon, it passes through several locations, including warehouses, sorting centers, and distribution facilities. During this transition, you can notice while tracking its delivery status will be “In Transit.”

Let’s now discuss the stages and locations from where your Amazon parcel goes through and shows the delivery status “In Transit” before reaching your address.

1. Parcel Transferring From Amazon Fulfillment Center to Amazon Air

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Amazon uses two fulfillment methods, FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon, where Amazon handles storage and shipping of products) and FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant, in which the seller manages items to stock and deliver to the fulfillment centers when an order comes).

In both models, the product is dispatched from the respective Amazon fulfillment center when ordered from an Amazon store. The seller cannot ship it directly to your address.

When your ordered product leaves the Amazon fulfillment center and is loaded into line haul trucks towards Amazon Air (in case of long-distance shipments) or Amazon sorting centers, its delivery status converts to “In Transit.”

If your ordered item is coming from overseas or from another state, Amazon will transport it via Amazon Air. The package will ship directly to the sorting center if it is kept in a fulfillment center near the destination address.


Amazon Air is a private cargo airline primarily transporting Amazon packages. Amazon sorting centers are facilities where packages are sorted and prepared for delivery to their final destination.

2. Parcel Transferring From Amazon Sorting Center to Amazon Distribution Facility

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After your parcel reaches the Amazon sorting center, the employees there categorize it according to its size and destination and then load it again to line haul trucks towards the Amazon distribution center nearest to your mentioned address.


Amazon distribution centers are facilities responsible for assigning parcels to Amazon drivers to deliver them to your doorstep; it is the last location where your packages pass before reaching you.

In the phase of transferring from a sorting center to a distribution facility, the delivery status of your parcel will remain “In Transit.”

What if the Amazon Delivery Status Is Stuck “In Transit”?

If the Amazon delivery status is stuck at “In Transit,” it may mean that your package is facing unforeseen circumstances, such as weather conditions, transportation issues, or other factors that may delay the delivery process.

In some cases, your package may have been lost or damaged during transit. If the delivery status remains stuck for an extended period, you should contact Amazon customer service for assistance.

Does “In Transit” and “Shipped” Means the Same?

No, “In Transit” and “Shipped” are not the same. The delivery status “Shipped” indicates that your package has left the seller’s location and is on its way to the Amazon fulfillment center.

On the other hand, the delivery status “In Transit” tells that your parcel has left the Amazon fulfillment center and is now approaching the Amazon sorting facility.


Packages With Amazon Logo In Warehouse

In this article, we discussed what “In Transit” mean on Amazon and exploded different stages in which your parcel passes through and shows this delivery status.

Hopefully, you now completely understand the “In Transit” delivery status that pops out several times while tracking your Amazon order or parcel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Amazon Take To Ship and Deliver?

Amazon takes two to three days to deliver parcels in the U.S. if the package arrives locally. On the other hand, in case shipping overseas can take five to eight days.

Does Amazon Pay for Shipping for Sellers?

When sellers use Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, they send their products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. From here, Amazon takes care of picking, packing, and delivering the products to the customers and charges fees for this service, including shipping costs.

How Long Is Amazon Transit?

The expected number of days for Amazon transit time can range from as little as one day to several weeks, depending on the product, seller, shipping method, and delivery location. However, Amazon Prime members can receive free two-day shipping on eligible items.

Does “In Transit” Mean “Out for Delivery” Amazon?

No, “In Transit” and “Out for Delivery” are different stages of the Amazon delivery process. “Out for delivery” means that the consignment is currently on the way to the final destination and should reach you on the same day.

On the other hand, the delivery status “In Transit” tells that your parcel has left the Amazon fulfillment center and is now approaching the Amazon sorting facility.

What Happens if an Amazon Package Is Lost in Transit?

If your Amazon package is lost in transit, the first step is to contact Amazon customer support and report the misplaced consignment. Amazon will investigate the situation and attempt to locate your parcel or provide a refund or replacement for the lost item.

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