What Does “In FedEx Possession” Mean?

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Ordering a product online and encountering “In FedEx Possession” delivery status while tracking your package might seem vague, and you may become curious about this term’s meaning.


“In FedEx Possession” is a shipment tracking status which means that FedEx has taken custody of your package and is responsible for delivering it to you.

This notification also typically indicates that your parcel is en route to the destination and you will receive it soon.

To explain better, we have discussed what “In FedEx Possession” means in detail and whether there is anything to worry about upon seeing this delivery status while tracking.

What Does “In FedEx Possession” Mean?

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There are several processes and locations from where your FedEx parcel passes before being delivered to the destination.

Therefore, FedEx keeps you updated about your package’s current status at every stage by sending you tracking notifications.

You can also track your FedEx parcels from their website’s mail tracking tool by entering the tracking ID you received when you ordered the product.

The phrase “In FedEx Possession” is also delivery tracking status, indicating that your parcel has left the sender’s hands and is now in FedEx custody, which is responsible for delivering it to you.


Depending on the country, mode of transfer, and item type, you may encounter 50+ delivery statuses while tracking your FedEx packages.

The delivery status “In FedEx Possession” may appear several times when you track your parcel, so let’s explore the possible situations in which you may come across this notification.

1. Driver Picking Up the Parcel

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You may encounter the delivery status “In FedEx Possession” while tracking when a FedEx driver picks it up from the seller’s location and takes it to the nearest FedEx sorting center.


It is a common misconception that the delivery status converts to “In Transit” when your parcel is on its way to the FedEx sorting center from the seller’s location.

2. Transiting From One Driver to Another

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Your FedEx parcel goes through several operations and facilities during shipping, such as label printing, scanning, customs clearance, sorting center, dispatching locations, etc.

So, for transferring your parcels from one place to another, FedEx may hand them over to more than one driver. Every time the driver gets swapped, you’ll observe the delivery status changing to “In FedEx Possession.”

3. Parcel Held at FedEx After Failed Delivery Attempt

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A failed delivery attempt at your mentioned address can also show the delivery status “In FedEx Possession” while tracking your parcel.

This situation can occur if you suddenly become unavailable on the expected delivery date due to some personal reasons, and the FedEx driver has to take your parcel back to their dispatching facility.


You can request FedEx for a self-pick or redelivery if you fail to receive your parcel on the first attempt.

Does “In FedEx Possession” Means the Same As “In FedEx Possession Tendered at FedEx Location”?

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“In FedEx Possession” and “In FedEx Possession Tendered at FedEx Location” may refer to similar situations, but they are not the same to the hilt.

In FedEx Possession Tendered at FedEx Location” only appears on the tracking page if your package has arrived at the final onsite position from where it will dispatch to the final destination.

While the “In FedEx Possession” may also pop out even if your parcel is on a FedEx delivery van transiting from one facility to another.


In this short article, we discussed in detail what “In FedEx Possession” means and the possible situations in which you may encounter this delivery status while tracking your package.

We hope you understand everything about the “In FedEx Possession” shipment status, even if it pops out due to a failed delivery attempt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Package Being Held at the FedEx Facility?

FedEx facility may hold your package for several reasons, such as failed delivery attempts, payment issues, delivery restrictions, customs clearance, or address verification.

If this happens, contact FedEx customer service and ask for assistance resolving the issue.

How Long Can FedEx Hold Your Package?

FedEx generally holds packages for up to 7 days for FedEx Ground and FedEx Express services before returning them to the shipper.

What Makes a FedEx Package Suspicious?

A FedEx package may be considered suspicious for various reasons, including unusual packaging, inconsistent shipping information, high-risk items, or unusual shipping patterns.

Does “In Transit” mean That Your Parcel Will Be Delivered Today?

The “In Transit” status indicates that your package is en route from one FedEx facility to another, but it doesn’t guarantee delivery on the same day.

It simply signifies that the parcel is in the process of being transported to its final destination.

What if My Parcel’s delivery Status Is Stuck at “In FedEx Possession?”

If your parcel delivery status has been stuck at “In FedEx Possession” for 48 hours or more, it indicates a problem with the delivery of your package, and it’s best to reach out to FedEx customer support to resolve the issue.

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