What Does “CVP” Mean at Walmart?


Shopping at Walmart is exciting, especially when you see the word “Sale.” Imagine how much you would save if you could have your go-to shopping items at discounted prices.

As you stroll around Walmart and pass through hallways, and aisles of general merchandise and consumable products, make the store a haven of convenience and abundance.

You browse through endless shelves of products and see a tag that says “CVP.” But what exactly does CVP mean at Walmart?


CVP means Consumer Value Pricing.

Items at CVP are discounted because of perishable food close to its expiry date or general merchandise products with damaged packaging.

In this article, we talked about how items at Walmart go on sale. Moreover, we discuss consumer value pricing. Read on.

How Walmart Items Go on Sale

Walmart marks down some products as part of its strategies to garner revenue. This article discussed four ways an item may go on sale. These are:

1. Price Matching

Price Matching

Stores can go on “sale” because of price matching. To stay competitive and relevant in the industry, a store can lower its prices to match the prices of items from another store.

Note that this decrease in cost is temporary and is sometimes called “Temporary Pricing Action.”

Stores lower prices to match the same price of another store or surpass the other’s store prices to a small degree.

2. Clearance


Clearance is done to remove older inventory to make way for the new ones. Typically, a store can go on clearance when a season ends. This approach is more efficient than keeping the items stocked for three-quarters of a year and returning them to the shelves.

Other times, a product does not sell well. Thus, stores opt to sell these items at a lower price to empty the inventory.

3. Rollback


Some items with high sales have lowered prices to generate more income for the company. When these well-known and high-performing brands go on sale, they attract more customers. This phenomenon is called a rollback.

Rollbacks are made for customers to visit the store. By advertising a sale on big brands, customers who typically do not visit the store may pay a visit.

Thus, the company generates more revenue even though some items are sold for slightly lower prices.

4. CVP


CVP means Customer Value Pricing. These items are not on clearance. Rather, their costs are lowered because of other factors.

Perishable food nearing expiry dates can be on CVP to be sold before. However, some items are marked down because of minor packaging damages or products missing tiny details that may not be essential.


Items at Walmart go on sale through price matching, clearances, rollbacks, and consumer value pricing.

Price matching is a strategy used to maintain competitiveness in the industry. Items are marked down to match the price of another store.

Clearances are made to empty last season’s inventory and make way for the new ones. Other times, items are marked down because of poor product performance.

Rollbacks are made by advertising a high-performing product on sale to attract customers and gather more revenue for the store.

CVP or consumer value pricing are made on perishable products close to their expiration date or general merchandise that may have damaged packaging or the like.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does Walmart Drop Clearance Prices?

You can expect clearance sales on the first five days of the month.

What Are Walmart Rollbacks?

Walmart sales are called rollbacks or temporary price reductions.

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