What Does “TF” Mean on Target Receipt?

Target Receipt

One of the problematic tasks for customers is reading a receipt from a supermarket or store and not understanding the abbreviations mentioned on it.

It creates a confusing situation for the customers and might cause conflict with the staff members.

Target receipts can be a little confusing for customers, especially those who do not frequently visit or buy online from them, and such customers need the help of the staff members to interpret the receipt for them.


TF is an abbreviation that Target uses on the receipts for their team members, and it stands for Team Member Discount. It comes under the program called Team Member Discount Program. It also appears as ‘TM Discount’ on the invoice.

Target employees get ten percent off the item they purchase from Target stores or online from, and their family members can also avail of the ten percent discounts.

This discount applies to each item a team member buys at Target stores or their website, not the total purchase at the checkout; it is an additional saving on many products and services.

It is necessary to know not all the items at Target or are for team member discounts.

Target offers various types of discounts for their team members, and the employees can save a lot by availing of these discounts that are specially for them.

The team members can use their Team Member Discount Cards when purchasing the items or products from Target, and they can check the receipts that will show them the discounts breakdown.

Process of Applying for Team Member Discount

The processes for applying for the Team Member Discount are as follows:


Target Workers

Target offers this discount for employees, but there are certain conditions and requirements, and not all team members can get this discount.

The requirements for team members who can get the discounts are:

  1. An active member of Target.
  2. Working a certain number of hours per week.

The conditions and requirements vary depending on the location of the Target store. Team members should ask their supervisor or HR department regarding eligibility and how they can become eligible for this discount.

Steps for Availing of the Team Member Discount
  1. A team member should check with their manager, supervisor, or HR department to see whether or not they are eligible for this discount. The conditions vary for different stores of Target, so asking for help from a supervisor, and even the HR department will provide specific and correct answers.
  2. If a team member wants a discount for shopping online from Target, they must sign up at and link their account to their employee ID.
  3. The team member can avail of the discount for in-store shopping using the Team Member Discount Card at checkout and their account for online purchases.

Team members cannot use the Team Member Discount Card to purchase products or items on clearance sale. But, employees can use it with some promo codes.

Items Not Eligible for TM Discount at Target

Target Gift Cards

There are many items that employees cannot buy using the team member discount card. Some of the products that are not eligible are:

  1. Target+ items
  2. Target GiftCards or third-party gift cards, like iTunes, Disney, etc.
  3. Free coupon merchandise
  4. Merchandise for other people who will pay the employee back.
  5. Alcohol
  6. Shipping charges

It is necessary to confirm with the Target store before purchasing the products, so it will be easier to know what items are eligible for a team member discount.

Items Eligible for ‘TM’ Discount at Target

Target Store

The items or products that employees or team members can get on discount at Target stores or their website are:

  1. Grocery items
  2. Household essentials
  3. Clothing
  4. Home decors
  5. Stuff for babies
  6. Pet supplies
  7. Personal care products
  8. Certain electronic items

There are various other items that team members can get using their team member discount card. But, it is necessary to remember that team members cannot purchase all the items at this discount.

The employees should check the terms and conditions of the products they want to buy before going to the checkout area.


Team members should know that products like clearance items, gift cards, certain electronic items, and other products may not be in the Team Member Discount Program.

Also, the percentage might vary at different Target stores based on the location and the items.


Target uses different abbreviations on their receipts, and they become complicated during discounts or sales time, making customers wonder about the things written there.

Target has a program called Team Member Discount Program for the employees that is a percentage off the actual price of the items. It is represented by the ‘TF’ discount or the ‘TM’ discount of the receipt.

Usually, the team member discount is ten percent, but it might vary based on the location of the stores of Target. Also, employee work performance and working hours matter for availing of the team member discount program.

It is necessary to remember that the team member discount program does not apply to all the products. Therefore, an employee should check the terms and conditions before purchasing.

They can also take help from the supervisor or the HR department of the specific Target store, as they know the terms and conditions better and can help the team members understand the processes for applying for different discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Additional Discounts and Benefits for Target Employees?

Other benefits and discounts for the Target team members are:

  • Health and wellness benefits
  • Educational benefits
  • Target circle discount
  • Retirement benefits

Can Employees at Target Use Their Team Member Discount and Target RedCard?

Employees at Target can receive an additional five percent off when using Target RedCard when purchasing at Target.

So, if the employees use the team member discount card and Target RedCard for the purchase, they will receive a five percent additional discount, making the total discount fifteen percent.

But the employees must know the terms and conditions and ask for help from the supervisor or HR department.

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