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How Do Home Depot Fuel Rewards Work?

Home Depot Fuel

If you are a builder and spend a lot buying home improvement and construction stuff from Home Depot, you must know how their Fuel Rewards Program works and can save you a ton of money.


Home Depot Fuel Rewards program allows customers to earn discounts on fuel purchases at participating gas stations.

You can save $0.10 per gallon of gas for every $100 spent at the store using the Home Depot Commercial credit card with a maximum of 20 gallons per transaction.

To save you money, we have discussed below how Home Depot fuel Rewards work, its terms and conditions, and the best ways to avail of this offer.

What Is Home Depot Fuel Rewards Program?

Home Depot Fuel Rewards Program

Home Depot is a retail store that deals in building materials, home improvement supplies, hardware, electrical products, kitchen and bath products, etc.

The store offers its loyal and regular customers discounts and other favors in many ways, such as a Fuel Rewards Program. This scheme allows Home Depot shoppers to refill the gas in their vehicles using the points rewarded on in-store and online purchases.

You can get $0.10 off per gallon of gas at specified fuel stations with a limit of 20 gallons per vehicle and purchase on spending $100 at Home Depot. 


You must use these fuel rewards within four days of spending $100; otherwise, they will expire. 

How Do Home Depot Fuel Rewards Work?

Most Home Depot customers are builders who spend millions of dollars monthly buying products from this store. Moreover, they usually own heavy trucks and loaders that require plenty of fuel.

Therefore, the store started providing commercial credit cards to their customers to shop at Home Depot, maintain their purchase records, and avail of the buy now pay later facility.

Secondly, they offer fuel rewards on shopping through these commercial credit cards. So, to avail of Home Depot Fuel Rewards, you must have this credit card.

Let’s explore the quickest method to get the Home Depot credit cards and become eligible for Fuel Rewards Program. 


Home Depot offers two types of credit cards, “Home Depot Commercial Account” and “Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge.” The simple account doesn’t allow to repay in installments, while the “Revolving Charge” does.

Step #1: Getting the Home Depot Credit Card

Getting Card

To avail of Home Depot Fuel Rewards, you must have a Pro Xtra or Simple Commercial credit card.


For eligibility, you must have a valid Citibank with good credit history, except for the government, embassy, or donation accounts.

Step #2: Adding Credit Card to Your Home Depot Account

Adding Credit Card

The second step is linking your Home Depot credit card to your Home Depot Account.


All your spending via the Home Depot credit card at stores or the website will display in your account so that you can keep a record of purchases and rewards accordingly. 

Step #3: Enrolling in Home Depot Fuel Rewards Program


The last step is getting registered with Home Depot Fuel Rewards Program.

  • Visit the Home Depot credit card section again.
  • Enroll yourself in Home Depot Fuel Rewards Program.
  • You will get the Home Depot Fuel Rewards card within a week.

Once you have completed the enrollment process, you can start earning rewards by making purchases at Home Depot; the more you spend from your Home Depot credit card, the more you get on your Fuel Rewards card. 


The Home Depot is partnered with Fuel Rewards Program; you can shop at Home Depot using their credit cards and redeem the rewards at more than 11,000 participating Shell and other selected fuel stations across the U.S.


In this post, we’ve discussed how Home Depot Fuel Rewards work and the easiest way to enroll and take advantage of this program.

We hope you understand the working of the Home Depot Fuel Rewards Program and become able to get registered and top up your car’s tank relatively cheaper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Home Depot Credit Cards at Fuel Stations?

No, you cannot use Home Depot credit cards directly at any fuel station; you can only shop through them at Home Depot Stores and earn rewards that can be used for fuel discounts.

Can I Use Home Depot Credit Cards To Withdraw Cash?

No, Home Depot credit cards are only for shopping in Home Depot stores, the website, and the mobile app; you cannot withdraw cash using them.

Can I Give My Home Deport Fuel Rewards Card to My Friends?

Yes, your business associates and friends can use your Home Deport Fuel Rewards card; it will cost the same.

Is the Home Depot Credit Cards Work as a Visa or Mastercard?

No, you cannot use the Home Depot credit cards as a Visa or Mastercard; they can only be used at Home Depot stores.

What if I Don’t Spend $100 on a Single Trip to the Home Depot?

No problem; the Home Depot will keep your record and reward you whenever you complete purchases of $100 in multiple visits.

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