What Does “Awaiting Screening Results” Mean for Amazon?


The hiring process of companies can be frustrating at times.

They leave you hanging for a few days, with you getting anxious as the day passes, wondering if you’ll land the job or not.

However, in the case of Amazon, you can check the status of your application on their portal.

If you get the status “Awaiting Screening Results,” you probably wonder what it means. Is this good news or bad? Let’s find out.


Being one of the biggest companies with a favorable working environment, Amazon is the dream of many.

As a result, Amazon gets many applicants, for which there is a rigorous hiring and screening process to select the right person for the job.

The applicants can check their status on the job application portal.

If the status says “Awaiting Screening Results,” it means that Amazon is currently performing a background check on you. This is to ensure you have a clean record and that everything provided in the form is accurate.

The background check will consider a few factors:

  • Previous employment record
  • Criminal record
  • Drug screening

Read on to find out about Amazon’s hiring process, its steps, and information about its “Awaiting Screening Results” status.

Amazon’s Hiring Process


Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the US, with more than a million employees working around the clock in different departments.

Many people look forward to working at Amazon due to its reputation. The company gets thousands of applications from people willing to work in multiple departments.

A larger workforce usually comes with a bigger responsibility. That said, Amazon has some strict recruitment procedures for onboarding new employees.

This leads to longer waiting times and can sometimes be a frustrating experience for applicants.

Due to this massive load of applications, Amazon might not be able to respond to all the applications, but they’ll get in touch with those they feel are a right fit for a job.

Perhaps, you are one of those who applied and have no idea when or how the company will respond. Don’t fret; you can always check the status of your application on their portal.

Once you have applied, you can head to Amazon’s “Your Job Application” portal, to find out the progress of the submitted application.

If this does not work out, you can call Amazon’s helpline or reach out to them at their email address [email protected].

Awaiting Screening Results

Phone Call

When you log on to the portal to check the status of your application, you’ll sometimes find a status that might be confusing for you to understand.

For example, if you get the status “Awaiting Screening Results,” you might wonder what it indicates and what is expected of you. Let’s see what this status is telling you.

As we discussed earlier, Amazon has a strict recruitment procedure. They can take a lot of time to double-check if everything sits true and determine the applicant’s fitness for the role.

They perform a thorough background check dating back seven years on an applicant, which includes all previous roles and companies worked for, criminal records, and drug screening.


During the background screening process, the status of your application will change to “Awaiting Screening Results.” This means that the hiring team is working to verify your record and is waiting for the results.

After the result is obtained, Amazon starts another procedure to determine your allocation, where and at what post they will station you.

This can take between 3 to 10 days, depending on your history and the position you applied for. Amazon does not have many good reviews about providing recruitment updates to its applicants.

The HR will only get in touch with you if they are interested; otherwise, there is a high chance that you’ll never get a response.

With the help of this background screening process, Amazon ensures a safe and equal working environment for all its employees without discrimination.

In addition, the employees can also benefit from extra perks like health insurance, paid vacations, college funds, etc.

Hiring Process Steps


If you have already applied or are planning to apply for any role at Amazon, understanding its recruitment process might come in handy.

The number of stages and the duration of recruitment may depend on the position you have applied for.

For senior roles, they have to screen the applications carefully by paying closer attention. Usually, the post with higher demand will have tons of applications coming in.

For any role at Amazon, you have to apply on its job portal, “Amazon Jobs.” Once you find the position you are interested in, you have to fill in the mandatory fields required in the application.

After applying, you can get the status of your application from the portal.


While applying at Amazon, the applicant’s resume must be up to date, with education, employment, and skills mentioned, starting from the latest to the earliest.

Let’s take a look at its basic hiring process.

Phone Call


If HR shows interest and shortlists your application, its representative will contact you via phone and ask basic questions about your background and interests in this role.

This is just a verification step that HR carries out to confirm if an applicant is available and still interested in the applied role.

Video Screening


After the phone call, you’ll most likely be invited to a video interview for the initial screening.

The HR will conduct a short video call in which they will ask you basic questions like why you want to join Amazon, explain your previous experiences, etc.

This video interview might be different for different roles.

For IT or software positions, they might give you a short test to attempt or ask a few coding questions. If you applied as a driver, they might ask you about basic driving rules and your driving record.

You’ll be assessed according to your desired role.

Onsite Interview


Once you have cleared the video interview, you’ll be invited for an onsite interview with HR and some senior members of the department you have applied for.

This is the last and final point where Amazon will decide whether to hire you or not.

Offer Decision


Once they have decided, they’ll inform you through an email.


Be sure to check your mail inbox regularly because Amazon often uses different email addresses to get in touch with you, and the mail might end up in the spam folder.


Any role you’re applying for at Amazon has to be done via their job portal, ensuring your resume is up to date with all educational and employment records.

After applying, you can check its status on the portal.

If the status states “Awaiting Screening Results,” it means that Amazon is currently performing a background check on your application and will get back to you once done.

There’s no guarantee that Amazon will get back to you because they have tons of applications and will only get in touch with the shortlisted candidates, so don’t be anxious about your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Screening Process Take?

Amazon’s background checks are comprehensive and take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to complete.

If you don’t get an update after four weeks, you should get in touch with the hiring manager.

The screening process can be delayed for a few reasons, like if the information on the applicant can not be obtained or if it’s conflicting.

How Long Does Amazon Take To Inform the Final Decision?

After you are done with the onsite interview, which is the final stage of Amazon’s recruitment process, HR will inform you about the final decision after one week.

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