What Can a Diabetic Eat at Wendy’s?


Not many fast food chains offer foods safe for a person with diabetes; however, if you’re a fan of the famous Wendy’s, you can try a few options.


A person with diabetes can eat various low-carb food options at Wendy’s, which includes salads, sausage, egg, cheese burritos, classic bacon, egg, cheese sandwich, grilled chicken wrap, nuggets, burgers without the bun, and unsweetened drinks.

Below, we have written an extensive guide on what a person with diabetes can eat at Wendy’s to help you make safe and healthy food choices.

What Can a Diabetic Eat at Wendy’s?

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Diabetes is a long-term disease that happens when one’s pancreas stops producing enough insulin – a hormone that regulates the blood glucose level in the human body.

People with diabetes are typically advised to avoid high-carb foods that can immediately spike their blood sugar levels. So, while staying away from fast food is probably the safest solution, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy an occasional treat from your favorite restaurants.

Wendy’s is one of America’s most popular fast-food chains, known for its square hamburger patties. However, they offer a variety of meal options that are healthy and tasty.

If you are craving some good fast food, here are some options you can try as a person with diabetes at Wendy’s:

1. Parmesan Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad

The Parmesan Chicken Salad is the lowest-carb item at Wendy’s, which contains only 7g of carbs and 3g of dietary fiber. With chopped romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, and all-white grilled chicken, this salad gives you a refreshing yet fulfilling taste.

The best part about this salad is the replacement of croutons with parmesan crips, which give it a great crunch and satisfy your cravings.

2. Jalapeno Popper Salad

Jalapeno Popper Salad

Another safe option at Wendy’s for people with diabetes is their Jalapeno Popper Salad. A bowl of this salad has spicy chicken, jalapeno slices, shredded pepper jack cheese, diced tomatoes, Applewood smoked bacon, etc., all laid out on a bed of fresh lettuce.

Make sure to swap out the breaded chicken with a grilled one, and you’ll only get around 17g of total carbs.


You can also get the Jalapeno ranch dressing packet, which has only 5g of carbs.

3. Southwest Avocado Salad

Southwest Avocado Salad

The Southwest Avocado salad at Wendy’s is one of the best-tasting salads you’ll ever find, and it’s great for you as a diabetic patient.

The salad includes a great fresh lettuce blend, cool and creamy avocado, diced tomato, cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, and grilled chicken.

This delicious goodness is topped with Southwest ranch dressing and has only 16g of carbs.


If you want to lower the fat quantity in the salad, ask the waiter to remove the cheddar cheese.

4. Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Burrito

Sausage Egg Cheese Burrito

A great breakfast alternative at Wendy’s for a person with diabetes is their Sausage, Egg, and Cheese burrito.

This breakfast delicacy is a favorite of many, made of soft scrambled eggs, crumbled pork sausage, and American cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla.

The total carb count on this item is 24g.

5. Classic Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich

Classic Bacon Egg Cheese Sandwich

You can never go wrong with the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sandwich at Wendy’s, which is fortunately low-carb and safe for people with diabetes. This classic treat has a warm English muffin, eggs; Applewood smoked bacon, and an American cheese slice.

This sandwich also has 16g of total carbs and 18g of proteins, which can boost your daily energy.

6. Grilled Chicken Wrap

Grilled Chicken Wrap

The Grilled Chicken Wrap at Wendy’s is an excellent option for lunch when you’re not feeling too hungry but still need something that’ll help fuel you for upcoming daily tasks.

The wrap is made of a flour tortilla filled with all-white grilled chicken, crispy shredded lettuce, cheese, and ranch sauce. The total carbs in this item are 26g, but it also has a whopping 20g of protein.


When watching your nutrient consumption, always get the sauce on the side, giving you more control over your consumption.

7. Biscuits

Cheese Biscuit

The Sausage Biscuit and the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese biscuits have 30g carbs, which are still within the safe limits to eat for you as a person with diabetes. However, getting them is only advisable if your daily carbohydrate intake allows it.

8. Burgers


If you are a fan of burgers and badly crave one without spiking your blood sugar level, the best solution to your woes is to substitute the bun for lettuce.

This way, you can still get the taste you want but cut back on getting extra carbs. Of course, any waiter at Wendy’s will happily make this swap for you.

Also, try not to go for a double-patty burger, as it contains excess carbs and is not good for controlling your diabetic condition.

9. Nuggets


Another safe option at Wendy’s is chicken nuggets, which comes at 10g of carb per 4 pieces. They are safe for people with diabetes; however, their dipping sauce should be consumed in moderation and not more than one pack.

10. Drinks

Wendy Drink

The only diabetic-friendly drinks you can enjoy at Wendy’s are:

  • Unsweetened Iced Teas in any flavor you prefer.
  • Unsweetened black coffee.
  • Sugar-free soft drinks.

What Should a Diabetic Not Eat at Wendy’s?


While there are loads of foods and a few drinks you can consume at Wendy’s without blowing your blood sugar level out of proportion, there are many items that you need to stay away from, such as:

  • Pretzel Bacon Pub Double.
  • Fries.
  • Croissants.
  • Coffees with cream and sugar.
  • Cookies.
  • Sweetened Iced teas.
  • Frostys.
  • Anything with breaded chicken

Also, remember to check the nutritional values of the food you want to order because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


In this guide, we have discussed what a person with diabetes can eat at Wendy’s and what foods they should stay away from.

We hope you’ve found this article informative and will be able to make better food choices when eating out or ordering at Wendy’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Diabetics Eat Chili From Wendy’s?

The Chilli from Wendy’s has 30g of carbs per serving, which is not recommended for people with diabetes.

However, if your daily carb consumption set by your doctor allows it, you can occasionally enjoy a small serving.

Does Wendy’s Add Sugar to Their Fries?

Yes, Wendy’s adds a type of sugar into their fries called “Dextrose,” derived from corn, and a chemical called sodium acid pyrophosphate.

This is done to prevent the fries from turning brown after being fried twice: at the factory and the restaurant.

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