How To Start Publishing on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

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Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has revolutionized the world of publishing by offering a fast, free, and easy way for authors and publishers to keep control and publish their books worldwide on the Kindle and Kindle reading apps. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to start publishing on Amazon KDP.


To start publishing on Amazon KDP, first set up a KDP account. Then, create a new title in your KDP Bookshelf and provide the necessary details for your book. Format and upload your manuscript, create a captivating book cover, and set your book’s pricing and distribution. After reviewing all the details, click “Publish” to submit your book for review. Once approved, it will be available for sale on Amazon. You can then proceed to promote your book using various strategies.

What is Amazon KDP?

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a self-publishing platform that allows authors to publish their books in eBook and print formats, making them available to millions of readers on Amazon. It provides a user-friendly interface, global distribution, competitive royalties, and various marketing resources and advertising options.

Setting Up Your KDP Account

To begin your self-publishing journey on Amazon KDP, you first need to create a KDP account. Visit the KDP website and either sign up for a new account or sign in with your existing Amazon account. Once you’ve signed up, fill in the required information, including your name, email address, and a secure password.

Creating a New Title

Once your account is set up, go to your KDP Bookshelf and click on “Create a new title”. Here you can choose to publish an eBook, paperback, or hardcover book.

Entering Book Details

The next step is to provide the necessary information for your book, such as title, author name, description, and keywords. You’ll also need to select the appropriate categories and choose whether to enroll your book in KDP Select, a program that offers promotional opportunities and higher royalties, but requires exclusivity for at least 3 months.

Uploading Your Manuscript

Your manuscript should be formatted according to Amazon’s guidelines. You can use tools like Kindle Create to help with formatting. Once your manuscript is prepared, upload it to KDP.

Creating a Book Cover

An eye-catching cover can make a big difference in attracting potential readers. You can design your own cover or hire a designer. Amazon offers a Cover Creator tool if you don’t already have a cover.

Setting Pricing and Distribution

Choose the territories where you want to sell your book, set the pricing, and decide whether to use KDP’s Expanded Distribution. The Expanded Distribution can increase the reach of your book to more readers by making it available for order through bookstores, libraries, and online retailers.

Publishing Your Book

After all these steps, click “Publish” to submit your book for review. Amazon will review your book, and if it meets their guidelines, it will be published and available for sale on the Amazon marketplace.

Promoting Your Book

Once your book is published, you can use various promotional strategies to increase its visibility. These include running Amazon ads, leveraging your existing audience, engaging with readers and influencers, and enrolling in KDP Select to access promotional opportunities like Kindle Countdown Deals.


Publishing a book on Amazon KDP can be a rewarding experience that gives you control over your work and access to a global audience. By following these steps and understanding the ins and outs of the platform, you can navigate the self-publishing process with ease and set your book up for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the royalty options available on Amazon KDP?

Amazon KDP offers two royalty options for eBooks: 35% and 70%. The 70% royalty option is available for books priced between $2.99 and $9.99 in certain territories. For books priced outside this range or in certain regions, the 35% royalty option is applicable. For paperback books, you earn a 60% royalty on the list price you set, minus printing costs.

What is the KDP Select program?

KDP Select is a program that gives KDP authors and publishers the chance to earn higher royalties and access promotional tools. By enrolling in KDP Select, you agree to distribute your eBook exclusively through Amazon for a period of 90 days. In return, your book is included in Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, and you can run promotional campaigns like Free Book Promotions and Kindle Countdown Deals.

Can I publish in multiple languages on KDP?

Yes, Amazon KDP supports publishing in multiple languages. When setting up your book details, you can choose the language of your book from a long list of languages.

Can I publish a series of books on Amazon KDP?

Yes, you can publish a series of books on Amazon KDP. When you enter the title of your book, you have the option to add the series name and volume number. This helps readers find all the books in your series on Amazon.

How long does it take for my book to be reviewed and published on Amazon KDP?

After you submit your book, it usually takes 72 hours for Amazon to review and either publish your book or notify you if there are issues that need to be fixed. During peak times, this process may take slightly longer.

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