How To Turn a Kohl’s Gift Card Into Cash

Kohl's Gift Card

If someone gives you a gift card, modern etiquette dictates that you smile and say, “thank you so much; it’s perfect!”

Even if you’re gritting your teeth, the gift is a gift card to Kohl’s, which is the last thing you need right now because your closet is already fully stocked with merino sweaters. So don’t worry; we’ve got some solutions for you.

Let’s look at how to turn that unwanted gift card into cold, hard cash.


Gift cards are a newer way to give someone something. They’re slightly more personal than cash, but over time, you can end up with a drawer full of gift cards to merchants you aren’t interested in purchasing from.

Let’s take a look at some easy ways that you can convert that gift card into cash. If you have a friend who shops at Kohl’s, contact them to see if they want to purchase the card from you.

Can’t find someone you know to buy the card? Several third-party websites purchase gift cards with balances on them directly from consumers. They charge you a small fee, then resell your gift card balance to other buyers.

We will also explore how to find your gift card balance so you know exactly how much you owe.

If you’re stuck with your gift card or unwilling to take a loss on the card’s overall value, we’ll get into ways to stack savings at Kohl’s and maximize your bang for the buck.

There are a few ways to convert a Kohl’s gift card to cash, which we will explore below. Remember, if you choose to use a third-party website, you will not get the total value of your gift card.

Convert Your Kohl’s Gift Card to Cash

Kohl's Gift Card

Before you convert your gift card, are you sure you don’t want it? You’ll likely lose some of its value if you convert it to cash.

Remember that Kohl’s gift cards have no expiration date – they’ll outlast you – and are valid at all Kohl’s locations.

If you decide to convert the card to cash, here are some options for you:

Things you can’t do with Kohl’s gift cards

You can’t use Kohl’s gift cards to purchase other gift cards. So you can’t use your $25 Kohl’s gift card to buy a $25 gift card to Applebee’s.

Nice try, but unfortunately, this is not an acceptable way to transform your Kohl’s gift card into your desired one.

You can’t replace your gift card if lost or damaged unless you have proof of purchase. So hang on to those receipts, gang.

If you can conjure up proof of purchase, Kohl’s will deactivate or remove the old card from the system and replace it with a new card.

1. Check State Laws

Kohl's Store

Laws vary from state to state, but at least ten states have laws that force retailers to allow consumers to exchange their gift cards for cash.

If you live in one of these states, this is your best option, as there will be no ding to the total amount of money on the gift card – if you have a $50 gift card, Kohl’s has to exchange it for $50.

Take your gift card to the customer service desk and explain that you want to exchange your gift card for cash. The sales associate will help you out, and within a few minutes, you’ll emerge from Kohl’s with some extra greenbacks in your pocket.

Nothing smells better than money.

2. Sell the Gift Card to Someone You Know

Khol's Gift Card

This is another terrific option if you’re looking to unload your gift card but are unwilling to lose some of the card’s value to a third-party gift card exchange platform.

Go through your contacts and find people you know who shop at Kohl’s. Then, find out if they’re interested in buying your card from you.

You can also use the Facebook marketplace to broaden your reach. For example, inform prospective buyers that you are willing to take a slight hit on the overall value of the gift card (say, $95 for a $100 gift card) and avoid the steeper charges of third-party resellers.

3. Sell the Gift Card on a Third-Party Site

Sell Gift Card

There are a number of these sites out there. Gift card granny is one of them, offering consumers up to 92% of the gift card’s value. Of course, 92% is their maximum; however, the percentage will often be substantially less.

Other sites, like Raise, allow you to decide how steep a discount you will apply to your gift card. You can potentially take a more minor hit off the face value.

You could also potentially sit and wait for weeks for someone to come along and purchase it.

Raise also charges a flat rate of 15% to use their site, reducing the amount of money you’ll pocket. Raise has higher fees than many other sites but enjoys a strong reputation among consumers.

If you resell through Raise, you’ll get the cash deposited into your checking account or through PayPal.

Choose Your Third-Party Site Wisely

If you decide to sell your gift card on a third-party site, select an option you feel comfortable with. It’s also wise to find one that maximizes your return on investment – lower fees mean more money in your pocket.

CardCash is another third-party reseller, and they remove the hassle of waiting for a buyer to match with a seller.

They buy the gift card directly from you, offering as much as 92% of its value. They offer significantly less money for gift cards from some retailers, however.

If you’d like to exchange your Kohl’s gift card for gift cards valid at another merchant, CardCash is an excellent option. They offer a gift card exchange, and the fees are lower than if you want to cash out.

Know Your Gift Card Balance

Kohl's Website

If you’re unsure how much money you’ve got on your gift card, head to Kohl’s website and enter your card number and pin. The site will then provide you with the balance of your gift card.

You can also head to Kohl’s website to check how much Kohl’s cash you have.

Maximize Your Savings


If unloading your Kohl’s gift card is too much of a hassle, or if you’re unwilling to let a third-party take a significant chunk out of your gift card’s balance, here’s a quick explainer of how coupons work at Kohl’s and how you can save big.

Use Multiple Coupons


Kohl’s allows its customers to use up to four coupons per transaction. There are some stipulations as to which coupons can be used and combined.

  1. You can only use one sitewide % – off coupon per transaction.

2. You can combine a free shipping coupon with other coupons.

3. Multiple department $ – off and/or % – off can be used.

4. Up to six $ – off (Kohl’s Cash or rewards) can be used.

Turn That Gift Card Into Cash

There you go, multiple ways to convert your gift card into cash.

You will probably get dinged with a fee, but if you want to unload your gift card to Kohl’s, there are multiple ways. Check your state laws first, though – you may be able to convert the card at Kohl’s with no out-of-pocket expense to you.

If you keep the card, combine it with coupons to maximize your savings.

Kohl’s offers an array of home goods, decor, clothing, and shoes, so they likely have something in the store that would be a good fit for you.

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