Why Target Is Better Than Walmart

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Target and Walmart are healthy competitors in the U.S. retail industry; however, many shoppers who have experience purchasing at both stores often say Target is better than Walmart, which may spark your curiosity to explore the reasons behind this preference.


Target is a better option for shopping for various items than Walmart due to the following reasons:

  • Store locations and shopping experience
  • Loyalty program and perks
  • Quality products
  • More trendy and modern items
  • Good customer service and family-friendly environment, etc

To help you enhance your shopping experience and choose a better store, we will discuss why Target is better than Walmart by considering various reasons. 

Are Walmart and Target Competitors?

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Walmart and Target are significant competitors as they market to similar consumer demographics and offer the same products and services, but they both are distinctive.

Walmart is a huge multinational corporation with stores in 24 countries, and it has been the world’s largest retail company since 2014.

Whereas, Target only operates within the U.S. and is ranked as the 37th largest retail store in revenue generation nationally.

8 Reasons Why Target Is Better Than Walmart

For a long time, there has been an ongoing debate on which retailer is better for Target and Walmart. While both stores have strengths and weaknesses, many shoppers prefer Target for the reasons mentioned below.

1. Store Locations

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Location is a crucial factor in the success of any business.

Despite having fewer stores than Walmart, Target strategically locates its stores in busy areas to maximize its reach and accessibility to customers.


About 75% of the U.S. population lives within a 10-mile radius of one of the 1,948 Target or Super Target stores, and the company boasts 14 million unique store visits per week.

2. Shopping Experience

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Target stores provide a better shopping experience than Walmart due to their layout and design.

Its stores are known for being aesthetically pleasing, with goods arranged in novel and exciting displays.

Additionally, Target has more expansive aisles and clearer signage, making it easier for customers to navigate the store while shopping.

The company stores are also brightly lit with energy-efficient LED lighting, and their red theme design aesthetic is trend-forward and youthful, with touches of whimsy throughout the place.

In contrast, Walmart stores often appear disorganized, with mixed-up items and messy displays, which can overwhelm shoppers.


Target switched from fluorescent to energy-efficient LED lighting in 2015, which saved electricity costs, brightened up the stores, and made them more inviting for shoppers.

3. Loyalty Program and Perks

A Woman With Pink Nails Holds A Target Redcard Debit Card In Front Of Her Colorful Bedroom

Regarding loyalty programs and perks, Walmart has its Walmart+ membership, while Target offers two alternatives: Target Circle and Target RedCard.

Target Circle is a free program for any shopper to sign up for moderate perks, such as rewards on eligible purchases, exclusive deals, and members-only sales.

On the other hand, paying with Target RedCard gives 5% off on all purchases, free shipping for most online orders, extended return tenure, and no annual fee for credit cards.

In comparison, Walmart+ membership costs $98 yearly and offers free shipping and delivery, discounts on Walmart fuel, free access to the Paramount+ streaming service, and the Scan & Go app.

Despite not having a formal membership program, Target’s loyalty programs and perks are still better as they are free, while Walmart’s membership is expensive.

4. Quality Products

Shoppers At A Target Store In Downtown

Regarding product quality, Target has the edge over Walmart because it offers a variety of high-quality goods at affordable prices, while Walmart focuses on reducing rates.

Customers generally perceive Walmart as the best place to purchase essential items, such as groceries, while they turn to Target to buy aspirational products for better quality.

5. More Trendy and Modern Items

Interior View Of The Grocery Department Isles At A Target Store

Target is better than Walmart in offering more trendy and modern items because it has positioned itself as a young and vibrant retail company with a youthful appeal.

This approach has enabled Target to focus on creating clothing merchandise that is stylish and vibrant, with higher perceived quality without substantial price differentials.

Furthermore, Target’s collaborations with high-profile designers and focus on in-house brands have helped to differentiate it from its competitors and appeal to modern consumers who value fashion and style.


In 2015, Target teamed up with women’s clothing brand Lilly Pulitzer, which caused a Black Friday-style frenzy among shoppers.

This collaboration highlights the company’s success in partnering with high-profile designers to create unique and desirable products.

6. Good Customer Service

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Both Target and Walmart offer a variety of customer conveniences such as home delivery, in-store and curbside pickup, generous return policies, helpful customer service departments, and free shipping for members of special programs.

Still, according to Cheapism, Target has consistently ranked higher than Walmart in the American Customer Service Index.

The company was even in the top 100 customer-centric companies of 2022, whereas Walmart was not on the list.

7. Family-Friendly Environment

Wide View Of People Using The Self Checkout Inside A Target Retail Store

When it comes to providing a family-friendly shopping experience, Target outshines Walmart.

Target’s shopping carts have molded red plastic chairs that comfortably fit kids, making it easier for parents to navigate the store with their little ones while shopping.

In contrast, Walmart often lacks these convenient carts, leaving parents to carry their children or push them in standard-sized trolleys.

In addition to its carts, Target also boasts family restrooms at the front of the store, making them easy to find and accessible where your elderly parents can rest while you shop.

Walmart often hides its family restrooms in the back of the store, making it difficult to access them.

8. High Pay Rate for Employees

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If you consider a company’s treatment of their employees when deciding where to shop, compare the wages and benefits different retailers offer their workers.

Target pays its employees the average hourly wage of $17, with an entry-level salary of $15 per hour.

Conversely, Walmart’s average hourly pay rate is $15, whereas the entry-level wage is only $11 per hour.

By paying its employees a higher wage, Target demonstrates its commitment to valuing and investing in its workforce.

This motivates the employees to do a better job in every store department, which can make the consumer return time and again for an excellent shopping experience.


Along with high pay rates, Target offers their workers several benefits, such as:

  • 5% 401(k) retirement allowance
  • PTOs and education assistance
  • Physical and mental health coverage
  • Reimbursement for adoption and surrogacy fees
  • Assistance with finding childcare, pet care, academic support, and more


In this detailed article, we discussed why Target is better than Walmart based on various factors, such as shopping experience, pricing, product quality, customer service, and the company’s behavior toward its employees.

Please understand that Target works smartly and makes policies considering current trends and styles. In contrast, Walmart focuses on providing the lowest rates while disregarding quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Came First, Walmart or Target?

Target was founded just two months earlier than Walmart in 1962.

Can You Use Your Target Card at Walmart?

Using a Target card at Walmart is impossible due to direct and fierce competition between the two retailers.

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