Why Is My Prescription Delayed at Walmart?


Ordering your medication online is convenient, especially if you do not have the means to pick it up yourself. You can wait at home for your prescription and begin your treatment immediately.

That’s the beauty of shipping services. You can prioritize your needs without any hassle.

Walmart provides customers with delivery for their prescription orders. While the company ensures customers get their items as soon as possible, there are times when some people experience delays.

But why do prescriptions get delayed at Walmart? Let’s find out.


Prescription delays occur due to backorders, required clearances from authorities, ineligible prescriptions, orders not paid, or medication with sensitive ingredients.

Such factors are considered for pharmacists to dispense medication properly.

If any of the reasons occur, you may experience a delay in picking up or receiving your shipped medication from Walmart pharmacies.

Curious to know why prescriptions get delayed and how to solve such problems? In this article, we discuss why such reasons cause prescription delays and what to do when you experience this inconvenience.

Reasons for Delayed Prescription

Having a delayed prescription is disappointing.

To get a different perspective on why these inconveniences happen, we’ve listed likely reasons for your prescription delays. Read on!



Sometimes, pharmacies place orders for products that are currently or almost out of stock, but due to backorders on the side of the manufacturer, the medications cannot be shipped.

If the medications are still unattainable, the pharmacy cannot deliver your items in time.

Required Authorization


Some medications need clearance before being handed to the patient.

The respective authorities need to assess if the medication is a must before your plan covers them.



For a pharmacist to release medication, the prescriptions need to follow standards.

If the prescription is insufficient or ineligible, the pharmacists may be unable to dispense your medication.

Orders With Pending Payments


If an order has not been paid, a pharmacy cannot process your transaction immediately. Processing will be delayed causing a later delivery date.

Sensitive Substances


Medication that has controlled ingredients may have special handling measures or delivery instructions.

To ensure safe delivery and shipping, pharmacies take extra precautions in handling these items, which may take more time to process and ship.

What To Do With Delays

If you’ve experienced a pickup delay, look for the ready-for-pickup email and check the contact number assigned for your item.

Should you still have problems regarding your item, you may contact Walmart’s customer support.

For delivery delays, do not hesitate to contact Walmart’s customer support.


Prescription delays can occur due to backorders or if further authorization is needed. Some sensitive medications may require more stringent handling measures.

Other reasons include ineligible prescriptions or pending payments that halt pharmacists from dispensing your medication.

If such delays occur, you may direct your queries to Walmart customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Track My Walmart Prescription?

You can log in to your Walmart account and check services. Tap on the Pharmacy button. Once you’ve entered, you can access “My Prescriptions” to track your order.

Does Walmart Contact You When Your Prescription is Prepared?

The Walmart app informs you if your order is prepared and ready.

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