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Why Did Dairy Queen Get Rid of Cherry Dip?

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Dairy Queen, the beloved ice cream and fast-food chain, has a long history of rotating its menu to keep things fresh and exciting for its customers. One such change that has left fans disappointed is the discontinuation of the Cherry Dipped Cone.


The exact reason for Dairy Queen discontinuing the Cherry Dip is not explicitly stated by the company. However, Dairy Queen has a history of rotating menu items to introduce new flavors, which could be a possible reason. There’s also speculation about the presence of Red Dye 40 in the cherry dip being a factor, but this hasn’t been confirmed by the company. Dairy Queen has hinted at the possibility of its return in the future as they continue to rotate their dipped cone flavors.

A Brief History of Dairy Queen’s Cherry Dip

The cherry dip cone has been a fixture on Dairy Queen’s menu for decades, becoming a favorite among fans. However, it has faced discontinuation and reintroduction several times. Most recently, it made a comeback in Spring 2022 as a limited-time offering, only to be phased out in May 2023. Dairy Queen confirmed the discontinuation in a statement, explaining, “At this time, the Cherry Dipped Cone at Dairy Queen is being discontinued”.

While Dairy Queen has experimented with various flavors for their dipped soft-serve ice cream cones over the years, the cherry dip has always held a special place in the hearts of DQ fans.

The Reason Behind the Discontinuation

The exact reason behind Dairy Queen’s decision to discontinue the cherry dip remains a mystery. The company has not explicitly stated why it was removed, which has led to speculation among fans. Some believe that the presence of Red Dye 40 in the cherry dip could be a factor, but Dairy Queen has not confirmed this.

What Dairy Queen has stated is that they are always innovating their menus to showcase new and delicious flavors. They also mentioned that the cherry dip might make a comeback, as they are constantly rotating their dipped cone flavors.

Customer Reaction to the Discontinuation

The reaction from customers to the discontinuation of the cherry dip was overwhelmingly negative. Fans took to social media to express their disappointment and frustration, with some even joking about suing the company. Petitions were started on, calling on Dairy Queen to bring back the cherry dip.

However, the impact of the discontinuation on Dairy Queen’s sales and customer loyalty is unclear. The company has not released any specific data on sales figures or customer retention rates following the discontinuation of the cherry dip.

The Future of Cherry Dip at Dairy Queen

Although the cherry dip has been discontinued, Dairy Queen has hinted at the possibility of its return. They have stated that they are always rotating their dipped cone flavors, and the cherry dip might be reintroduced in the future.

Until then, fans of the cherry dip can check with their local Dairy Queen restaurant to see if they have any remaining supplies. Once these are depleted, the cherry dip will be gone, at least for the time being.

The discontinuation of the cherry dip is not the first time Dairy Queen has removed a popular item from its menu. Over the years, the company has discontinued several fan-favorites, including the Breeze, a lighter version of the Blizzard made with frozen yogurt, and DQ Bakes, a line of hot desserts.

Each discontinuation has its reasons, varying from changes in consumer preferences to supply chain issues. However, Dairy Queen’s history of bringing back discontinued items gives fans hope that the cherry dip will return someday.


While the discontinuation of the cherry dip at Dairy Queen has left fans disappointed, the company’s history of rotating its menu and reintroducing old favorites provides a glimmer of hope. In the meantime, fans can look forward to trying new flavors and products that Dairy Queen introduces.

Remember, the next time you visit your local Dairy Queen, be sure to ask what flavors are available. You never know, the cherry dip might just make a surprise comeback!

Frequently Asked Questions

What other flavors of dipped cones does Dairy Queen offer?

Dairy Queen offers a variety of dipped cone flavors including chocolate and butterscotch. The availability of these flavors can vary by location and season.

What is Red Dye 40 and why might it be a factor in the discontinuation of the Cherry Dip?

Red Dye 40 is a food coloring that is used in a variety of foods and drinks. It has been linked to several health concerns, including allergies and hyperactivity in children. Some companies are moving away from using it due to these potential health risks.

What is Dairy Queen’s process for deciding to discontinue a menu item?

Dairy Queen has not publicly detailed their exact process for discontinuing menu items. However, it likely involves analyzing sales data, consumer feedback, and factors like production costs and supply chain logistics.

Aside from the Cherry Dip, Dairy Queen has discontinued several other popular items including the Breeze, a lighter version of the Blizzard made with frozen yogurt, and DQ Bakes, a line of hot desserts.

Is there a chance that discontinued items will return to the Dairy Queen menu?

Yes, there is a chance. Dairy Queen has a history of rotating its menu and reintroducing old favorites. However, the return of any specific item, including the Cherry Dip, is not guaranteed.

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