How Many Write-Ups Can You Get at McDonald’s?

How Many Write-Ups Can You Get At Mcdonald's

Having negative impressions from your co-workers feels uncomfortable. However, you know you’ve been trying your best at work, or you may want a stable source of income and a healthy working environment to survive.

If you’re working for fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, it is important to understand where your employer stands for you to explain your perspective and ask which areas you can improve in.

While constructive criticisms help you become the best version of yourself, it is still important to gauge whether your write-up was accurate or fair.

But how many write-ups can you get at McDonald’s?


You are given a verbal warning first before getting a write-up. Then, after a few repetitions of the said violation, you can get a write-up.

For most companies, you can get three write-ups before getting fired. However, the number of write-ups may depend on management, branch, and the gravity of your offense.

This article talked about write-ups, what they are, and how to deal with them.

Also, we discussed how many write-ups you can get at McDonald’s. Read on.

All About Write-Ups

Write-ups ensure that a certain violation has been communicated to the employee. In addition, this document helps both parties discuss their point of view and explain the facts presented.

1. What Are Write-ups?

What Are Write-Ups

Write-ups are reports by a company’s hiring department that are addressed to employees who violate company regulations.

You normally get a write-up once a violation has been repeated multiple times and after getting a warning.

When an employee’s actions do not conform to a company’s core values, write-ups are made.

While this write-up is typically in a standardized document form, the list of violations an employee has committed is not the only content that a write-up may include.

These standard forms may contain tips on improving your performance and an employee’s call to action.

Some violations an employee may have made are delay, failure to comply with company protocols, violation of the dress code, poor performance, and misdemeanors.

2. How To Deal With Them

How To Deal With Them

Once you’ve gotten a write-up, it seems like all hell broke loose. However, maintaining a proactive mindset may be your way to conquer the discomfort.

Try to stay still and reflective. Adapting a growth mindset helps you take the uncertainty and misfortune into an opportunity.

Knowing and accepting that you are bound to make mistakes from the beginning helps you adapt to the changes and circumstances surrounding you.

Being criticized is a painful experience. Regardless, and whether you think the judgment was fair or unfair, try to remain calm.

However difficult, keeping your head as clear as possible increases your ability to stay proactive and gauge the next step you can take.

Pay attention in the meeting and list down the employer’s points. This helps you thoroughly explain yourself and your perspective while addressing the employer’s concerns. But, again, be firm without being defensive.

You can courteously write a rebuttal if you think the reasons or issues stated in the write-up are unfair.

Do integrate the growth mindset. Being teachable is appreciated. Moreover, the opportunity to learn only sets you up to be a better version of yourself.

McDonald’s Write-Ups

Mcdonald's Write-Ups

Companies typically give three write-ups before you are presented with terms for termination. However, depending on the management, company, and the severity of the violation, the number of write-ups before getting fired may change.

More grave acts may cause you to be fired easily. On the other hand, no-call-no-shows for being sick may be understood by your manager.

It is important to discuss directly with your hiring department or immediate supervisor in your McDonald’s branch to clarify the company policies regarding write-ups.


You may get three write-ups at McDonald’s before getting fired. However, grave offenses can cause immediate termination.

The terms and policies regarding write-ups may differ per branch or management. The number of write-ups you can get at McDonald’s may also differ depending on the severity of your offense.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean When You Get a Write-Up?

Getting a write-up is a formal document that may lead to termination. This step is to inform you why your employer may not be satisfied with your performance.

Can You Get Fired for Missing Many Days at Work?

Yes, you can get fired if you do no-call-no shows for too many days.

However, you may not be fired if you have a certified document or a doctor’s certificate that permits you to leave work due to health conditions.

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