How To Access CVS Hub From Home

Cvs Hub

The working environment has changed over the years. For example, since the pandemic, some companies have continued to work from home.

Other companies have resumed face-to-face work setups. Others promote a hybrid working setup, mixing face-to-face office days with work-from-home working days.

CVS Health Employees are provided numerous platforms to access their work and learning resources no matter where they are.

The tools they need to work effectively and worry-free are provided through the CVS Intranet, the CVS smartphone app, and the CVS Learning Hub. But how exactly does one access the CVS Hub from home?


Head to the official website to access the CVS Hub and enter your login credentials. The login account is provided once you start working for CVS Health.

If you have login concerns or do not have an account, you may contact your supervisor, HR department, or IT Service Desk.

This article talked about the CVS Hub, the CVS App, and how to access the CVS Learning Hub. Moreover, we tackle other functions you may need to know as a CVS Health employee (such as changing your passwords and viewing your timesheets). Read on.

About the CVS Learning Hub

Cvs Learning Hub

Companies should be able to take care of their employees through benefits and a healthy working environment.

Beyond such necessities, companies need to cater to the growth of employees through training and providing learning resources.

By investing in employees’ career growth, each company member has an increased sense of self-worth and increases their skillset and effectiveness, having the initiative to contribute to the company and feel that they belong.

The CVS Learning Hub provides CVS Health employees a platform to increase their skills and quality of life. The website offers training videos and a variety of courses.

1. The CVS App

Cvs App

Through the CVS smartphone app, employees can access the tools they need to assist them in their work. For example, the CVS app allows employees to view their attendance, records, timesheets, and schedules.

The app also allows employees to contact their supervisors and workmates. In addition, employees can access learning resources and train through the smartphone app.

Moreover, they can find the latest company memos and news through the CVS app.

2. Accessing the Learning Hub

Cvs Learning Hub

Accessing the CVS Learning Hub is easy – all you need to have prepared are your login credentials. CVS Health should have your login account prepared once you become an employee.

To access the training and special courses, head to the CVS learning hub site and input your username and password. Once you enter your credentials, you should have access to the various learning resources provided for you.

If you do not have an account, contact your direct supervisor or Human Resources manager so that you can be provided an account. You may also contact the IT Service Desk for other login concerns.

Other CVS Functions

Cvs Functions

The company began in 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts, and is the biggest pharmacy chain in the United States. CVS stands for Consumer Value Stores.

The employees are a big factor in the success of the pharmacy chain. Thus, tools and resources are provided to employees for their convenience and personal growth.

Platforms like the smartphone app, Intranet, and Learning Hub are excellent tools to assist you in working.

Read on if you want to know how to do specific functions through these platforms, such as changing your passwords and viewing your timesheets.

1. Changing Your Passwords

Changing Your Passwords

To change your passwords, click the “Forgot Your Password” link within the login webpage. Then, provide your email address linked to CVS and hit “Reset Password.”

You should receive an email to change your password. For other complications, you may contact your IT Service Desk for prompt action.

2. Viewing Your Timesheets


The CVS Learning Hub and the CVS Intranet allow you to view your timesheet, file absences, and make schedule changes.

Furthermore, you may also view your timesheet and make schedule amendments through the CVS smartphone app.

For problems regarding timesheets and schedules, you may contact your direct supervisor, the HR department, or the IT Service Desk.


The CVS Learning Hub is an excellent platform for accessing learning resources, online courses, and training. These videos help you advance your career and develop your personal growth.

To view the CVS Learning Hub, you can head to the website and login into your account. Contact your supervisor or the IT Service Desk if you have login concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Access the CVS Learnet From Home?

Visit the CVS Learnet website and input your login credentials.

Does CVS Have an App?

Yes, you can shop through the CVS app.

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