What To Wear To ASDA Interview?


If you applied for a job at ASDA and got shortlisted, you might have wondered about what to wear for the interview because an outfit is the first impression when entering the interviewer’s office.


For an interview at ASDA, you should wear business casual attire, such as slacks or khakis, and a solid color button-down shirt or blouse.

Avoid wearing casual clothes, including jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, sweatshirts, and shorts, and ensure your outfit is clean and ironed.

To help you, we have discussed below what to wear to the ASDA interview for both men and women and the outfits you should avoid wearing.

How To Dress Up for an Interview at ASDA?

Interview Outfits

Dressing for an interview at ASDA can be intimidating, as you want to make sure you’re making an excellent first impression.

By choosing an appropriate outfit and ensuring you are well-groomed, demonstrate that you understand the importance of the dress code and are committed to the job.

This attention to detail is essential in a retail environment like ASDA, where how you present yourself can reflect the company’s image and values.

Before recruiting a candidate, ASDA conducts three interviews:

  1. An online introductory session.
  2. The “ASDA Magic Event,” during which you could be asked to do group activities.
  3. A one-on-one interview.

The dressing doesn’t matter in the online session, so let’s explore what you should wear at the remaining two ASDA interviews.


A decent rule of thumb is to dress one step above what others at the organization typically wear. For instance, if the employees at ASDA usually wear business attire, it would be best to wear a suit for the interview.

Men’s Outfit For ASDA Interview

Men Outfit

A classic and professional choice, a blazer and tie in neutral colors such as navy, black, or gray is appropriate for an interview at ASDA.

Do not wear flashy colors like red, maroon, orange, etc., and always choose a tie that matches the tone and vibrancy of your shirt and pants; if your shirt is lightly colored, the tie should be darker.

Moreover, a button-down shirt in a solid white or light blue color underneath the jacket will make you look attractive and confident. Remember, always wear a lighter shade of shirt than the coat and tie.

For bottom wear, slacks and khakis are the best options; tone them up with your jacket and try to use darker shades, as they look more vibrant and sharp.

Don’t make the selection of shoes complicated; if you have a pair of black or brown leather shoes, you are good to go because these two tones are wearable with the most suit color.


Brown shoes are perfect for the navy suit, while black ones are versatile and match well with grey and black outfits.

Lastly, a belt is essential for a polished and professional look, especially when wearing a suit. Moreover, it helps to keep the pants in place and prevent them from sliding down, which can be distracting during an interview.

Ensure that the belt you choose matches the color of your shoes; this is a sign of attention to detail and helps create a cohesive look.

Wearing a watch when attending an interview at ASDA is something you should consider because it may convey your punctuality and respect for time, all of which are qualities valued in a retail store.

Always select a watch in neutral colors like silver and black, and don’t wear a dial wider than your wrist.


While going to the ASDA Magic Event, you can skip wearing the jacket and tie because you may be asked to perform some activities with your fellow candidates, so a suit can make you uncomfortable.

Women’s Outfit for ASDA Interview

Women Outfit

If you are a lady going for an interview at ASDA, a suit or a blouse and trousers or a knee-length skirt in grey, black, or bronze color can be a great choice.

Moreover, a blazer can also be a good option if you’re going for a corporate position at ASDA and want a more formal look.

Don’t wear over bright colors and try to match the shade of your jacket with the trousers or skirt, whatever you prefer.

You can also opt for a button-down shirt in a solid color, such as white or pale blue, but ensure to choose one that fits well and is not too tight or revealing.


Austin Kleon once said, “You have to dress for the job you want, not the one you have,” which means always try to upgrade your dressing sense because your outfit speaks before you.

While selecting footwear, do consider closed-toe heels because they look professional and cover your toes. Also, ensure your shoes are polished and in good condition.

If you are a lady who loves to wear makeup and accessories, minimize it because keeping your look simple and classic can make an excellent impression on the interviewer’s mind at ASDA.

Avoid any loud or big jewelry; carry a professional handbag that matches the color of your shoe, as it shows attention to detail.

A Few Useful Tips To Dress Up for ASDA Interview

  1. Please do your homework, study the company and its culture, and closely overview the attire of already working employees. Moreover, you can read ASDA user manuals or policies to know what to wear and what to not.
  2. Overdressing is better than underdressing; you should always go with business casual if you don’t know the dress code or are unfamiliar with the company.
  3. Pay attention to details; make sure your shoes are polished, your hair is well-combed, your dress is wrinkleless and unstained, and your teeth are clean, and get a lint roller if you have a pet to avoid showing up in your cat’s coat.
  4. Have a dress rehearsal to avoid any potential wardrobe mishaps; always test your attire before the day of the interview. Also, don’t forget to wear an office fragrance before leaving for the ASDA interview.

Many shortlisted applicants at ASDA become confused and overlook that presenting a polished and professional image is the only thing that matters.


In this extensive guide, we’ve discussed what to wear to an ASDA interview and explored valuable tips to make your outlook captive and confident.

We hope you have understood the right way to dress up for an interview and beat the competition with your entrance into the interview room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Not Wear To ASDA Interview?

Avoid wearing tight, revealing, ripped, distressed, wrinkled, and dirty clothes to the ASDA interview. Moreover, dresses with big logos and prints are also not recommended.

What Is ASDA’s Dress Code?

There is no dress code at ASDA. However, customer service representatives and sales associates dress professionally and appropriately.

While for non-customer-facing roles such as stockers, warehouse workers, or drivers, the outfit is more relaxed.

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