Clocking Out Early at Amazon – All You Should Know

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Working at Amazon can be a wonderful experience, as they ensure a friendly environment for their employees. In return, they expect the employees to be punctual and abide by the rules.

But if, in any case, you have an emergency or any other situation where you have to leave early, what are the consequences?


There are some days when you have to leave early from work. You have nothing to worry about if you leave within a five-minute grace period.

But if you have to leave earlier than the last five minutes, you must inform your manager so that he can accommodate your leave.

Leaving uninformed could add one or a half points to your attendance points system.

If you have some genuine reason for leaving early, such as an emergency, you’ll be given a chance to explain the situation to your manager.

If he agrees, you can use your sick time to make up for the time difference.

This article will guide you about the consequences you must face when you leave early at Amazon, explaining how the attendance points system ensures employees’ punctuality.

Leaving Early at Amazon

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Amazon is one of the largest companies, with more than a million employees working worldwide in different departments.

Managing this huge number of employees is difficult, so some standard rules and regulations are implied to create a favorable working environment with maximum productivity and work-life balance.

As Amazon has now gone global and operates in different regions, the rules may vary according to the region.

But some base rules are to be followed by all employees, regardless of their region.


Amazon has an A to Z Clock Punch system that records clock-in time, clock-out time, and total working hours to keep track of your attendance and calculate your salary.

The punctuality of employees is taken very seriously at Amazon. You must show up or leave at the correct times, but what happens if you are late or have to leave early?

The answer to this question depends on how late you show up and how early you leave.

If you have planned to leave early, you must inform your manager about it so that he can facilitate your replacement and handle the situation.


There is a grace period that allows you the flexibility of arriving late and leaving early for up to five minutes.

Exceeding this grace period limit will have some consequences.

So if you leave five minutes earlier, you don’t have to worry about anything, as you have left within the grace period.

Let’s dive into what happens if you leave early, even before the grace period at Amazon.

Attendance Points System

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Amazon has developed an innovative disciplinary policy to ensure the punctuality of its employees. They have introduced the idea of a points system for attendance violations.

In this points system, there is a certain threshold to stay in the safe zone. If you exceed the limit, certain consequences, such as warnings or termination, await you.

So how are these points counted? There are specific points for different violations. For instance, if you don’t show up to work unnoticed, you’ll be given three points.

If you show up late, you’ll have one point; if you leave early, you’ll be given half or one point, depending on how early you leave.

Points Limits

This begs a new question, what is the limit of these points?

You’ll get a verbal warning if you have ten points on your record in twelve months.

If it’s fifteen points, you get a written warning.

If you violate the punctuality rules frequently and have accumulated twenty points on your record, Amazon will terminate your contract.

Not only this, but if you stay consistent with breaking the rules and earn up to six or seven points within three months, you will lose your job at Amazon.

Covering With Your Leaves

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Employees are always allowed the opportunity to explain why they left early.

If you have some genuine reason for leaving early, you can talk it out with your manager, and he might understand your situation.

If you have a legit reason for leaving early and the manager agrees with your justification, you won’t be given a point.

But you can cover up that time gap by utilizing your sick time. Every Amazon employee is allotted 20 hours of unpaid sick leave every 90 days.

Wrapping It Up

As an employee at Amazon, you are expected to be punctual with office hours. They have an A to Z clock punch attendance system that records your clock-in and clock-out times.

Amazon has an attendance points system to ensure employee punctuality, which adds points for every attendance violation.

Leaving early can add a half or one point to your record.

If you are consistent with attendance negligence and reach up to six points in three months or ten points in twelve months, you risk losing your job at Amazon.

In case of an emergency, you can inform the manager, and he can help you accommodate the time gap by utilizing your sick hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Amazon’s Attendance Points Work?

Amazon’s attendance points system is an innovative idea to ensure the punctuality of the employees.

If an employee shows up late at the office, he will get one point; if he leaves early, he might get one or half a point.

If you cross the threshold limit of these points, you could get a verbal and written warning, and if you continue this behavior, it will result in termination.

What Is the Grace Period for Employees at Amazon?

Amazon is thoughtful of its employees and allows a grace period of five minutes.

The idea of this period is to allow flexibility to employees if they arrive late or leave earlier; they have the relaxation of up to five minutes.

If it’s more than the grace period, the employee has to explain himself or face the consequences.

How Many Points Can Result in Termination?

If an employee reaches up to six or seven points within three months or ten points within twelve months, he might be fired from Amazon.

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