What Does “Delivery Option Requested” Mean at FedEx?

What Does Delivery Option Requested Mean At Fedex

Whether you are sending or receiving parcels from FedEx, you might have seen the delivery status “Delivery Option Requested” while tracking and wonder what it means.


“Delivery Option Requested” is a shipment status that may pop out if any change, either from the sender or receiver, is made in the shipping instructions of a FedEx parcel, such as altering the delivery date, location, arranging a package hold or pickup, redirection, etc.

To elaborate further, we’ve explained what “Delivery Option Requested” means at FedEx and explored possible scenarios in which you may face this delivery status notification.

What Does “Delivery Option Requested” Mean at FedEx?

What Does Delivery Option Requested Mean At Fedex

FedEx ships millions of parcels daily. Delivering each package involves dozens of processes, including collecting them from the sender, sorting them at FedEx facilities, transporting them to respective cities, and finally dropping them off at your doorstep.


On average, FedEx delivers more than 16.5 million packages and receives approx. Six hundred million parcel tracking requests daily.

Like other logistics service providers, FedEx keeps you updated about any progress on your parcel by sending mobile notifications and E-mails regardless of whether you are a sender or receiver.

Moreover, you can also navigate your parcel on the FedEx website by entering its consignment number in the FedEx mail tracking system.

During this process, you may encounter “Delivery Option Requested” as the current shipment status of the parcel if any changes made by you in the shipping instructions have been implemented.


You should request the modification to your parcel’s delivery instructions by using FedEx Delivery Manager because it is the most effective and fast method.

Let’s discuss the possible changes you can request as a sender or receiver, resulting in the delivery status converting into “Delivery Option Requested.”

1. Changes in Parcel Delivery Date

Changes In Parcel Delivery Date

You can change the dispatch date of your FedEx parcel if you think you won’t be available to receive it on the expected delivery day, showing the shipment tracking system.

As a sender, you can also amend the package’s expected delivery date upon the recipient’s request or due to some shipping issues, such as inventory problems or customs clearance.

In both these situations, the delivery status of your parcel will convert to “Delivery Option Requested.”


You can only request a change in the delivery date before the parcel dispatches from the FedEx facility.

2. Arranging Parcel Pickup

Arranging Parcel's Hold Or Pickup

The shipment status “Delivery Option Requested” can also appear when you request FedEx to hold your parcel at their facility until you go there and pick it up if you cannot receive it at home.

Another possible situation in which this notification may pop out is when the sender puts your package on hold at the FedEx store if they face any payment issues from your side or realize that they have sent the wrong item mistakenly.


FedEx will release your parcel once the problem resolves, and remember that they will only hold your package for seven days; after that, they will send it back to the seller.

3. Redirecting the Parcel to Another Location

Redirecting The Parcel To Another Location

As a receiver or sender, you can redirect your FedEx parcel to another location which may cause the shipment status “Delivery Option Requested” to pop out. 

For instance, if you initially provided your home address when placing an online order but then had to travel to another city when the package was scheduled to be delivered, you might need to change its destination to your current location.


You may have to pay extra charges to FedEx according to the new location you want your parcel to be delivered.

4. Updating Incorrect Address Details

Updating Incorrect Address Details

If you mistakenly entered the wrong address details when ordering, you can update it to the correct one using FedEx Delivery Manager.

In this case, the shipment status of your parcel will also convert to “Delivery Option Requested.”

However, updating the address is only possible before your parcel has left the FedEx dispatching facility for final delivery to your previously mentioned location.


This short article discussed what “Delivery Option Requested” means at FedEx and possible situations where you may encounter this delivery status while tracking your parcel.

We hope you understand that this notification can pop out even if you do not make any amendments as a receiver to your parcel’s delivery instructions and whether you need to worry about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do if Your FedEx Delivery Status Is Stuck at “Delivery Option Requested”?

“Delivery Option Requested” is a delivery status that may appear when you make any changes in the shipping instructions; however, if it does not change within 24 hours, you should contact FedEx and ask for the issue.

What if “Delivery Option Requested” Appears Even if You Don’t Make Any Changes?

If you have received the FedEx parcel tracking update stating “Delivery Option Requested” and did not make any changes to your order, it’s the sender who likely did the modifications.

What Does “Delivery Option Requested by Receiver” Means at FedEx?

“Delivery Option Requested by Receiver” is an even explicit delivery status notification that indicates the changes in the shipping instructions are made by the receiver, not the sender.

How Long Does It Take for a “Delivery Option Requested” To Be Accepted at FedEx?

In standard cases, if the parcel has not left the FedEx dispatching facility, the shipping instructions changes are accepted immediately, and the shipment status will change to “Delivery Option Requested.”

What Happens if I Miss a Delivery From FedEx?

If you miss a delivery from FedEx, the driver will leave a delivery attempt notice, and the package will either be held at a FedEx location for pickup or re-delivered on the next business day, depending on the delivery option requested.

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