What Time Does FedEx Direct Deposit Hit?


FedEx is an international courier service that delivers packages and documents globally by air, ground, and express delivery.

It also offers various shipping services for business and personal use.

If you’re wondering about FedEx direct deposit services and what time it hits, this article has got you covered.


FedEx direct deposit allows customers to deposit checks into their accounts without going to the bank.

The service accepts checks and money orders in any currency and is operated in over two hundred countries worldwide.

The FedEx direct deposit hitting time depends on the type of delivery selected during checkouts, such as:

  • 3 to 5 business days after the warranty for ground.
  • 2 to 3 business days after the deposit for home delivery.
  • Two business days after the deposit for the express saver.

Before going into details about the hitting time of FedEx direct deposit services, let’s briefly discuss the features of FedEx direct deposit services. Then, I will articulate if FedEx pays a direct deposit.

Let’s begin!

Features of FedEx Direct Deposit Service


FedEx offers a direct deposit service to pay employee salaries via direct deposit. This service was launched in 2007.

It allows you to have your paycheck deposited directly into your bank account. Wonderful, right?

Let’s discuss the features of FedEx direct deposit.

  • FedEx direct deposit is a payment option for businesses that want to deposit money directly into their bank account each week or month.
  • The service accepts checks and money orders in any currency.
  • The FedEx direct deposit service allows customers to deposit checks into their accounts without visiting the bank.
  • The payment process begins with the customer filling out an online form with their banking information.

You’re probably wondering what excellent features FedEx’s direct deposit service has. Are you anxious to know the hitting time of the FedEx direct deposit service? Let me tell you.

What Time Does FedEx Direct Deposit Hit?


Enjoy the paycheck’s direct deposit service into your bank account with FedEx. The service is available to anyone with a checking or a saving account at any financial institution or credit union.


FedEx pays its staff weekly on Fridays. Direct deposits are received differently by each employee owing to differences in the bank-to-bank fund transfer protocol.

The best time to receive your funds is determined by the type of delivery chosen at checkout.

  • Ground: 3 to 5 business days following deposit.
  • Home delivery takes approximately 2-3 business days after the deposit.
  • Express saver (2 days): within 1-2 business days of deposit.

The different services of FedEx have different shipping speeds, packaging options, and costs. It has several options for direct deposit into your bank account.

But what time will it reach your account? What time does the FedEx direct deposit hit?

As stated, FedEx pays its staff weekly on Fridays. Direct deposits are gotten differently for each employee due to differences in the bank-to-bank fund transfer policy.

Some banks accept funds (managed by ADP) within one day; others hold funds and release them the following morning.

However, if a FedEx employee is overseas on a work term and has money problems, FedEx will sort it out quickly. They treat their staff well, especially the international folks.

Fund receipt time depends on the delivery type selected at checkout, as mentioned in the info box above.


Remember, direct deposit is preferable to paper checks.

  • There is no need to keep track of a physical check or ensure it is not misplaced or stolen.
  • Employees who receive direct deposit typically have access to their funds a day sooner than those who accept paper checks.

Does FedEx Pay a Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit

FedEx services and FedEx direct deposit services are two of the primary services offered by FedEx.

This means they provide unique benefits to their customers online, in physical locations, and over the phone, but only during business hours.

When an employee’s paycheck is deposited directly into their bank account, this is known as direct deposit. It differs from employees receiving a physical check they would need to deposit or cash themselves.

Most employers offer direct deposit as an option to their employees, and at FedEx, most employees select this option for their pay.


FedEx services provide reliable, fast, and affordable delivery services. You can order online, use a FedEx office store, or contact FedEx directly to ship packages to your home and business.

FedEx offers an excellent direct deposit service. It allows customers to deposit funds directly into the account of their choice.

It is a convenient way to avoid checks and save time because you won’t have to go to the bank and wait in line.

Most people ask, “What time does FedEx direct deposit hit?”

The funds will typically be deposited into your bank accounts within 3-5 business days of the date you initiated the request. In some cases, it can take as long as ten business days.

The service is used for any business or personal transaction as long as it is not restricted by law. The company offers two delivery methods, FedEx Express and FedEx ground.

The former usually takes 1 to 3 days, while the latter takes 3 to 5 days.

Both methods are tracked online with a tracking number provided after shipment, found on your shipping confirmation email or your FedEx account dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Set Up Direct Deposit With FedEx as a New Employee?

FedEx’s HR department will give you a form to fill out and ask for a blank check (unsigned) for your checking account.

Ensure you have the correct routing and account number.

If you don’t have a paper check, you’ll need to get the routing and account number from somewhere. Much better to get it right than to have issues later on.

If they don’t accept anything other than a paper check, talk to your bank about different ways you can verify your banking information with HR.

When you fulfill the banking requirements, HR will notify you when to start sending your paycheck to your bank.

FedEx Uses What App for Direct Deposit?

Install the FECA app to look up account information anywhere and anytime.

You can check your account balance and transaction history, make loan payments, start account transfers and pay bills.

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