How Does the Instacart Card Work?

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Another convenience for Americans and Canadians is Instacart. Grocery retail has added ease into the lives of grocery buyers and offered an effortless way to earn for its employees. One vital element in its smooth flow of operations is its Instcart Card. How to use it? We are here to help you.


Instacart card resembles the usual debit and credit cards, but it’s used to purchase groceries. It also works like other purchasing cards, such as DoorDash Red. Here are the two major types of Instacart cards:

  • Instacart Shopper Card
  • Instacart Mastercard

In this blog post, we’ll enlighten you on the difference between these cards, how to apply for the shoppers’ card, how to use it, and what Instacart Mastercard is. So stay with us to know more about it.

1. Instacart Shopper Card

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Instacart service models involve the company’s mobile app, the customer, and the shopper. A shopper is an Instacart employee who receives a customer’s order through the app and picks the desired products from the aisle, just like you would, pays at the checkout, puts the groceries in the vehicle, and drops off the order at your door.

While a customer pays through his credit card in the personal Instarcart app account from the ease of their couch, the shopper cannot take it out and pay at the checkout for you. Instead, Instacart assigns them an Instacart Shopper Card through which the employees can pay the bills.

How To Get the Card?

The company runs a background check on you when you apply to become a full-service or in-store shopper via the Instcart app. When it becomes clear, you are given an orientation and asked to register for the card.

You receive the card via mail within five to seven days after registration. Then, the company preloads the card, and you can activate the card in the app and receive the pin.

How To Use the Card?

Using the card is pretty simple. Consider yourself shopping for groceries, and after ticking off everything on the list, walk up to the checkout and offer you an Instacart Shopper card to make the payments.

You can swipe it or type in the pin according to the available system. Unfortunately, you won’t know how much money you have on the card, and Instacart does not disclose it as a security measure.

The pin is the same for all the shoppers at most locations, but recently, the company has rolled out a new feature where you would find a new pin in the app every time you have to pay, but this feature is not available in all cities yet.

2. Instacart Mastercard for Everyone

Wegmans Grocery Store Interior With Checkout Counter And Instacart Man Worker And Sign On Shirt For Same-Day Delivery

In collaboration with Chase bank, Instacart has launched its Mastercard, which has impressive benefits. The card can be applied for through the website of Chase Bank or Instacart.

The grocery retailer prompts you to create its Instacart account and become a member. You are further given an e-form to fill in and give your digital signature. After filling up the requirements, the card will be mailed to you in 5 to 7 days at the address provided.

You can activate the card, set the pin, and earn cashback, besides other perks. The card offers you 5% cash back on all your Instacart purchases, and you can view the rest of the benefits here.

Final Takeaway

If you are full service or in-store Instarcart employee, you’ll bring the card into play each time. After that, you receive the card in the mail, and you can utilize it simply as a regular card, except that you can only use it for Instcart orders.

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