How Do You Know if You Passed CVS Assessment Test?

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Having studied pharmacy all these years, are you looking forward to strengthening your foothold in one of the most innovative and largest pharmacy chains, CVS? Clearing the VJT (Virtual Job Tryout) and CVS online assessments makes half your battle won.

How to know if you passed the CVS assessment test? If you pass the VJT, you enter the next level of virtual interview, but if you fail to clear, the status shows Denied.

What are the different assessment criteria for a CVS career? How are the potential employees evaluated? Do read and understand all about the CVS assessments.


Clearing the job interview is quite tough. If it is a big company with several rounds of interviews, the tension doubles. Are you getting jitters about clearing the CVS Assessment Test?

Prepare yourself well in maths, logical reasoning, etc., clear the virtual job tryout and assessment test, and get going. What are the different assessment levels?

  • Application
  • Online Assessments
  • VJT (Virtual Job Tryout)
  • Interviews
  • Offer

How to prepare for CVS assessments and VJT? How to ace the assessment levels? How long does it take to hire? Get answers to all such questions in this article.

Are you looking for answers regarding passing or failing the CVS assessment? You are in the right space. Here are all the answers related to CVS. From preparations to getting hired, here’s your guide to understanding CVS.

CVS Assessment Levels

What is CVS Assessment? It includes different stages of evaluation conducted by CVS before hiring an employee. It offers numerous career opportunities in various domains like technical, analytics, corporate, customer care, etc. CVS also hires graduate interns.

If you are wondering about your CVS assessment results, you must understand the various phases involved before hiring. Here are the steps from the application to the hiring process:

1. Application

Online Application

Why do people choose CVS? Do you know CVS has around 203,000 employees in total. An average employee at CVS health makes $45,310 per year.

Isn’t it enough to choose a trusted company like CVS as your career option? Now, you have chosen CVS, but will CVS choose you? Application is the first step to understanding if CVS will choose you.

Visit the CVS website and check the list of positions available. Search for the best option from the 15 job categories that fit your expertise and skill by location and title. Click on the link to apply.

Enter your phone number or email ID to grant them permission to send you the confirmation email and create a profile after filling in the details.

2. Online Assessments

Online Tests

Once you complete your application, the online assessments begin. The questions are usually based on the position applied for. It’s a mix of skill-based questions and Kronos psychometric tests. The assessment will include the following:

  • Math Skill Test: This section covers basic maths like subtraction and addition. If you are wondering what’s the use of maths, let me tell you that certain pharmacy tech positions need maths skill assessment.
  • Personality Test: This section has multiple-choice questions to evaluate applicants’ suitability for the applied position. Here you need to pick the best option from the given choices or select from Agree, Disagree, or Strongly Agree options.
  • Measuring and Dosing: The pharmacy technical position applicants need to appear for this test. All the tests are conducted online.

3. Virtual Job Tryout

A Man Taking Online Test

Virtual Job Tryouts and CVS Assessments are conducted simultaneously. In this section, the applicants’ assessment is on their performance. Candidates get evaluated to understand how suitable they are for the job.

If you can clear this segment, you will be informed about the virtual interview. On the contrary, your status shows Denied if you fail to make it. So, it is one of the essential segments.

This segment covers the following:

  • Situational Judgement Test: This is not a multiple-choice-based section. You need to come up with your answer when given a situation related to the position you have applied for. The way you handle it determines your ability for the role.
  • Preview of a Realistic Job: This section helps to determine your suitability for the job role. Here you get to understand the type of interaction you may have with customers and clients in a realistic setup.
  • Motivators or Drivers: Choose from the two given situations that match more closely with the work environment you prefer. This answer assesses the things or situations that motivate or drive you the most.
  • Data Accuracy: It is a situation where your data recording skills are assessed. How well you check and enter data or manage inventory determines your data accuracy skills.
  • Working Style: You are given two situations and must choose the more accurate one that describes your work style. It is one of the longest segments.
  • Tell Us Your Story: Here, you get a chance to elaborate on the points mentioned in your resume, like education, work experience, any other activities you are involved in, etc.

4. Interviews

Online Job Interview

If you are not able to clear the virtual job tryout section, the status on the profile dashboard shows Denied.

But, if you clear the round and the recruiter feels your expertise and skills can add to the betterment of the company, you will get a call for a telephone screening or virtual interview.

It lasts for a very short time discussing your interest in the position and evaluating your communication skills. Once it goes well, you are asked to attend an in-person interview for 20 to 30 minutes, discussing work experience in detail, followed by the drug test.

5. Offers

Woman Who Is Hired For The Job

If you successfully get hired, you can enjoy wellness and health benefits without any discrimination in your employment processes.

Did You Pass CVS Assessment Test?

Man Celebrating For Passing The Test

How do you know if you passed the CVS Assessment? It takes around 2 to 3 weeks to get hired at CVS. Once you clear the Virtual Job Trial successfully, you will get the answer to your question.

Your failure will show the status as Denied, but successful applicants are informed about the virtual phone screening.

Preparation for Virtual Job Tryout and CVS Assessment

Applicant Practicing Solving Math Problems
  • For the pharmacy technician position, practice maths and dosing skills.
  • Be yourself during the personality test and stick to the right principles and ethics.
  • Take the test in a quiet environment where there’s no interruption.
  • Though there’s no time limit for the test, you must stay focused for accuracy.
  • Follow the instructions and read them carefully.
  • Do not take a break in between your 60-minute Virtual Job Tryout task.
  • Use your common sense or gut feeling to answer the questions.
  • Be well prepared to make all the difference.
  • Do not respond too slowly, it can affect your score.

CVS Virtual Job Tryouts can be challenging. So, preparation is vital to stand out from the rest. Failing the Job Tryout will disqualify you for 6 months, and you won’t be able to reapply.


The online assessment and job tryout are the vital stages to getting hired at CVS. Preparing yourself well is the only way to get through and pass the CVS assessment test. If you want to join CVS, take note of the stages involved and give your best to pass the assessment exam and Virtual Job Tryout.

You are not alone in this rat race, several candidates eye the same position. Try to prepare well and choose the right position that matches your expertise and skill.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the CVS Interview Take?

In-person interviews at CVS last 20 to 30 minutes. It is committed to fair assessment. CVS generally keeps interview questions straightforward and avoids tricky questions. Almost all interviewees need to answer the basic interview question: “Tell me about your experience.”

How Long Does CVS Take To Revert the Applications?

The hiring process at CVS takes 1 to 5 weeks, with some positions requiring more comprehensive assessing stages. To apply online, you will need to find the job description that you want to apply to and click the “Apply Now” link.

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