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Obtaining a Product ID for your items is a fundamental step when listing your product on Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace. This unique identifier helps Amazon track and manage the millions of products on its platform. However, the process of acquiring a Product ID can be a bit complex, especially for new sellers. This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the steps and provide you with everything you need to know about getting a Product ID for Amazon.


To get a Product ID for Amazon, you need to either find the existing ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) on the product detail page or in the URL of the product page if your product is already listed, or create a new product listing on Amazon Seller Central, which will automatically generate an ASIN. If your product doesn’t have a UPC (Universal Product Code), you can purchase one from GS1. Alternatively, if you believe your product qualifies for a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) exemption, you can apply for one on Amazon Seller Central.

What is a Product ID?

A Product ID is a unique series of characters that identify a specific product. On Amazon, this identifier is crucial for various reasons, including inventory management, product listing, brand protection, supply chain efficiency, and compliance with Amazon’s requirements. The most common types of Amazon Product IDs are ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), UPC (Universal Product Code), EAN (European Article Number), ISBN (International Standard Book Number), and JAN (Japanese Article Number).

How to Find an Existing Product ID (ASIN)?

If your product is already listed on Amazon, you can find its ASIN on the product detail page or in the URL of the product page. For example, in the URL https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08N5WRWNW, the ASIN is B08N5WRWNW.

How to Get a New Product ID (ASIN)?

If your product is not listed on Amazon, you will need to create a new product listing. When you create a new listing, Amazon will automatically generate an ASIN for your product. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.
  2. Navigate to the “Add a product” page.
  3. Follow the instructions to create a new listing.

Purchasing a UPC from GS1

If your product doesn’t have a UPC, you’ll need to purchase one from GS1. GS1 is the only official provider of legitimate UPCs that are recognized by Amazon. To purchase a UPC:

  1. Visit the GS1 website and apply for a barcode.
  2. After receiving your UPC, assign it to your product.

Applying for a GTIN Exemption

If your product doesn’t have a UPC and you believe it qualifies for a GTIN exemption, you can apply for one on Amazon Seller Central. Here’s how:

  1. Search for “Apply for GTIN exemption” in Amazon Seller Central.
  2. Choose your product category and brand.
  3. Provide the required information and submit your application.

Dealing with Common Challenges

You might face some common challenges while obtaining a Product ID, such as invalid or incorrect Product ID, mismatched product information, or previously used Product IDs. You can resolve these issues by ensuring you have a valid and unique Product ID, updating your product information to match existing information associated with the ASIN, or contacting Amazon’s support team for assistance.

Best Practices for Managing Product IDs

Managing Product IDs effectively is crucial for your success as an Amazon seller. Some best practices include using an accurate and consistent SKU system, fixing incorrect Amazon Product IDs, understanding different Amazon Product Identifiers, complying with Amazon’s GTIN Product ID requirements, and utilizing Amazon’s inventory management tools.

In conclusion, getting a Product ID for Amazon may seem complex, but with the right knowledge and tools, it’s a manageable process. Whether you’re a new seller or an experienced one, understanding how to get and manage Product IDs on Amazon is a critical part of your success in the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of purchasing a UPC from GS1?

The cost of purchasing a UPC from GS1 depends on the number of unique products you have. GS1 charges an initial fee starting at $250 and an annual renewal fee starting at $50.

Can I use the same Product ID for multiple products on Amazon?

No, you cannot use the same Product ID for multiple products on Amazon. Each product must have a unique Product ID. This helps Amazon to accurately track and manage its inventory.

What if I already have a UPC for my product but it’s not from GS1?

Amazon strongly recommends using GS1 for your UPCs. If your UPC is not from GS1, you risk having your product listing removed or your selling privileges suspended.

How long does it take to receive a GTIN exemption?

The processing time for a GTIN exemption can vary, but typically Amazon responds within 48 hours. If approved, the exemption is effective immediately.

Can I sell a product on Amazon without a Product ID?

Generally, you cannot sell a product on Amazon without a Product ID. However, in certain cases, you may qualify for a GTIN exemption. This allows you to list products without a GTIN, UPC, EAN, or ISBN.

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