Why Did Costco Change Their Chicken Bake?

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Costco’s Chicken Bake has long been a favorite among the warehouse club’s food court offerings. However, in recent years, customers have noticed some changes that have left them wondering, “Why did Costco change their Chicken Bake?” This article aims to answer that question and delve into the reasons behind the change, the impact on customers, and what this means for Costco’s future offerings.


Costco changed their Chicken Bake due to a shift in preparation method during the COVID-19 pandemic, moving from a fresh preparation to thawing and baking frozen chicken bakes. This change has resulted in a noticeable difference in taste and quality according to some customers. Additionally, the price of the Chicken Bake increased in July 2022 due to the inflation crisis. Despite these changes, the Chicken Bake remains a popular item at Costco’s food court.

Changes in Costco’s Chicken Bake

The most noticeable change in the Chicken Bake is its preparation process. Originally, the Chicken Bake was prepared fresh at the food court. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Costco shifted to thawing and baking frozen chicken bakes.

This change in preparation method has led to a noticeable difference in taste and quality. Some customers have reported the new Chicken Bake as having a less desirable flavor and a decline in quality. Complaints range from a “chemical flavor” to inconsistencies in the filling.

In addition to the preparation changes, Costco increased the price of the Chicken Bake in July 2022 due to the inflation crisis. The cost rose from $2.99 to $3.99, a significant increase for a food court item.

Customer Reactions

Customer reactions to these changes have been mixed. Some customers expressed dissatisfaction with the taste and quality of the new Chicken Bake. A Reddit post described the new version as “puffed dough with sauce inside” and “arguably the worst.”

Despite the negative feedback, the Chicken Bake remains a popular item at Costco’s food court. Some customers still enjoy the taste and find it a satisfying and convenient comfort food. However, it’s clear that the changes have not been universally well-received.

Impact on Sales and Popularity

Despite the changes and increased price, the Chicken Bake remains a popular choice among Costco customers. However, the perceived decline in quality and taste has led to some customers questioning its value for money.

Nutritional Differences

While there is limited information on the specific changes made to the Chicken Bake’s recipe, some sources suggest that the new Chicken Bake has a higher calorie count than the old version. However, these values may vary depending on the serving size and preparation method.

Future Changes to Costco’s Food Court Items

Given the changes to the Chicken Bake and other food court items, customers can expect more changes in the future. Costco has a history of adjusting its food court menu, introducing new items, and bringing back discontinued ones.

Alignment with Costco’s Business Strategy

The changes to the Chicken Bake align with Costco’s overall business strategy of providing quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. The price increase was likely a response to rising costs of ingredients and inflation.

Despite the price increase, Costco’s food court offerings, including the Chicken Bake, remain more affordable than most other eateries. This showcases Costco’s commitment to providing value to its customers while adapting to external factors that impact its business operations.


In conclusion, while the changes to Costco’s Chicken Bake have been met with mixed reviews, it remains a popular food court item. Costco’s commitment to quality and value is evident in its efforts to adapt to changing market conditions and customer preferences. While future changes to the food court menu are to be expected, one thing remains certain: Costco will continue to strive to offer its customers quality products at the best possible prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other items are available at Costco’s food court?

Costco’s food court offers a variety of items such as hot dogs, pizza, sandwiches, salads, and sundae. The availability of these items may vary by location.

Are there any vegetarian options at Costco’s food court?

Yes, Costco’s food court offers several vegetarian options. These include cheese pizza, salads, and acai bowls. However, the availability of these items may vary by location.

Can I buy Costco’s Chicken Bake to cook at home?

Yes, Costco does sell frozen Chicken Bakes that can be cooked at home. These are available in the freezer section of the warehouse.

Does Costco’s food court have any gluten-free options?

Costco’s food court does offer some gluten-free options, but the availability can vary by location. It’s always best to check with the food court staff about the ingredients if you have specific dietary needs or concerns.

Are there any plans to bring back the old version of the Chicken Bake?

As of now, there are no announced plans from Costco to bring back the old version of the Chicken Bake. However, Costco has been known to reintroduce discontinued items based on customer feedback and demand.

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