What Can Tesco Clubcard Points Be Used For?

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Tesco Clubcard is a loyalty scheme that rewards shoppers with points that can be converted into vouchers. These vouchers can be used to make savings on a variety of purchases. In this article, we’ll delve into the specifics of what Tesco Clubcard points can be used for, how to earn them, and tips and tricks for maximizing their benefits.


Tesco Clubcard points can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be converted into vouchers for in-store and online shopping at Tesco, exchanged for vouchers with Tesco’s Reward Partners, used to collect extra points with a Tesco Bank Credit Card, or donated to charities like The British Heart Foundation, WWF, and others. Points can also be maximized through various methods such as using the Tesco app, recycling old ink cartridges, and using all family members’ Clubcards.

What is a Tesco Clubcard?

A Tesco Clubcard is a loyalty card offered by the British supermarket chain Tesco. The scheme operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and several other countries. It’s free to sign up for a Clubcard and it’s available to anyone over 18 years old living in the UK. To obtain a Clubcard, customers can register by downloading the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app or register online at

How to Earn Tesco Clubcard Points

Clubcard holders earn points based on the amount they spend at Tesco stores,, Tesco Bank, Tesco Fuel stations, joint Esso & Tesco fueling stations, Tesco Mobile, Tesco Opticians, and Tesco Photo. For shopping at Tesco, customers receive one point for every £1 spent. For most other services, including fuel, one point is awarded for every £2 spent. Tesco Bank credit cards also allow users to collect points from purchases in Tesco stores and online, as well as one additional point for every £4 spent on credit card purchases from any Tesco outlet and one point for every £8 spent outside of Tesco.

Converting Clubcard Points into Vouchers

Every 100 Clubcard points earned is equal to £1 in value when redeemed directly with Tesco. However, you can get up to 2p per point when redeeming points with Clubcard Reward partners, which consist of many different types of redemption options. These include family entertainment, thrilling attractions across the UK, and several charitable causes.

Spending Your Clubcard Points

Clubcard points can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. In-store and online shopping: Convert 150 points into £1.50 in vouchers to use for shopping at Tesco, both in-store and online.
  2. Reward Partners: Exchange your Clubcard points for vouchers to spend with Tesco’s Reward Partners, potentially getting up to triple value on your points.
  3. Tesco Bank Credit Card: Collect extra Clubcard points when you spend on it at Tesco and Tesco fuel stations (excluding Esso).
  4. Charities: Donate your Clubcard points to charity. Some of the charities include The British Heart Foundation, WWF, British Red Cross, Diabetes UK, and Cancer Research UK.

Maximizing Your Clubcard Benefits

To get the most out of your Tesco Clubcard, consider these tips:

  • Give all family members a Clubcard keyfob to maximize the points you earn.
  • Save your receipt if you forget your Clubcard and claim your Clubcard points at a later date.
  • Use the Tesco Grocery and Clubcard app to access special offers for Clubcard members.
  • Check for unspent vouchers by logging into your account at
  • Recycle old ink cartridges to collect up to 12,500 Clubcard points each year.
  • Use Clubcard vouchers to save on groceries, fuel, days out, eating out, and more.
  • Register your Tesco Clubcard account online to easily see your points, coupons, and more.

In conclusion, Tesco Clubcard points offer a variety of options for spending, allowing you to treat yourself, your family, and friends while also supporting charitable causes. So, make the most of your Tesco Clubcard and enjoy the rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are Tesco Clubcard points converted into vouchers?

Tesco Clubcard points are converted into vouchers every three months. The vouchers are sent to your registered address or can be accessed online via the Tesco Clubcard website or the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app.

Can I collect Clubcard points on all products purchased at Tesco?

Yes, you can collect Clubcard points on almost all products purchased at Tesco. However, there are a few exceptions, such as lottery tickets, tobacco products, infant milk formula, prescription medicines, and certain Tesco Bank products.

What happens if I lose my Tesco Clubcard?

If you lose your Tesco Clubcard, you can request a replacement card by contacting Tesco Clubcard customer service or by logging into your account online and selecting the ‘lost card’ option.

How long are Tesco Clubcard vouchers valid for?

Tesco Clubcard vouchers are generally valid for two years from the date of issue. However, the expiry date can vary depending on the specific offer or promotion, so it’s always a good idea to check the individual voucher for details.

Can I share my Clubcard points with family members?

Yes, Tesco offers a ‘Family and Friends’ option, which allows you to add up to two people living at the same address to your Clubcard account. They will receive their own card and keyfob, and any points they collect will be added to your account.

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